Bryce Harper Didn’t Appreciate This Question Asking Him If He Would Enjoy A Frosty Beverage After Last Night’s Game

Douchebag Bryce Harper is back and this time… he’s right!

In a story setting Twitter on fire (mostly because talking about the Phillies makes folks sad), one ridiculous reporter in Toronto asked Bryce if he would have a celebratory drinking after last night’s game since Canada’s drinking age is 19.

Harper’s response, for those who can’t view the video or hate moving pictures: 

“I’m not answering that. That’s a clown question, bro.”


He’s right. That’s a clown question. But you can fully expect that phrase to make its way in the baseball lexicon. 


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  1. Your obsession with the kid is laughable, sure he was a douche prior to being called up, but the kids been nothing but a gamer since he’s been up. Plays hard, produces, and keeps his mouth shut(a la the Hamels situation)

  2. his maturing well. That kid is special & plays with that mad dawg in him a la pete rose with power

  3. “Your obsession with the kid is laughable” ???? He’s covering a hot story. The 19-yr-old phenom kid rakes, as you stated, you obsessive, misguided fool.

  4. Him and Mike Trout of the Angels are absolute studs and will be superstars.
    And for what it’s worth, Harper hasn’t really been much of a douche in the Majors. He’s kind of just been doing his thing.

  5. Bryce is likely to be starting on the All Star team before any of our OF.
    I think he seems ok. I wish he played for us. What’s with Pence and his errors lately?

  6. Harper isn’t a Douche Kyle. That was a false narrative shoved down our throats by media douche bags actually. He’s done nothing but do and say the right things since he’s come up, even towards the Hamels plunking. I like the kid even if he’s a Nat, and I wish he was playing LF for my Phillies.
    Stay classy Philly.

  7. ^^^^^^ All correct. I don’t understand why Bryce Harper is a “douchebag.” It’s just like Lebron, he’s a little arrogant and cocky, so what, his play backs it up. You know you’d take him on the Phils in a heartbeat over VICTORINO OR MAYBERRY OR PIERRE. What an outfield!
    P.S. Jayson Werth says FUCK YOU while laughing

  8. The nitpicking of Harper is a joke. Every time he’s mentioned, it states “douchebag”. As previously mentioned, he was a douche for sure beforehand but since his call up he’s been a hardnosed player. Any Phillies fan that wouldn’t want him needs to stop watching baseball…your opinion means nothing.

  9. I like Mayberry’s fielding a lot (in left field). . . I just wish he could hit.

  10. He would have answered the question differently if he’d been offered a Zima. It’s Zomething different.

  11. Douchebag Kyle Scott: trying to hate on Harper for no apparent reason other than the fact that he is very good. Onto the next “yinzer” article.

  12. He ain’t all that.. I take Scotty tags who was taught the game by Mr Kenish in his prime over him.

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