Freddy Galvis Suspended 50 Games, Tested Positive for Banned Substance

As if anything else could go wrong or this team could become more hatable right now, Freddy Galvis tested positive for a banned substance and will be suspended for 50 games.  

A statement from Galvis, which was either written by a PR person or translated to coherent English: 

“A trace amount of a banned substance – 80 parts in a trillion – was detected in my urine sample. I am extremely disappointed in what has transpired. I cannot understand how even this tiny particle of a banned substance got into my body.  I have not and never would knowingly use anything illegal to enhance my performance.  I have always tried to follow the team’s strength and conditioning methods, listen to the trainers, work out hard and eat right.  Unfortunately, the rules are the rules and I will be suspended.

“I’d like to apologize to my all my fans, especially here in Philadelphia and back home in Venezuela, to my teammates and to the Phillies organization. I am looking forward to putting this behind me, rehabilitating my back and returning to the Phillies as soon as possible to try to help them win another World Series.”


What Galvis really said, on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2012-06-19 at 5.28.44 PM
According to Google Translate, that comes out to: Sometimes life is not fair .. but so is she .. you go ahead and pass q page.


Phillies statement:

The Phillies continue to believe in and endorse Major League Baseball's drug policy.  We also support Freddy Galvis in his determination to put this matter behind him and we look forward to his return as a productive member of the Phillies as soon as possible.


Galvis' suspension will start immediately, meaning he either lost the appeal or didn't appeal it.

Whatever it was that Galvis allegedly took, it wasn’t helping that much. He was hitting .226 with three home runs and 24 RBIs in 190 at-bats. But he was outstanding in the field.

Without speculating too much, it's possible that what showed up on his test was something he was taking for his back. Though a lower-back fracture totally seems like the type of side-effect that would result from an undersized second baseman taking super-sizing PEDs. 

Welcome to the bottom, folks.


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  1. What in the actual fuck is going on with this team?
    It’s like they had some success and said “well, we’ll just follow the Eagles’ lead… how do we become as unpopular as possible in the shortest time possible?”

  2. Jeez people don’t hurt yourselves jumping off the bandwagon too quickly. One step at a time. The first step for getting off any bandwagon is complete loss of interest in daily scores…. have you gotten there yet?

  3. Wow he must of been of some bad stuff….because his numbers don’t show it. Stupid MLB, was he taking stuff for his back?

  4. I thought he had great numbers for a rookie but now I realize he must suck if that’s all he can muster out of roiding. He added like no power

  5. Come on Freddy, if you are going to get caught, make it coke like El Wingador and Gillies.
    What ever will we do without that .220 AVG?
    #fuckthisseason #fireamaro

  6. Haha, what a tool. He better get his money back from his supplier. Reminds me of when kids would try to buy weed and get a bag of oregano, stem, and seed.

  7. for the record, the tweet translates loosely to: “life isn’t fair a lot of the time… but that’s how it is… you have to keep going and turn the page…”

  8. 80 parts per trillionth??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? REALLY MLB!!! How many other players got away with this.

  9. Yahoo Sports states the banned drug is Clostebol.
    From Wikipedia
    Clostebol (INN), usually as the ester clostebol acetate, is a synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid. Clostebol is the 4-chloro derivative of the natural hormone testosterone.
    It is a weak anabolic steroid which was used by athletes from the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). It is a version of testosterone that is chlorinated so as to prevent conversion to DHT while also rendering the chemical incapable of conversion to estrogen

  10. ill never understand the hatred for steroids yet no one bitches about gnc products and stuff like that most of you steroid bashers have literally no knowledge of the stuff and because the media tells you its bad you beleive it steroids dont make you hit a ball farther its the work that does it all steroids are are an aid to usually help recover so you can work harder yes they tone you up a bit easier and you do build muscle mass a bit easier but alot of over the counter stuff thats not even safe to take is legal with similar effects. When it gets abused ike any drug it can cause issues the fact is the govt doesnt allow steroids to be legal because of the fact it actually helps people more than hurts them and because its hard to control
    personally i dont touch it never have but im educated on it and to me i see no problems with it

  11. Satan Manning is obviously not educated in the English language, specifically run on sentences.

  12. ^^^^^
    personally i don’t touch it never have in fact even as i’m typing this i’m getting angry just thinking about it i think i’m going to punch my monitor i don’t have to use any punctuation if i don’t want to I’M JUST GOING TO GO TO THE GYM AND GET BUFF SWEAT OUT SOME AGRO PRETTY SURE ONE TESTICLE HAS ASCENDED OR PLAIN SHRUNK FUCK YOU DAD I HATE MY DAD!!!

  13. Can’t Hate on the lil wet-back for doing what he has to do to stay in da show. I should have done samething for my football career

  14. What happened to the meep meep post & why the fuck do we have to type in those annoying letters to make a comment??? Killing me

  15. Where’d the evan turner post go? and why are comments on this site so racist all the time? And why does kyle have a crush on jeff carter and post about cole hamels bulge multiple times in the same day?

  16. What Happened to Evan Turner shitting his pants post??? What his duck face gf threaten Kyle

  17. his tweet translated to make more sense than google:
    oftentimes, life is not fair. but that’s the way it is. you have to continue forward and turn the page.
    de nada bitches.

  18. So Braun appealed and won, but “80 parts in a trillion” is definitive enough for Galvis’ suspension not to be overturned?

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