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Not that this comes as a surprise to anyone (though Ian Laperriere was technically still a Flyer– and even in available in NHL 12!), but Lappy will announce his retirement after the Stanley Cup Finals, according to some French language site: [translated]

The Quebec player awaits the end of the series to make the official announcement, he confirmed to VAT Sports on Thursday.

"It's been a long as I expect, because my condition did not improve last year, he told during a telephone interview.

"I am able to have a normal life, but have a normal life and play in the NHL, this is not the same thing." 


Lappy said on his Twitter that he’ll no longer be a part of CSN’s Postgame Live either, which is excellent, because now Ms. CB will stop confusing him for Rick Tocchet. 

Incredbly, this story – both retirement and leaving Postgame Live – wasn't initially reported by CSN, from whom Lappy receives a check. Fine job there, fellas.