Mike Richards Tweets Picture of Stanley Cup and Bucket Full of Beers

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 4.51.24 PM Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 5.03.31 PM

In case you were waiting for Mike Richards' first passive aggressive Tweet since being crowned champion (I was), here it is– the Stanley Cup, next to a tub of ice cold… are they Coors Lights or Nattys?

UPDATE: Consensus is that they're Coors. And they are, apparently, super cold.


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  1. Not a big deal (sob, sob).. I do this every Tuesday. (sob, sob, sob)… FUCK!
    Honestly though, I liked Richards. I’m ok with him winning the Cup. But forever, and ever… FUCK CARTER. HA!

  2. Looks like Eddie Snider taught them well on saving a buck, by going cans over bottles.

  3. even my broke college ass will spend an extra $5 for a case that tastes better than pisswater. what the hell.

  4. That lisp of Richards always made me wonder, the cans of Coors fucking Light just confirm my suspicions…

  5. to the people who are commenting on if his tweet was passive aggressive or not…..who the fuk cares…he made a JOKE about it….relax

  6. Bringing the cup to the bar might actually help get the guys some pussy in LA

    Jesus, how is what he said passive aggressive? It’s sarcastic, not passive aggressive.

  8. To really make those visuals hurt, play simple plan: how could this have happened to me in the background

  9. Hey “Glen,” go fuck yourself. You seriously consider this a good post, and think it was quality reporting? Fuck you, twat.

  10. Wow, Philly sports for the first time in about 6 years have nothing to look forward too. Flyers and Sixers done til Oct, Phils arent going anywhere this year and Eagles pre-season is 8 weeks away. Good luck with any relevant stories Kyle.

  11. Hey Capj- people come to this site for shit like this, you pussy. I told you to get off the site

  12. “Glen,” what person with half a cell in their head comes here for this shit? Real news….sure. This whiny, pointless, sand-in-vagina, baby dreck is not why anyone comes to this site unless they’re a 1 year old looking for a better pile of shit than they just left in their diaper.
    Oh, what’s that? You told me to get off the site and I still haven’t listened?? Oh my! Where’s my head to not listen to some anonymous prick sucker online. Woah, man, am I wayyyy in the wrong for not giving a shit what you say.

  13. Congrats to em for getting it done, but I have to take away points for drinking shitty beer!
    They might as well just drink the melted ice from the bucket!

  14. congrats to Carts, Richie, Hexy, et al..
    I feel like Philly in a way won the cup from Eddie Snider & Holms cast-offs. Beautiful man

  15. Doesnt the cup security guard stay with the thing all the time? Hope he likes blow!

  16. This is how bad Kyle wants Richards’ dick in his ass. Good lord, relax.

  17. Two guys one cup Carts and Richards? I don’t believe that people who have money can actually drink that rocky mountain runoff Coors Light. I am usually broke and I would rather just not drink than buy that crappy tasteless dishrag water. Try something with flavor bitches!

  18. They’re trying to see if the drinking out of the cup even makes coors taste better.

  19. I wonder how much pussy Carts and Richie have sucked since Monday night

  20. Kyle,
    Do some actual reporting on one of the biggest trials in PA state history instead of being butt hurt over Richie winning the Cup

  21. Forget the beer, does anyone beside me notice the 20yr old jizz stained chairs and candle lantern?! Is this an opium den or what? I hope thats not one of their jawns cuz it’s one hell of a POS. Take a shower, hit the weights, get a clue!

  22. Captj… This isn’t a news site. If u wanna just go to a website where sports articles r regurgitated over and over go to Philly.com, espn or one of the million other news sports websites. This is a Philly sports BLOG. I like the random other stuff like this.. I mean how many articles u really wanna read about Philly sports right now? I’m sick of hearing that the phillies lost yet another game. I don’t Understand how if someone doesn’t like a blog post, they MUST state it in the comments section. I guess he should check with u each time he wants to post something to make sure it’s acceptable? If I don’t particularly care for a post, I dry my tears n move on. Hope u all find a way to do the same

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