Jamie Moyer Signs on with Toronto Blue Jays

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I can’t decide if I love the fact that Jamie Moyer is throwing all sense of pride out the window and bouncing around the minor leagues like a 22-year-old… or if it’s getting hard to watch as the 49-year-old desperately tries to prolong an amazing and historic career.

Starting to lean towards the latter.

Moyer signed on with the Toronto Blue Jays yesterday. He will report to Triple-A Las Vegas, where he will join the starting rotation.

Earlier this season, Moyer went 2-5 with Colorado and had a ERA of 5.70. He then briefly played in the minors with the Orioles.

via MLB.com

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14 Responses

  1. for the record, he’s broke. 7 kids and wife who loves credit cards. thats why he is doing this.

  2. Colorado released him and now look at their rotation. It’s a mess. They should have held on to him. And guess what… a 5.70 ERA in Colorado is basically a 4.70 ERA in Philadelphia… which is exactly what he was during his time here. He won in Philly because he kept opponents off balance, limited the damage and his offense was potent enough to bail him out on those nights when he gave up a 5 or 6 spot. Let him hang on as long as he wants. But I’m not sure why people are surprised at the numbers.

  3. This dude must HATE his family and just really doesn’t want to go home.

  4. Nothing more than trying to be a compiler. I really wish he would just retire. The stories get sadder every day. I think I’ll go cry now…

  5. maybe this is a stupid question… don’t we have shit in the back end of the bullpen? wouldn’t it have made sense for the phils to look into signing moyer for a little consistency in the rotation and to push kendrick back to the long reliever spot and throw joe savery and/or bj rosenberg in the trash? just sayin. this guy could probably help a phillies pitching staff that’s struggling with consistency. plus i like him better than dubee as a pitching coach long term when charlie gets the ax and ryne sandberg takes over the couching job.

  6. He needs to know he has absolutely nothing to offer from a player perspective anymore definitively. I see no issue with that.

  7. Can he still get some fine ass every time he goes out? That’s really the question JM should be asking himself. If he has lost his game both on and off the field, then it’s time to retire to the wife and kids. But, hey, if he’s still got it at 50 (thanks on occasion to a little blue pill), then I say go for it! ‘Cause as soon as JM retires, he’s gonna be considered washed up and cashless to the ladies. Add to that the fact that he’s sporting an old, wrinkly cock and you get no action for Moyer.

  8. Moyer is working to support all those children and camps he has set up. Motherfucker is just a blue collar worker going about his business…damn I like this guy.

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