Caption This: Paula Abdul Hugs Charlie Manuel’s Bulbus Belly

Screen Shot 2012-06-07 at 1.43.04 PMPic via Phillies' Twitter

Paula Adbul is at today’s Phillies game to… actually, I have no idea why the fuck Paula Abdul is at today’s Phillies game. Nor do I care. But she posed for this picture with Charlie Manuel, and I thought you’d like it.


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  1. If the Phillies break out of their offensive funk today as a result of Paula’s appearance, Uncle Charlie will NEVER let her leave!

  2. I take two steps forward I take two steps back we go together like Opposite Attracts.

  3. “Well uh, yuh see, its like uh, when theres somebody, sings a song, like and you cant get it out yer head, and you like keep singing it all day, even though you know that like it shouldnt be a song you like, the song, its catchy you know and you try like a mother hen chasing a fox out the nest, and you know you just want that song out your head”

  4. We’re both big in Japan but America only gives a fuck about one of us anymore.

  5. Charlie Manuel announces new pinch hitter Paula Abdul, expected to be more productive then Thome

  6. Who’d a thought we could be lovers?
    She makes the bed.
    And I steal the covers.

  7. Notice how Chol’s right hand is not wrapping around Paula’s shoulder or waist? You can not see his right hand, can you?
    That is because, it is up her ass, and it smells like Shane Victorio’s cock.

  8. +1 @adam from claymont… also today i officially severed ties with my text updates for the phillies. this season just makes me want to throw my phone in chad qualls dumb looking face.

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