Joe Amendola’s Defense Strategy for Jerry Sandusky? Throw Shit at a Wall

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As we told you before, the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial began today, and with that came opening statements from the worst lawyer in the world, Joe Amendola.

Amendola employed the shotgun technique by firing as much shit at the wall as possible, with the goal that something sticks just enough to cause a shadow of doubt in the minds of jurors.

A sampling of what Amendola said this morning: There are no victims in this case until a verdict is reached. Sandusky will testify. Something about big governments and conspiracy theories. Admits it’s a daunting task and he’s not sure how to approach the case. Compared representing Sandusky to climbing Mt. Everest. Sandusky grew up in culture of showering with boys. Sandusky does many things most of us would never dream of. Sandusky has personality disorder. Calls accusers money-hungry liars.

Some Tweets from those in attendance, who are only allowed to Tweet during breaks in the action:


12 Responses

  1. “There are no victims in this case until a verdict is reached.”… omg, you’re shitting me.

  2. Are transcripts made public after the verdict is in? Some of this shit sounds absurd.

  3. What Sandusky is accused of doing is heinous but technically Amendola is right. Until he’s proven guilty, there aren’t any victims. This lawyer sounds like a clown but it’s his job to cast doubt on the prosecutions case, which includes their evidence as well as their witnesses (victims). Not exactly admirable work but someone has to do it. If people keep dissecting every word this lawyer is saying, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sandusky appeals on the basis of incompetent representation.

  4. So, Johnnie, if someone finds a murdered, mutilated body in the woods but the cops never find the killer and convict him, the dead person is not a murder victim? GTFO

  5. Sandusky is gonna get his ass rammed so hard by the prosecutors he’s going to wish he was in jail. The guy is a scumbag and is going to be convicted.

  6. Jerry is innocent. Guy was just helping poor kids out & now he’s getting extorted.
    Guy just wants to enjoy his retirement with his grand kids running around at his backyard summer barbecues

  7. Somebody should take a pair of pruning shears to Sandusky’s junk. Rusty pruning shears.

  8. I’m willing to let this trial go through, and I won’t judge whether Sandusky is guilty or not. Not my job, that’s up to the jury. But when I heard what his lawyer said? Jerry is in trouble…

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