Joe Amendola Compares Jerry Sandusky Trial to “All My Children”

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Crack reporter Dave Marcheskie (who took the above photo) was smart enough to follow up when the worst lawyer in the world, Joe Amendola, told reporters this morning that the Jerry Sandusky trial was like a soap opera. 

Which one, Marcheskie asked.

All My Children.

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Screen Shot 2012-06-19 at 10.37.31 AM Oh my


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  1. this lawyer and sandusky should be stoned to death. Seriously this sick fuck rapes a bunch of little boys and he compares the case to ‘All my children’…

  2. this sandoosky guy heff to be joke right? in russia ppl would stone him. he heff to be guildy of crime on young one

  3. Per my sources in the State College community, Joe Amendola, Esq. will sign a book deal once the trial is finished.

  4. Kyle, enough with the “worst lawyer in the world Joe Amendola” we get it. Overused, just like the “douchebag Bryce Harper.”

  5. Any word on Richie, Carts and the CUP?
    Nobody gives a FUCK about Penn State around here.

  6. I liked this story better when it was on Deadspin an hour ago. At least they quoted him correctly, you completely left out the fact that he gave another answer first, then came back and said “All My Children” AFTER HE’D HAD TIME TO THINK ABOUT WHETHER THAT WAS A SMART THING TO SAY OR NOT.
    @Your Sister…be careful, don’t be too critical of Kyle or he’ll quietly ban your IP from posting. That’s his new trick, it’s not worth working harder to write better content to him, he’s just going to keep up with 75% Twitter screenshot “stories” and ban people that say anything bad about the site.

  7. Scott Paterno was last seen entering a “port-o-potty” just outside of the Centre County Courthouse at 10:44 a.m. As he exited, an extremely foul odor radiated from the stall. When asked for comment, Paterno responded , “That toilet looks like Hiroshima”. Scott Paterno’s whereabouts at 11:52 a.m. are unknown.

  8. @Bullseye Bill – Of course not, that would actually involve sports. Who would expect to see anything about sports on the “best sports blog in Philadelphia”?
    Readers would much rather see paparazzi pictures of players who don’t even play in Philadelphia.
    How about signing Fletcher Cox, Kyle? Oh wait, never mind, You don’t like the actual sports, you’re more interested in pretty much anything else.

  9. A like Joe Amendola’s title of “worst lawyer in the world”. It’s a deserved one for representing Jerry. It should be used before Joe’s name in any and all situations to make it a permanent association.

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