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Today in self-aggrandizing…

Zach Berman wrote a rather lengthy article about Philly sports blogs in this week’s SportsWeek. It was in print on Saturday, but because Philly.com is run by really smart business people, the article about websites didn’t go online until today.

The whole thing is well worth your time, as it details the changing sports media landscape thanks to a myriad local blogs, most of which do really good work. But I’ll call your attention to this part, which gives you a little glimpse inside my existence: 

On Saturday, May 19, Scott awoke at 7 a.m., checked his email and saw a message sent hours earlier from a tipster disclosing Burrell's whereabouts the night before. Scott, 28, from suburban Philly, jumped out of bed and dashed to his computer, where he tried to corroborate the account by searching Twitter. Even someone who doesn't fancy himself as Bob Woodward was skeptical about an email sent from a bar in the early-morning hours. But when he saw that someone else had also identified Burrell at the same Center City nightspot, he posted an entry on Crossing Broad. In the following days, there were more tips with more stories and more photos. Scott's site became a de facto Burrell GPS, a "Where's Waldo?" expedition following Pat the Bat's Center City bar crawl.


If I ever have a Wikipedia page, that’s what I want on there.

Read the full thing here.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a douchey t-shirt to iron.


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  1. Don’t you have to write about sports to be a sports blogger? I just took a quick look at the last 40+ posts on this blog, and it mostly was US Weekly-type junk and the stuff actually related to sports -you know, what is happening on the field – was just copies of tweet and other peoples reporting.

  2. I don’t know, Jason. Are there rules? Either way, thanks for reading five pages deep.

  3. It cracks me up that people continue to bash on this site, yet still keep coming back. You don’t like it, DON’T READ IT! It’s not exactly rocket science people.
    Obviously this isn’t a traditional ‘hardline’ sports blog, it’s different and that’s why I enjoy it. I know where to look when I want all sports with no BS, but when I want something lighter and with some humor, I come here (even if the Carter and Richards stuff does get a LITTLE old..)
    Congrats on the article and keep being different.

  4. Good stuff, Kyle. I don’t know why people try to bash this site all of the time. I don’t come here to get box scores or recaps of games. I can go to a hundred other sites for that stuff. Keep doing what you’re doing because the fact that this site is different is why people come here in the first place.

  5. can only imagine the sh*t people email kyle that doesn’t get on the site. prob nudie pics & what not

  6. lol at the people who take the time out of their day to read this site and then post a comment talking about how they don’t like it. Nobody is forcing anybody to read it.

  7. Congrats on the free advertising! This is the first website I go to everyday when I have nothing to do at work. Sometimes I get disappointed when there aren’t any new posts (not complaining I know you can’t make news happen)and then spend the rest of my day hitting the refresh button in between doing actual work. Let me know when you start taking applications! lol

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