Holmgren’s Got a Gun: Killing Season is Here and JVR is, Of Course, on the Trading Block

Screen Shot 2012-06-11 at 9.52.28 AM"I'm going to fucking kill you one day, Junior"

The days are long and the weather is hot, and that can only mean one thing: The NHL summer rumor mill is here and we can’t wait to see what sort of reactive and organization-shifting moves the Flyers make this year! (!!!)

First up – and we’ll consider it a soft launch – JVR trade rumors… because, really, what would any Flyers rumor mill be without James van Riemsdyk discussion and Ed Snider’s blind intuition?

Not much, Bob. Not much.

Anyway, last night on Sports Final – which, surprisingly, isn’t yet hosted by Sheena Parveen in a strapless two-tone belted club dress – Howard Eskin reported that the Flyers are interested in JVR's fellow trade rumor veteran, Rick Nash:



Basically, JVR continues to hurt the Flyers even while he’s not lying in a hospital bed somewhere. Or something like that. And that's pissing the Flyers off.

It’s hard to imagine a professional athlete would delay surgery for the sole purpose of not getting traded. But who knows? The mere fact that this is being brought up and somewhat believable – the Flyers angered at one of their key players, who was a major reason why the team felt comfortable trading Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, for blocking a potential trade – is sad. 

We’ll buy Eskin’s report, but also take it with a grain of salt, if simply because a JVR for Rick Nash trade rumor is about as expected as it comes, especially when you consider the Flyers' rodent-like propensity to kill their young: Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, Simon Gagne, Justin Williams, Patrick Sharp, Danius Zubrus, Johan Hedburg— all drafted by the Flyers, all traded. Incredibly, six of those seven are playing in the Stanley Cup Finals, and Sharp beat them in the 2010 Finals.

If history is any indication, maybe it's better that JVR could be holding up a trade.

UPDATE: Paul Holmgren, of course, denies this report, telling CSN's Sarah Baicker that an infection in JVR's foot is the reason for the delay. Somewhere, Ruben Amaro doesn't think this is a setback.


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  1. didnt have 40 goals and had only 1 hip.. of course he needs to be traded. I blame Ty Wigginton

  2. Hey Kyle, whatever happened to the man you referred to as #2? He was horrible contributor, his tweets are painful to read. He knows very little about sports.

  3. Simon Gagne was 30 going on 45 when the flyers traded him.
    JVR faking injuries to avoid getting traded is nothing new.

  4. It’s karma that we would trade JVR for Nash, look at the board right behind JVRs head in the picture above.

  5. I will knock JVR (mole on face) the f out if he holds up a trade for Nash.

  6. Did he get this infection in his foot when he was in Avalon over Memorial Day Weekend? Just curious…….

  7. Yeah maybe it’s gout from all the drinking he has been doing lately…seen him lately at a couple bars totally wasted. He needs to go anyway and he can take his controlling parents with him..Maybe that’s why he is such a soft player too much family kissing his ass all the time.

  8. Why do they want nash so much? Isn’t he a center? We have a top line center in G, would the plan be to move him back to winger? Or would he settle on being a 2nd line center. Then where does that put Danny? Imo we have a fantastic crop of young centers/forwards. Go get a D man, we don’t need nash.

  9. They need a scorer & a D-man or two. The scorer b/c we’re going to have to score a shit ton of goals to win with Bryz in net.

  10. Really? Johan Hedburg? Who cares. If they trade JVR for Nash or even just to make space to sign a real #1 D-man, I’m good with that. JVR is ok, but I really don’t think he will live up to any of the expectations a former #2 overall usually has.
    Homer is good at trading when stock is high. A healthy JVR and is very manageable contract is gotta be looking good to someone.
    Just don’t get Nash (or any offensive player) instead of a D-man and act like everything will be ok. That would be doing exactly what Amaro did and hoping that things will get better. As we can see… it ain’t working out so well.

  11. hey josh hamilton guy y u heff to make joke about addcit? not kool man. reemer not qussy his tussy. tough guy who get mad gurls man.

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