It’s Getting Ugly, Folks

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To be honest, I’m not even sure how to approach covering the Phillies right now. Gone is the lovefest with each and every player. Gone is the desire for nonstop, around-the-clock team updates. Gone are the days of… winning. For now, at least.  

It’s an odd position we find ourselves in– significantly disappointed through the first two months of the season. But it’s a long one, these baseball seasons, and we can’t be too reactive. A week-long win streak and the Phillies are right back in the thick of things. Chase Utley and Ryan Howard may not be the saviors the team needs, but they will most certainly be better than the slop Ruben Amaro signed in the offseason. Roy Halladay will be back, and most likely pitch at a very high level. Cliff Lee will win a game this season. Cole Hamels is pitching for a contract, so he’ll be fine. And Jimmy Rollins can’t suck forever. 

So we won’t overreact too much… at least over what’s happening on the field. Because it can't get worse (we think). But we will certainly overreact about the broadcast team, who during even the best of days were annoying. Now, Tom McCarthy and Chris Wheeler are damn near offense. We’ll let reader Matt address the issue. Unedited, of course: 

Can one of you please, PLEASE start turning up the heat on Tom McCarthy?  We’re in the midst of the season going to hell and the man has absolutely no pulse on the frustrations of the city he calls for.  After blowing their 3rd lead in a row, Tom is more focused on ice cream and Wheeler’s balls than the game.  I swear to God if they just let a few fireflies out of a jar in the booth he’d be entertained for hours.  Oh, and he literally just mentioned that heading into Interleague play, the Phils feel like they have an advantage because they have Jim Thome to come into the lineup as a DH.  DO THEY REALLY TOM???  THAT BUCK-EVEN BATTING AVERAGE GOING TO STOP THE SKIDS, IS IT???  Harry K at least had the decency to echo the emotions of the moment, through good and bad.  Tom is calling every game like the Phils are 18 up in the division.  Harry would be Harry Doyle’ing his way through games by now.  Please get this man off the air.  If we’re going down in flames, we at least deserve a decent play-by-play account of the crash and burn.



We agree with everything Matt said.


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  1. You should probably just shut down the site. All the other Phillies bloggers that started appearing 3 years ago are shutting down.

  2. Youre writing has gone downhill…please stop writing with your fan emotions. We all get it…the phillies suck right now…we dont need you reinforcing that in every paragraph.
    Can you instead focus on what needs to be done here. If I wanted to hear people bitch and moan about how the phils suck i can turn on the radio.
    Been a longtime reader, but you need to step your game up. Site has sucked lately. Get your writing in order. Get your coverage up…get your shit together

  3. Its time to panic, this team is not winning any close games, the middle relief sucks, we still can’t score. 1 of the aces is out for a while…
    CBP is going to become trashy this summer if they keep losing and in turn is going to make the games not worth attending…even from an atmosphere aspect…
    One good thing is maybe some of the fairweather fans will not renew their partials and I can move up some rows…

  4. But… I don’t… it’s like… It’s like pre-2008 all over again?!
    The only difference between this year and years past is the competition they’re seeing within their own division. For once, if the Marlins, Nats, and/or Braves don’t implode within the next few months, the post-All Star run the Phils usually make will be far too little too late.
    If they don’t win the division… If their last game is 162… It’s really NOT the end of the world.
    I plan to hold you fucking accountable if this team turns around, Kyle. I’m not guarenteeing it will happen, but if it does, I fully intend on calling you out on it.

  5. What’s with all the hate comments on here lately? I actually thought Kyle was looking at the glass half full when we all know this team is done. He’s not reinforcing how bad the Phillies suck. He’s saying they’ll get better. They won’t get better but I appreciater his optimism. Shitty trolls being trolls.

  6. Agree with everything he said? Larry Doyle included?? It is Harry Doyle.
    I don’t even watch the games anymore because I can’t stand those two dbags. Sarge is entertaining and gets pissed about the on field play. Just following it on the radio is good enough for me because at least Franskie and LA actually care.

  7. Anyone remember Robert Person as opening day starter? It has been way worse relax.

  8. I agree with Crossing Broad Fan. This used to be a great site but now it’s just you bitching and complaining about every single thing. I think its time for you to rethink how you approach your writing. I will no longer defend you and your site to my friends/co-workers.

  9. Sounds like Kyle is hopping off the Phils’ bandwagon. Looking forward to more posts about the team sucking until he hops on the Birds’ wagon in August.

  10. Part of me is glad the Phills suck again. Now I don’t have to read so many inane “go phillies” comments by post-2008 bandwagon fans on Facebook.

  11. Kyle, it’s pretty nice of you to leave the scumbag troll posts up.
    It’s true, T-Mac and Wheels kinda suck to listen to. Until the Phillies are in a losing streak then it’s almost unbearable.

  12. Holy shit, the team sucks! It’s the blog’s fault!
    What the hell’s wrong with you people? Writers & commenters can’t vent frustrations without ‘the entire site sucking’? It’s really all or nothing? Grow up, assholes. Cruising blogs and being cheery when everybody’s winning is about as low as fruit gets. If the team blows and plays like mental midgets, I’m gonna get pissed off and It’ll be reflected in my comments, every time.
    In the meantime, yes McCarthy & his hand puppet Douchy are blatant ‘company men’ 24/7, and that’s just as annoying as the team. “Golly gee they can’t buy a break”…no, actually it was a total lack of discipline or concentration, or even talent. Sac up and say it every now and then you pussies.

  13. ^^^ This guy is unbearable to listen to talking about how he’s the most interesting Phillies fan on the street.

  14. Perfect point. Dude doesn’t announce with any emotion. Sickening. Haters gonna hate.

  15. Jimmy Rollins CAN suck forever. Because he has sucked for the last 3 years plus. Why cant people see this!?!?! that contract will be the worst of Amaro’s tenure and I’m hoping they can somehow move him at the deadline (we’d have to eat some of the contract) god what a horrible contract. at least 2 more years of this guy at the top of our lineup. unbelievable. could have had furcal for peanuts

  16. Love the derisive accusations of fans “jumping off the bandwagon”. Can we retire that lame fucking phrase for a decade or so?
    News flash: You don’t need to jump, the bandwagon is currently on blocks and more pieces are being stolen with every embarrassing AAA-level loss. That’s the bandwagon reality these days.

  17. “Youre writing has gone downhill…” That’s as far as I got with that one.
    Stop reading if you don’t like it you pansies, stop complaining.

  18. You gotta love the irony of someone criticizing someone else’s writing while murdering the English language in the process.

  19. I agreed with the quality of writing going down hill.
    I need to see some serious changes or I’m going back to and staying there. At least they provide some insight – this is turning into a blog full of teenage angst. Embarrassing honestly.

  20. TR-
    I don;’t know it’s going to be a close one between Rollins’ deal and the Howard contract.

  21. Hey Kyle, I disapprove of your recent content and was hoping you’d make drastic changes to your website simply because I DONT LIKE IT. You used to be better but now you suck, but I still visit your site very regularly becuase there is nothing I can do about it. GOOD THING I WASTED EVERYBODY’S TIME AND ENERGY BY POSTING THIS VAGUE AND WHINY STATEMENT IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST.

  22. i think the Phillies show exactly how unsustainable the baseball contract situation is. Not that they had a gun to their head when the committed nearly $65 million this year and next to 3 players, and if they resign Hamels..probably $85 mil to 4 players next year. That’s more than half the league spends on their entire payroll. Even being able to spend the most in the NL doesn’t make them immune to the effects of a bad contract or two.
    Yeah you can bitch about Amaro all you want, but really this past off season he was working on a shoestring budget.

  23. were u watching when the flyers tanked back in 2006-07 season? that shit was insufferable, between JJ/Coates/Jones there’s only so much an announcing crew can do with the content in front of them

  24. I love how all these people try to rank themselves as “hard-core” fans because they claim they followed the team closely before 2008. They are all full of shit. If you watch a team lose night after night and pay the outlandish prices for tickets to watch shitty baseball you are an idiot. When they suck it’s hard to spend your valuable free time watching them. So why do something that causes you pain in your free time? You are going to die someday. Do you really think anybody will care that you watched them when they sucked versus when they were good? I think that not watching and not going to the games is a way to let them know they really suck and that they should do something about it. It’s a business. Let them know their business sucks donkey dick right now.

  25. It is Harry Doyle. I apologize for not fact checking my mid-work rant. Inexcusable.

  26. Would’ve like to see some anger ideas, Kyle. JRoll needs to get some roid rage and break some hands stealing a bag. Cole needs to peg some more players. Have Howard stop doing Subway commercials. Wheeler and TMac need to slip a cuss word in/show up drunk. Anything but the norm needs to happen.

  27. Dude your obssession with Tom McCarthy is beginning to reach stalker status. Get help.

  28. @TMac eats a lot, you’re right, but you can tell the real fans because they went to games for $10 or free from Phillies’ hotdogs.
    A lot of the ‘fans’ are just hot girls that are interested because they got drunk at a parade and thought that was cute.

  29. “Getting” ugly? I’m afraid it’s already been that for quite some time now. While I refuse to be a knee-jerk reactionary like some of the babbling infants here who have nothing better to do with their time than slam Kyle (and what did you trolls have for an outlet to talk sports before he began CB?), the situation with the Phillies has disintegrated faster than I could have possibly imagined, and, at present, I honestly don’t know if the patient can be saved, even if Utley, Howard and Halladay do return.
    A serious sort of maliase has settled in over this team, and with each new loss, it seems to just grow and mutate before my very eyes. Uncle Charlie looks helpless while Ruben Amaro looks clueless, and the players are simply stumbling around like drunks at 2 a.m., as evidenced by yesterday’s horror show. While I don’t want to just give up on the Phillies, what with over three months left in the season, I just can’t imagine what, or who can snap this team out of its collective funk. It’s damned frustrating.

  30. “Now, Tom McCarthy and Chris Wheeler are damn near offense.”
    I don’t get it!

  31. This is way better blogging than that douche over at Barstool Sports Philly.

  32. I refuse to believe that Dom Brown is a worse option than what we’re getting. Even if he struggles, at least it helps down the road. When Ty Thickington goes 0-4, we get nothing.

  33. Jayson Werth is in a cast right now but he’s laughing at Philly big time for taking the $$$ and signing with a club that looks damn good for the next 10 years. Imagine if they only signed Fielder.

  34. Guaranteed the posts “defending” this site are actually Kyle just changing his name.
    Dude is a joke

  35. /\ /\
    The second most interesting Phillies fan on my street is just jealous. Haters gonna hate. Don’t worry, I’ll be moving to a new street soon so you may take my place. If I see you meet the requirements. Until that time shut up or I’ll send my harem of hot girlfriends to your house to emasculate you in front of your family.

  36. I’ve been saying it for years…
    (I typed it caps cuz i was yelling, get it?)

  37. Woah, woah, woah. There is enough room for all of the most interesting Phillies fans just not Kyle because he no longer likes the Phillies.

  38. A few games ago McCarthy said a curveball missed inside and maybe a little high. The pitch was about an inch off the ground. I could deal with him when the Phils were fun to watch, but with the team playing this bad he just further enrages me. If the team is going to suck for the next few years they better at least get new announcers or I won’t be able to take it.

  39. A philadelphia fan who wants to move out of philadelphia because the fans here are so fucking stupid and annoying says:

    I believe that what McCarthy and Wheeler are doing are acceptable. In fact I wish more announcers (and the media. Oh, and the fans)would not stress on how bad philadelphia teams manage to choke each year. Case in point, ilya bryzgaloz. People can flip out all they want but in a few years he will be a huge asset to this team. Stop bitching people! The baseball season is like a millions years long and I have no doubt they will make it to the playoffs. A 100 plus win season doesnt mean jack shit anyway. So instead of focusing on all the negative and giving philly and its fans an even worse reputation how about all of you die.

  40. The brother of a philadelphia fan who wants to move out of philadelphia because the fans here are so fucking stupid and annoying says:

    My brother is an idiot.

  41. A philadelphia fan who wants to move out of philadelphia because the fans here are so fucking stupid and annoying says:

    Hey at least I’m not the one fucking our sister. But regardless, that was a beautiful rebuttal.

  42. For people who hate the site and bitch about Kyle.. Why read the site then? And why post in the comments? And to the dude who is going to “go back to,” u do realize u can read more than one site right? There are a bunch of websites I check out everyday.. If the stories aren’t that interesting that day I move on.. I don’t bitch in the comment section. You ppl look sad and rediculous when posting about hating the website. It’s like complaining about a drug dealer as ur buying crack from him lol

  43. Who the fuck wants LA on TV? Maybe then you will catch a shot of him sipping his JD&coke. Or puking in the booth wastebasket. LA might be the most unprofessional broadcaster out there. Just think of him yelling “YEAH YEAH YEAH” and how he bitches about the umpires. He sucks. I don’t care that he played the game. Every guy has played the game at some level.

  44. TMac eats a lot of pussy is actually Chris Wheeler posting, only he would find LA not entertaining.

  45. people really need to understand the different between a sports news outlet and a sports blog. one is like NBC News, and the other is like the Colbert Report. Read the box scores if you want straight forward statistical shit, you retards. If you want analysis and comedy, read a damn blog. If you don’t like one blog, read the next one. My IQ suffers every time i read one of those stupid comments, but my IQ will never sink that low.

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