Cliff Lee Looking For His First Win Tonight: A Meme

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17 Responses

  1. I’ve been saying all along that this guy is not an ace. If all of you morons read my articles, you would learn something.

  2. Well, the winless streak continues for Lee. Marlins 6, Phillies 1 in the seventh. The only thing Cliff is pissing these days is toxic waste.

  3. Lee’s still a great pitcher, but he’s going to turn 34 in August & that contract is starting to look very bad. We should trade him now not just b/c we can get an A level prospect for him but also to get rid of what could be a very ugly contract down the road. If we do that we need to lock Cole up right away though.

  4. we made such a huge mistake with that deal. Now we’ll be paying Cliff instead of Cole. Yikes.
    well we asked for it. we were pissed when lee got dealt and couldnt have been happier collectively when we signed him.
    quite a nice bed we’ve made for ourselves. and now we get to lie in it. and cry ourselves to sleep.

  5. He just doesn’t look comfortable out there, like he just doesn’t care anymore. As happy as I was when we got him back and how much he loves it here….I think its time to trade and figure out if they can win a wild card or not.

  6. you cant even trade him right now, you’d have to eat half his contract for a team to take him on with the way he’s been pitching and his age.

  7. No boom, NY would still take him, but they were never going to get Grandy or Cano for Lee as Missanelli suggested. A deal would be centered around a guy like Banuelos or Sanchez and include Dante Bichette Jr. & a C level prospect.

  8. @Yankees fan…. works for me dude, if you guys can take on all his salary so we can sign Cole, I dont need Cano or Grandy, nor did I ever expect that.

  9. he didnt deserve a win tonight. 6 er? 10 hits? doesnt deserve the run support, either. keep fucking around and stay winless

  10. Phillies would take a mid level prospect from NY to dump Lee’s salary. The signing was a massive mistake..not just because Lee has been atrocious either. His is deal is why they can’t and won’t sign Hamels, our best pitcher and arguably most important player in the franchise.

  11. Remember me, Kyle? I was the guy comparing Bryz to Cliff. Who’s the douche now? Just kidding, it was always you.
    Trade Cliff Lee. Again.

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