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Warning: ewies ahead.

The Patriot-News – the central PA outlet that has been crushing it with coverage of the Jerry Sandusky story since day one – has transcribed all of "Jer's" love letters to Victim 4 (plus one to a defense witness). 

You can read the full text of all of them here. But here are some parts that deserve calling out:

Letter 1: I know that I have made my share of mistakes.

Letter 2: [in its entirety] Jerry ruins The Platters for you:

Yes, I am a “Great Pretender.” I pretend that I can sing. I pretend about many things. However, I can’t pretend about my feelings and want you to always remember that I care.  

Not always a pretender – “Jer” 


Letter 3: Jerry evokes Forrest Gump

As you know, I am very emotional and kind of let everything out. I’m not good at hiding my feelings. I have many “Forrest Gump” qualities and I thought a lot about that more as I was driving home. As you would expect, I cried at that movie. 


And signed: 


Forrest Jer 


Letter 4: This one gets the most uncomfortable:

Jer believes that there will always be something special inside (Victim 4). 

He hopes that it will last, return, if it has left. The players miss him. 

They say, “come back, (Victim 4)!” “Stay with us, (Victim 4)!” Jer would love to have the good times back. The players shout, “be with us to the end!”

Jer would love to hear “Tell me another story, Jer.” Jer may not be worthy, but he needs a “best friend.” It doesn’t look real good. 

Jer understands life and its changes. He’s proud, too proud to beg for a friend, extended family member. The story will end the way (Victim 4) wants it. Jer wants to be there to the end, but that’s (Victim 4)’s call. If (Victim 4) ever needs him, he’ll come. 

Regardless, they have had an experience that others won’t. Jer will not forget and always care!


Letter 5: We are!

We’ve been here, made it through some challenges. We want to always be there for you!

With some hope and a lot of caring.

We are,



Letter 6: [in its entirety] A poem to a defense witness:


Thanks for the memory!

Thanks for being so warm and friendly!

Thanks for your special touch!

Thanks for trying so much!

Thanks for being a very best friend!

Thanks for your willingness to care to the end!

Thanks for all you say and do!

Thanks, mostly for just being you.  

Happy birthday, 



I’m going to go throw up now. BRB.