Morning Wood: Hunter Pence’s Food and Fun and Food and Fun and Food and Fun Event

All was quiet in the land of the injured yesterday– the Phillies were off. But, in the evening, Hunter Pence held his Let’s Go Eat: Food and Fun Fest on the Moooooshoooelouuu (as he calls it).

Our friends from La Salle TV’s SportsTalk Philadelphia were on hand and sent along some footage from the event, which includes Pence, Hamels, Victorino, and Ruben Amaro playing ping pong.

Funny thing about Amaro’s ping pong game: after a few volleys with the little white balls, he gets really pissed off if his opponent doesn’t return to him a gigantic softball, two baseballs, a ping pong ball to be named later, and cash considerations. After years of trading with Ed Wade, Amaro just assumes this is how life works.*

*Jokes, here all week.

Thankfully, NBC 10's Jillian Mele was there and posted pictures on her Twitter. Ayla Brown sighting, too:

Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 9.08.57 AM
Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 9.08.57 AM
One question: Where is Sheena Parveen and WHY IS SHE NOT IN THESE PHOTOS?!!

Nice work by Hunter, though. The event looked like a real home run.


– Amaro said nothing about the injuries last night.

– Received some photos in the mail yesterday from the Home Runs For Heart Media Day. That’s me on the right– eyes on the ball, arms extended, hips cleared. Our “style editor,” Dan Fuller, is on the left. He, um, looks like he’s trying to shovel dirt with a golf club. Nice hat, though.

Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 9.13.51 AM


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  1. Can you please stop talking about Amaro destroying Ed Wade in trades??? It is sooo ignorant… Do you realize that you have traded Gose, Happ, Villar, Santana, Singleton, Cosart, and Zeid.. for .255, 11 Hrs, awful defense, and countless ground balls to SS??? Thats 3 Top 50 prospects. Amaro’s trades were awful.

  2. Coke and rum, got weed on the tongue, I was selling rocks when Master P was saying “Uhhh.”

  3. snow balls– do you remember brad lidge (gillick) or roy oswalt? they were pretty good, too.

  4. Point taken on Lidge trade. But he also gave up Michael Bourn in that deal. Hes a lot better than Shane Victorino. Where is Roy Oswalt now?? At the time it looked like a great trade because you had him under contract and he wasnt a rental.
    Just sayin.. he gave up a ton for those guys, so its irresponsible to make jokes that arent funny about Ed Wades GM skills.

  5. you just don’t know how these prospects are gonna pan out..look at michael taylor..he was a can’t miss prospect we traded for Doc..he just got sent down again by the A’s and is struggling in the minors.
    It sucks we didn’t with the world series four years in a row like all of you expected. Lee was essential to us getting back to the series in 2009, Oswalt helped us down the stretch in 2010, Pence is a valuable piece and Doc; well what can you say about that guy?
    Anyone know how the prospects the Braves gave up for Bourn last year are doing?
    We gave up Gio for Blanton. Yeah that hurts but without Blanton in 2008, we prolly don’t win the World give to get..

  6. Any women out there to explain why it is cool to put bright red paint on your lips this summer? Maybe Octomom or Nicole Richie made it cool fashion this year or something, but the clown paint fad is not working very well for my penis

  7. @Da Cuz Phils didnt trade Gio for Blanton.
    Also the reason Taylor was included in the Doc deal was because they were giving up D’Arnaud and Drabek. Michael Taylor was already 25 when they traded him to Toronto and was very far from “cant miss”.
    Also check Jon Singleton’s stat at 20 years old in AA.

  8. Somebody felt awkward asking for an autograph and photo with Chase because Pete Orr was standing there and was polite enough to ask for his signature/photo as well.

  9. Shane definitely got his piece wet from every girl not named Mrs. Victorino in attendance last night.
    Ed Wade. That right there is all you need, no punchline, no lead in. Ed Wade. Funny.
    I would give his daughter a spider man though.

  10. Best part of that video is Utley continuing to hold his beer while he signs the kid’s baseball.

  11. Stop blowing Amaro. He has done nothing but hand out bad contract after bad contract
    …also we don’t give a shit about your mediocre performance at the media day

  12. Victorino cheats on his wife worse then tiger woods. Everytime I see dude out he has a different chick on his arm. Pure trash! Wish led would have knocked him out

  13. Where were the lovely wives? Conspicuously absent. Boys night out, I guess. I wonder if Amaro’s ping pong opponent was Cole Hamels? Cole should have plastered one between his eyes.

  14. I would smash Jillian’s meat locker so hard, she would have to carry an inflatable doughnut seat around for weeks.
    I would titty fuck the shit out of her and lay down enough jit in her eyes that when it dried and hardened you would need a tape knife and a heat gun to scrape it all off.

  15. Jillian Melendez is a local girl from Glenside. Wish her luck in the biz

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