Bryce Harper Walks Out to Justin Bieber

Bryce Harper is a teenage phenom, cast into the spotlight at an age younger than most. Just like Justin Bieber. 

Both are talented, mostly unlikable, somewhat controversial, and fall between douchey and everybody hates me because I’m better than them. The similarities are striking, really (though Bieber gets the slight edge for Selena Gomez).

So of course Harper changed his batter’s music to Bieber’s Boyfriend last night. Or, his teammates did… 

H/T (@jrw522)


11 Responses

  1. He should come out to LFO Summer Girls because he’ll steal your honey like he stole your bike.

  2. Shave Victorino came out to “Call me Maybe” last night…
    What’s your point?
    Rock Bottom

  3. That nats team knows how to have fun. Harp is tough to hate, the way he plays the game

  4. I’d rather lay dick down on 76 naked in this heat than see the Natinals do well and/or support Harper.

  5. Your obsession with Harper has reached a new level. Stick to Philly teams, bro.

  6. Victorino came out to “Call Me Maybe” the other night. It’s funny, settle down with the nitpicking.

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