Chase Utley Should be Back in 20 Days or Less

He hath risen again.

Or something like that.

Chase Utley will begin an official rehab assignment tomorrow with single-A Clearwater. Players are given 20 days to rehab, which means if Utley is healthy, he’ll be back with the Phillies no later than July 2.

I’ll take June 29th, in Miami, against the Marlins, in the Chase Utley Baby When Am I Playing Again? pool.

What says you, the readers? Let us know in the comments. Or just do what everyone else does and bitch about something that you have little control over. The choice, it's yours.


13 Responses

  1. Conveniently timed, now that his best replacement is down for the count.
    When’s Howard coming back?

  2. The triumphant return shall occur on a beautiful Sunday afternoon on the 24th of June vs the formidable Rays of Tampa. People will be rejoicing in the streets, shouting from the rooftops “Our Fearless Leader Has Returned!!” …. Followed by grim reality setting back in when “Our Fearless Leader” is unable to keep our heroes from dropping 3 of 4 to the Bucs of Yinzerville and sliding closer to the cliffs edge of Seller’s Ravine….

  3. Left knee and I have been slapping against some bitch’s back thighs for awhile.

  4. 20 days? Really? It’s mid-June. Maybe if he would have kept himself in shape in the offseason instead of chowing down at his “poor pets” fundraisers he would be relevant. At this point it isn’t gonna matter even a tiny lick.
    They can’t score.
    They can’t hold a lead even when they score.
    Extra inning games always end with the other team jumping up and down around home plate.

  5. We could be 12-15 games out by then. In which case he might as well take the rest of the year off as well.

  6. I’m going Tuesday, June 26 at home vs. the Pirates. Play Tuesday night, take off Wednesday night, play Thursday afternoon and then fly to Miami for the June 29 – July 1 series vs. the Fish.

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