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19 Responses

  1. Have rotting in jail you worthless, spineless, useless waste of fucking oxygen. It makes me happy that you will die under this verdict. Go ahead and try to play “ticklemonster” and have “soap battles” with prisoners. I dare you.

  2. Free jerry!!! Poor guy just wants to enjoy his golden years with his wife & grand kids. Maybe throw some treats to his dog off his deck

  3. Yo, Jer! Have fun in the big house. Chances are the only way you leave it is in a pine box. Just deserts, you monster.

  4. Christian you are a f-in idiot. Enjoy the golden years with his wife, really? How about the kids that he has harmed for the rest of their lives. You are just as much of an idiot that he was.

  5. Chicks put out at penn state after the football team wins. I wonder if they’ll put out tonight after this win.
    I remember my sophomore year when penn state beat Arizona in the pigskin classic. I got laid 7 times that night. Blew inside 6 of them.

  6. Hey 3 Finger. I guarantee Scott Paterno either had 17 hot dogs from Grillers, or 13 Gyros from the guy that sold outside of Grillers.
    “it’s sooooo good”

  7. Good evening,
    I apologize ahead of time if my thoughts are a bit jumbled tonight as my emotions have been all over the place tonight and I am having quite a difficult time trying to contain them. Allow me a few moments if you will to explain my evening and try and describe my thoughts on this life changing event.
    It all started shortly after 9:00 p.m. EST when I received a phone call from a couple of sources who informed me that the eagle has landed. I knew then that the verdict was in and I needed to rush to the court house. My nerves were all over the place as a deep fear came over me that Sandusky would some how slip out of this. I arrived at the court house and I can only describe it as silent and anticipation filled. You could have heard a pin drop. I have thought about this every day since November and Phew.
    What an absolute relief it was to hear the verdict. We tried hard to fight back tears, but could not contain it. We were over come with relief as justice was served. The jury got it right tonight. This was a victory for not only the victims in this case but for all sexual abuse survivors throughout this fantastic nation.
    I would like to spend a few minutes acknowledging and applauding the victims. The strength and courage that these victims displayed to get up on take the stand and talk in public about this subhuman monster is truly inspiring. I am choked up now just thinking about it as I am sure the majority of you are as well. I just can’t imagine going up there and reliving these horrors. People, he ruined their lives lets not talk about football or sports for one evening. My heart is with these helpless victims and has been since I heard about this. Thank you for allowing me to express myself this evening. I hope everyone is satisfied with the verdict and can be inspired by the victims.

  8. For once Murph, I gotta agree with you, you old bastard. You made some great points here. I mourn for the victims.
    Your NHL equipment posts are ludacris and asinine, so I still want you off this site!

  9. Mr. Merschen,
    It is Edward. I knew that you would finally see the light and that you do indeed have a heart. You are a caring soul and I can tell that like me, you have needed many tissues tonight. I hope that you can learn from these victims and improve on your life moving forward. I hope that these victims can triage this verdict and finally have peace in their lives. That is all that I care about right now in my life. Sandusky is a monster and is going where he belongs. Let this be a lesson to all others out there that have these sick thoughts. You will be caught and you will be brought to justice. You will not beat the willpower of our fine community.
    Mr. Merschen, let’s please leave the equipment discussion for another time as I do have some earth shattering news on that front that I will share in the near future. Hopefully if addressed on the front end instead of the back end, future players will not be like Ryan Suter and refuse to come play here.
    That is all right now for me. I would like to spend the night reassessing my life and taking all that has occurred in and trying to curtail my emotions

  10. At the beginning of this trial I read where ex FBI director Louis Freeh was overseeing this investigation. The powers that be are gonna tie this one up quick. I work with a very Catholic guy who blames the parents whenever a priest gets caught. So now I guess they’re gonna go after the people who knew and did nothing.

  11. I kind of like Jer’s blazer there…wonder if the Centre Co prison might sell it off for cheap.

  12. I just got goosebumps reading Mr. Edwards Murphy’s heartfelt reaction. Justice was served my friend- justice was served!!!!

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