J-Roll™ to Film PSA with Joe Biden

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Thursday morning, Jimmy Rollins and Joe Biden will film a public service announcement against dating violence, per a report on Philly.com.

Rollins and Biden will be joined by White House advisors in filming the PSA which will air later this summer to promote the message that dating violence is unacceptable. Which it is. Unless you're Maria Menounos. And like to be choked during sex. In which case it's encouraged.

That’s it, really. Not much more to it.


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  1. I wish I could believe him.
    Last time Biden was in town, my teeth just grazed his shaft, and then he beat the shit out of me, and left me in a heap at the foot of the Girard Point Bridge. Said if I told anyone he would kidnap me and make me lick Arlen Spectors old balls.
    Jokes on him, Angelo has a tatoo of Spectors bag on his chin, that big nosed fag.

  2. A bunch of Rock$tars .. that what our Phillies have become. Hanging with the VP, Fashion shows, Denim events, Celebrity waiters. Every night off during the season is one of their charity events. Baseball is now 2nd…and it shows.
    This team had a phenomenal 5 year run but the fire in the belly appears to be gone. We used to be the Fightins .. We used to be the “Team to Beat”. Great run .. but its sad that its over.
    Clean house Rubin … Give Cole an ultimatum offer – cant go into the off season with potential of getting nothing. Trade Victorino to a contender. Trade Rollins even if we have to eat some salary. Trade Thome to an AL contender – even if just for a prospect. Lets make this a recession and not a depression!

  3. How many takes will it take before “plugs” Biden gets it right and doesn’t make some stupid ass comment/gaffe?

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