Morning Wood: Gone Soft

Hey, let’s just enjoy some more shared misery, shall we? 



Last night, Sarge and T-Mac tackled the subject of African Americans in baseball. As you might imagine, T-Mac handled the delicate conversation with the grace of a first grader reading a book report to his class. Each word, carefully selected from his limited vocabulary.


Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino Vow to Win the All-Star Game

I don’t think this one needs a punchine.


And Don’t Worry, Shane Victorino isn’t Worried About The Sky Falling


“I’m not worried about it,” Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino said. “We’ve got 100 games left, or 99 or whatever it is. There’s no reason [to worry]. This game itself has enough worries.”


Like being 9.5 games back.

Chase Utley’s Lack of Knees

Chasey was 0-5 last night against single-A pitching.


Sad Ball Man is Sad

This Joe Blanton lookalike interfered with a ball in-play last night. 


The Phillies Hate Your Children

Screen Shot 2012-06-13 at 10.20.27 AM

This snippet, sent to us by reader (@broadstbound), and also featured on Barstool, details the experience of one parents during Little League day at Citizens Bank Park last week.


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  1. I was at that Little League game and I remember being surprised that the Phillies players didn’t so much as nod at the little ones walking no more than five feet away from them. All the warm ups in the world aren’t helping you win. At least make some little kid’s day. Jerks.

  2. I’d be more upset if the Phillies were out there chatting with the kids and signing autographs. They’re 9 games back from THE NATIONALS and in the middle of a major slump. They need to focus on the game, not a bunch of spoiled kids and obnoxious soccermoms and dads.

  3. Hey Mac—If you don’t think the players could balance winning and signing autographs/smiling at children who came to see their idols play, then you’re an idiot.

  4. Spoiled kids? Where the hell does that come from? For some of these kids, this is the only time they’ll even be able to come to a real game in person, let alone have the possibility of one of their heroes actually looking in their direction.
    Fact is, as long as the Phillies organization is going to organize these opportunities (and presumably get paid for them) its part of the players jobs to at least pretend to care that the kids are there.
    As others have noted, the Dodgers, who are on their way up, do notice and appreciate a big crowd. Phillies players have been going in the opposite direction. I’ve noticed them becoming more and more detached from the fans over the past few seasons. Some of them take the full house for granted. That’s too bad, because if the product on the field continues in its present form, the crowds will begin to shrink.

  5. You used to see a few Phillies down the right field line signing autographs before every game – particularly the bench guys or pitchers on their off days. I didn’t realize I haven’t seen this happen in quite some time until I read that.

  6. Ryan Howard & Jaime Moyer would never do something like that to kids. SMH

  7. It’s hard to get motivated to deal with kids when you’re slumping. Saying you now hate the Phillies because they were having a collective bad day is the dumbest thing I have ever read. Then again, the people in Margate are old and whiney.

  8. What do expect when you have terrible character guys like Victorino, who cheats on his wife Tiger Woods style, Wiggs who just looks like an a-hole, Mayberry who sucks & pap who reminds me of brett myers

  9. I remember going to Kodak Photo night back in the mid 80’s as a kid. I can recall very vividly Don Carmen being the only player who acknowledged me or any other kid for that matter. Baseball players have always rubbed me the wrong way, but I guess I have some sort of sick acceptance because I keep coming back for more.

  10. Baseball players are known as the biggest jerks out of the 4 sports, hockey players are the friendliest

  11. Some how Babe Ruth was able to do it and not these bums. We’ve noticed that the guys that sign often have a good game that night.

  12. There is something very, very wrong with the atmosphere on the club. RAJ needs to start kicking some ass.

  13. Phills would need to go 60-39 over the season in order to average what wild cards usually win with. They better cheer the fuck up and remember the fans in those seats pay their salaries.

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