Get Ready for Solar Canopies in K Lot and Improved Cell Phone Reception at The Linc (Oh Yeah, Wind Turbines Too)

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Get ready, Philadelphia, because The Linc is (finally) going all George Jetson on your ass.  

Nearly two years ago, the Eagles announced a Going Green initiative, which promised solar panels and wind turbines on Lincoln Financial Field. The renovations were supposed to be completed before the start of last season, but, thanks to grid limitations and the potential for nasty shadows, the project was delayed. 

Until now.

The best Eagles reporter on the planet (not hyperbole), Tim McManus, reports that construction will begin as early as this week on some futuristic improvements in and around The Linc

And they are… 

– 14 wind turbines that will sit atop the north and south sides of the stadium

– 11,000 – read: 11,000 – solar panels on the walls

– Solar canopies – which will be high enough to throw a football under – covering some of K Lot

– And a new antenna system for improved cell phone reception, allowing you to more easily check your fantasy team (CBP did this two years ago and I still have iPhone data problems on AT&T)


McManus notes that none of these improvements will be included in the reported $100 million renovations. So there’s more to come.

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  1. AT&T data sucks no matter where you are standing and no matter how many people are in the vicinity.
    Actually.. the only populated area in the city I’ve ever noticed great reception is at the Logan Circle fountain.
    Sort’ve in their defense… 40,000 of the fans will have smartphones all trying to post pics on facebook… will take one hell of an internet pipe line at the new cell towers to push that data through.

  2. agree with Mark on AT+T. its brutal. stop being a follower people and ditch your iphones. 4G droids via verizon are no joke. unbelievable phones. I’ll potentially move to IPhone when tehy get 4g

  3. TR – heard the galaxy III w/ droid OS is redic!
    I too am getting the next iPhone when it releases at the end of 2012.

  4. I have an HTC EVO 4G from Sprint, and when you get a 4G signal it’s like you’re on Wi-Fi. Fast as hell. I rarely have data issues. I use it in my car from the Philly area all the way to North Jersey every weekday and stream Pandora, etc.

  5. I have a Droid through AT&T (stuck on a contract with the inspire) and have virtually no reception problems even at stadiums. I think it has more to do with the overpriced junk product the service runs through.

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