CHMM: Cole Hamels Voted for Bryce Harper for The All-Star Game… as a Write-In

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Now that’s sending a guy a message. Real old school style right there. Or something.

Harper, of course, isn’t on the ballot, which means Hamels added him as a write-in.

Somewhere, John Mayberry, Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino – who are all on the ballot – are pissed.

-$6 million for welcoming a douchebag to the Majors with a ballsy beanball to the back, admitting it… then writing his name on your All-Star ballot. In other words, for being fake tough.

Cole Hamels Millions Meter: $143 million


6 Responses

  1. People always bitch that the All-Star Game is a popularity contest and that the deserving players don’t make it (kinda like chooch not being voted in). So when Hamels goes out and votes for a kid that is playing good baseball instead of voting for fucking MAYBERRY (.249 average) or Victorino (.252 average), we are supposed to be upset? He is voting for someone who deserves it instead of his teammates. I am fine with it. I’m not voting for the Martinez/Fontenot/Galvis combo. Rather vote for someone who deserves it.

  2. Yeah I don’t see how that’s fake tough. Keeping it real, if anything. Besides, it’s not like he tweeted “I wrote you in bro” to Harper; he told a writer. Furthermore, he could have been kidding.

  3. You honestly think anyone outside of the battery on the Phils deserves to go to the All-Star game, Kyle?

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