Charlie Manuel: “We Don’t Scare Nobody”


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  1. You can tell he’s pissed at this team, but you get the feeling that there is nothing he can do about it. Charlie still has the fire….shame the rest of the players don’t.

  2. He’s gotta go? It ain’t his fault fucking moron , those are the players he was given, he can’t fucking imbue them with homerun powers faggot.

  3. Outside of Papelbon and Bastardo, they can send the whole bullpen to the minor leagues. call up dom. and bench anybody that makes an error. pathetic.

  4. The fire in the belly is gone…
    We have a bunch of rockstar millionaires. Each has his own charity, sponsorships and all the luxuries that one could ever need.
    The fight is gone – we’re losing 1 run games that we used to win when we were the fightins.
    I had a feeling that October 2011 was not just a tragic end to the season … it was the end of an era!

  5. The Phillies are in last place on merit, and I suspect they won’t be climbing out of the NL East gutter anytime soon, if at all.

  6. LMAO…has nothing to do with them being “rockstar millionaires”. Rollins is way past his prime…guy is a shell of himself and has been for years. JMJ is reverting back to the player that he really is, a career minor leaguer, possible 4/5 OF. They trot out 3 to 4 bench players a night in starting positions. That’s why they can’t score runs.
    As for the pen, outside of Bastardo and Papelbon I’d blow it up completely. Qualls stinks…should be DFA’d. Bring up some of the young arms and see if that helps….you can’t continue to lose games by using that slop every night.

  7. You know it’s getting bad when bench players are replacing bench players. This is what happens when 2/3 of our payroll either: plays once every 5 days, doesn’t play at all because theyre fucking injured, or could play everyday if you actually got to fucking save opportunities in the 9th without giving up ANOTHER insurance run. This is only going to get worse when utley/Howard return and they can’t pull this plane outve the dive bomb.

  8. Coaches tend to be the fall guy. While not the greatest manager in baseball, he’s the winningest manager in franchise history and he helped bring Philadelphia its first championship in 25 years. I’ll always have a soft spot for Charlie (and maybe a half-chub).

  9. Charlie is just being honest. He is right.
    I don’t blame his so much as I blame that silver-spooned, Ivy League GM we have, who thinks Juan Pierre, Jim Thome, and a $50 million relief pitcher are the answers to at team that is already old and offensively challenged.
    Fire Rube, and Kyle, get his dick out of your mouth, you faggot.

  10. you people are mental to keep having hope for this trash team. we not nowhere as good as the fish and mutts. much less the braves and nats. the sooner everyone accepts this the sooner we can start rebuilding and move on. get over it already people. seriously.

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  12. I don’t think the team is dead just yet. They need a spark, a catalyst if you will. We just have to find who it will be. This team is being destroyed by injuries (Howard, Utley, Worley for a few starts, Lee for a few starts, Halladay) and we are 6 games out in June. It ain’t September (and we all remember how we surged on the Mets in September with 17 to play). This team needs to find what makes them tick and get back to playing that way. Maybe Chase Utley is more important than some give him credit for. Not for his bat (although it was good in the past) but for his attitude. And Burrell was big on the swag too! Bring the swag back and we can still right the ship!

  13. chase and ryan are the phillies. the lineup is nothing without them. their presence in it and how they make everyone around them better cannot be overstated.
    the moment they’re truly done, this team needs to start over.

  14. It’s sad…with a better manager this team probably could have won at least 2 or 3 championships. This overrated schmo has to go. So much talent, so little tact.

  15. Why has no one brough up the double negative?! Technically he is saying we scare everyone which is delusional. Chuck needs a spokesman to handle his press conferences and move them along instead of him mumbling and bumbling for 2 minutes through each and every sentence. Phils’ PR is cooked.

  16. Hey skip – your team does scare someone – the fan base! Those of us who started following the team pre-2007 are scared that we are reverting back to the baseball of our youth. It’s not just the losing, is the bad baseball being played by guys who either don’t belong on a big league roster, are past their prime, or are over-rated This is about what I expected coming into the season.

  17. Chuck’s right. Nothing scary anymore inside CBP. Only thing scary down that way are which girls under 21 are on the pill or has a disease. Take it from me guys, when u have a girl bent over in the K lot up against ur car or outside of XFin live…PULL OUT!!! Its not worth it.

  18. Listen, the Nats didn’t have Morse for much of the season and he is way more valuable a hitter than Utley or Howard. They also dl’d Zimmerman for awhile and had a few bullpen injuries by themselves. So the argument that the Phils are only six back because of injuries just doesn’t seem right. They are 6 behind because they are worse than the other teams in the division.
    That being said, if the Utley situation wasn’t handled so poorly, and it was absolutely handled the worst possible way, then maybe instead of spending the ludicrous 50 mill for Paps, Rube would’ve signed Cuddyer.

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