Claude Giroux Wins NHL 13 Cover Vote

Screen Shot 2012-06-20 at 11.49.32 PM
Annnnd his face was airbrushed to the point of him looking like Peter Forsberg spliced with Simon Gagne. Oh well. Anyway, Giroux wins the cover vote. Here is the official trailer:

Puck Daddy has a 1-on-1 with G about winning.

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14 Responses

  1. When has Giroux ever celebrated by raising his arms in the air like that? I may be being picky, but one of my favorite things about G is that when he scores, he drops the sword into the sheath, and skates away like nothing happened. It’s like every time he scores he’s saying “yeah I scored, but we haven’t won yet, so I’m not going to celebrate.”

  2. @heyyy
    If I’m not mistaken, Eric Lindros graced the cover of NHL ’99, John LeClair was on NHL Faceoff 2000, and yeah, JR rocked the ESPN games for a few years.
    But hey, who needs the cup when we can look at a ‘shopped image of the next Flyer to piss off Homer and hoist Lord Stanley for another team.

  3. Yo chance if I was upa at 5:13 in the am I would have beat you to the punch. Did you hear Isaac is in vegas???

  4. Instead of getting on the cover of NHL13, Giroux should have had a few more goals & 1 less suspension against the Devils. Champion or Choker?

  5. he looks more like JVR with a beard to me. and they just HAD to get the Penguins in there somehow, didn’t they?

  6. The real controversy here is the Tim Horton’s ad on The Farg’s dasher boards. If I can’t get a double-double and 200 Timbits in Philly, don’t fucking tease me like that.

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