Ian Laperriere Will Officially Retire After Stanley Cup Finals

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Not that this comes as a surprise to anyone (though Ian Laperriere was technically still a Flyer– and even in available in NHL 12!), but Lappy will announce his retirement after the Stanley Cup Finals, according to some French language site: [translated]

The Quebec player awaits the end of the series to make the official announcement, he confirmed to VAT Sports on Thursday.

"It's been a long as I expect, because my condition did not improve last year, he told during a telephone interview.

"I am able to have a normal life, but have a normal life and play in the NHL, this is not the same thing." 


Lappy said on his Twitter that he’ll no longer be a part of CSN’s Postgame Live either, which is excellent, because now Ms. CB will stop confusing him for Rick Tocchet. 

Incredbly, this story – both retirement and leaving Postgame Live – wasn't initially reported by CSN, from whom Lappy receives a check. Fine job there, fellas.


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  1. It’s not a surprise to anyone because it’s been out since last night. Step up YO game, what do you need the Flyers to summon stories to you?

  2. good luck playing tonight Jeff. I’m sure you’ll score many goals…because no one else will be playing, dumbass. The game is tomorrow, where you’ll promptly disappear…

  3. Jeff. Il be at the Springfield looking to score you and quick some puck bunnies and of course coke. Text me when your on landis tomorrow

  4. Is this the last article for the week?
    BAD week!!!
    I will summon you for now on so you look like you have your shit together

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