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Sixers Draft

The Sixers drafted St. John's freshman Maurice Harkless last night. Like any 15th overall selection, he’s talented enough to have a high-upside, but has enough question marks (in this case, strength and shooting) to not warrant a top-ten pick. That’s fine. But what’s not fine is the fact that THE SIXERS KEEP DRAFTING THE SAME PLAYER. Stop me if you’ve heard of these guys before– Andre Iguodala, Thaddeus Young, Evan Turner. All at various points in their careers, those three players all play that swingy, 2-to-3 position, which is exactly what Harkless projects to be: a small forward.

For once, I agree with what John Smallwood wrote this morning: [

I admit, I was confused by the Harkless pick. The scouting skinny on Harkless is that he is great athlete, attacks the rim and is great in the open court. His weaknesses include an inconsistent perimeter shot and some issues with ballhandling.

I was seeing not only Young, but also Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner.

Even with Thorn talking about Harkless' "growth plate" and saying that he might eventually be able to play power forward, his selection alone raised more questions than answers.

Legitimate big men were still on the board when the Sixers picked, including North Carolina power forward Tyler Zeller (7 feet, 250), St. Bonaventure power forward Andrew Nicholson (6-9, 240), Ohio State forward Jared Sullinger (6-9, 280), and Syracuse center Fab Melo (7 feet, 274). All seemed better suited to fill an immediate need for the Sixers.


That was quite similar to what CBS Sports NBA writer Matt Moore wrote: []

This was somewhat baffling because the Sixers have guys at his position — Andre Iguodala andThaddeus Young. Harkless is young and will take some time to develop, but he's got a chance to be a quality starter in the league. He's long, rebounds well and can also get to the basket and finish. He can be brought along slowly, but the reward could be tremendous.


CSN’s John Gonzalez? Same thing: [] 

If you’re wondering why the Sixers, a team that already has a few tweeners in the 6-6 to 6-9 height range (among them Andre Iguodala, Thad Young and Evan Turner), you aren’t alone. Unless, that is, you have a cushy national TV gig, at which point you evidently loved the pick. When the selection was made, one of the ESPN talking heads said the Sixers needed to “get better inside” and “they did that tonight.” 


I suspect you can find similar reviews everywhere. Now, if the Sixers have a move up their sleeve, one that will get rid of one of their swing players and land a legitimate big man or a top-flight guard (which neither Turner nor Jrue Holiday are at this point), then we’ll change our tune. For now, though? Why?

Doug Collins tried to answer that question in an email sent by the team, calling Harkless: A terrific athlete with tremendous upside.

Stop the music, stop it right now. A mid-first round NBA draft pick that’s athletic and has upside?! Someone call Jay Bilas. He needs to see this.

The Sixers also traded for the Heat's 27th pick, Arnett Moultrie. In the second round, they added some monster from the Republic of Georgia that no one has ever heard of.

The guy from the Delco Times sort of liked the move for Moultrie: [Delco Times]

The Sixers handed over one of their second-round picks and a promissory note for a perfectly non-lottery first-round selection next year. Miami, meanwhile, selected Mississippi State power forward Arnett Moultrie — at 6-11, a true low-post player and physical force — when he dropped to No. 27 and passed him along to the Sixers.

It was precisely what the Sixers needed as they ready themselves for the July 1 start of free agency. At the moment they have eight players under contract: the two rookies, Young, Andre Iguodala, Evan Turner, Jrue Holiday, Elton Brand and Nick Vucevic. They are confident they will get something done with Lavoy Allen. That’s nine.


We'll see.


Staff Infection

No sense in talking about the Phillies other than listing the pitchers that have have taken the mound in the last two days: Kyle Kendrick, Brian Sanches, Jeremy Horst, Raul Valdes, Joe Savery, Michael Schwimer, Jake Diekman, Chad Qualls and Antonio Bastardo.

Are you still wondering why 11 runs in two games weren’t enough for a win?

Cliff Lee pitches tonight, and it would be really swell if he could find some consistency and make that $125 million contract worth it for the top-heavy, over-relying on five guys, no-depth, mis-transacted and poorly constructed Phillies.


Homer’s Gun

NHL free agency begins on Sunday, and Paul Holmgren is likely going to hurt himself or someone else. Our running commentary will pick up once Sunday rolls around. We probably jumped the gun a bit on putting in live on Tuesday, but we’ll feature it once things pick up.



Congrats to My Couch Pulls Out… I Don’t on their Will Ferrell quizzo victory last night at Drinker’s:

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26 Responses

  1. The Sixers do not hold the rights to the guy from Georgia, the pick was sold to the Nets for cash last night.

  2. I swear sometimes we (Philadelphia fans) just complain for the sake of complaining. Going into the draft the general consensus was that the sixers needed to ignore the immediate need/ safe pick route and take the best player available. They did exactly that. Harkless has one of the highest ceilings of those drafted in the 8-20 range. Zeller is more of a NBA ready prospect with a low ceiling. Then, they trade back into the first round and get the big man that many mock drafts projected us taking at 15. What is there to complain about? We filled the big man need and got a kid who could one day blossom into a star. Like it or not, the NBA draft is about potential, and moe has A LOT of it.
    PS they didn’t get a “monster from the republic Georgia” in the second round. His rights were traded to the nets… jackass

  3. They blew the pick again. The Moultrie move could be good. But for god’s sakes you’re the sixers, not the eagles or phillies you dont need to make a safe pick, take a risk, who cares if it doesnt work out – give Zeller a shot, or Fab Melo, get a freakin center who might turn out to be something or take Sullinger, if he stays healthy he’s an no.1 pick, or 6′ 10″ kentucky champion PF Terence Jones,so many better options.
    watch Sullinger is going to be fine and Melo will hold it down defensively in the middle and the Celtics will already rebuild past the Sixers.

  4. After a similar initial reaction, I like the Harkless pick. That is if this means Iguodala is on his way out of town for anybody that can score. I find it hard to believe that they would bring back Turner, Thad, and Iguodala with drafting Harkless. Of course all they need to do now is hire a GM. You know, to make trades and stuff. Might have been a good idea to do that before the draft.

  5. everyone remember when they took the upside of Jrue Holiday over Ty Lawson? Anyone who thinks that was the smart move doesn’t pay attention and hasn’t seen how outstanding Lawson is. The Sixers haven’t got a 1st rd pick right since AI.

  6. Now I realize why this blog rarely talks Sixers.Because when you do, you don’t know what you are talking about. Harkless is only 19 and is being compared by some to Shawn Kemp. Also, MOST of the national media loves the picks. So I am going to their word over hacks like John Smallwood and especially Gonzo. That guy is a complete moron.
    It is obvious this team is building an extremely young core of a team built around defense. Whick is why Hawes will be gone and the Sixers will probably not sign Lou Williams eithier. Both Harkless and Moultrie can score as well as play great D.
    They have a plan. Next step is to trade Iguodala for a big. Also, don’t be surprised to see a couple of vet signings to help Brand groom the young kids.

  7. My couch pulls out team name might be older than Jamie Moyer. Real creative, Kyle probably giggled everytime he said it too.

  8. Harkless is only 19 and is being compared by some to Shawn Kemp.Posted by: mvptommyd
    So he’s two years away from the first of his seven kids?
    Seriously though, was Harkless in danger of being taken anywhere around this pick? Could the 76ers at least have traded down a couple of notches to get the same guy later?

  9. @Kyle
    Obviously the Sixers are going to trade Iguodala. Literally 2 seconds after drafting Harkless the radio and ESPN were reporting Iguodala for Rudy Gay trade rumor. But of course you don’t mention that because you along with most local media guys just complain for the heck of it.

  10. @Jay
    He was projected to go between 13-17. The Sixers probably didn’t want to take the chance because other teams were interested most likely. So they took him there and knew they could also get Moultrie later (which they did).

  11. Oh Kyle likes basketball now? Kyle doesnt know anything about basketball so he refers to Gonzo and a bunch of Philly beat writers who hate on our picks because thats really all they are good at.
    Harkless is what the doctor ordered. A hungry pick that has a huge upside in age. Was the Big East ROY, can penetrate opponents easily, is so elusive athleticly that he is a defensive helper in all means. Oh, yes that would put him well into a Doug Collins Defense. Oh wait he made Duke’s big men look like children when he played for a St. Johns team that was weaker than Dystra’s bank account. We are moving towards the post Iggy age. Lets get a guy who is young and is a killer and plays great D. Stop going to Gonzo and the beat writers for your opinions and maybe do some research. Maybe you would find out that this kid was a mere second rounder turned first rounder in the past few weeks because he dominated everyone he played against in the past few workouts.
    You would agree with smallwood taking Fab Melo?- I’m guessing there isnt any Richards/Carter or some 18 yr old girl from Pitt news today. Slow news morning for Kyle.

  12. Tommy– did you read this line?
    “Now, if the Sixers have a move up their sleeve, one that will get rid of one of their swing players and land a legitimate big man or a top-flight guard (which neither Turner nor Jrue Holiday are at this point), then we’ll change our tune. For now, though? Why?”

  13. @Kyle Scott- did you read this line and watch to the ESPN broadcast?
    ” Literally 2 seconds after drafting Harkless the radio and ESPN were reporting Iguodala for Rudy Gay trade rumor”
    Obviously they are unloading Iguodala. Which is why when the NATIONAL media talked and stated about how much they loved the picks, they had as a foregone conclusion that Iguodala was being traded.

  14. the sixers and hornets were the big winners on draft night, IMO.
    Peace Iggy, bring on a legit 3 point threat

  15. Now i see why the national rips Philly,and we’re referred to as Negadelphia because all we do as fans is bitch and complain.
    Anybody vouching for Gonzo and that fat slob Smallwood is an idiot,and should stay out of basketball talk.
    I like both picks,and i know most of you were drooling for yet another big white stiff in Zeller but with the upside of Harkless,it was just too good to pass up and we filled our big man need when they made the trade for the athletic double double machine in Moutrie so STFU and support our team our town our 76ERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Kind of an ignorant post.
    You think Thad Young and Iguodala are the same type of player? They don’t even play the same position anymore. Iguodala is a point-forward, wing, or a “3” for the people who think players must only be defined by the 1-5 numbers. Thad is an undersized tweener who played power forward all season long.
    Sure it makes ya wonder why they used their highest pick on a swingman like Harkless, but you named three players who aren’t the same. The closest is Harkless and Thad, but they have two different games. Not to meniton you named a player drafted in 2004, 2007, and 2012. It’s not like the Hawks who drafted swingmen for like 3-4 consecutive seasons.
    Get some facts and come back and see me.

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