Next Phillies Wall of Fame Inductee to be… Mike Lieberthal

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Sweet… I guess? 

To me, Wall of Fames are the sports equivalent of Employee of the Month awards. They’re mild honors for those involved, but mostly something that takes up valuable surface real estate and allows families and friends of the honoree to say things like “loooook, Johnny doesn’t suck at life, he was the best mopper in aisle 12 last month.”

Most thought Curt Schilling would receive that honor from the Phillies this year, but perhaps the way he rubbed people here or recent stories about his 38 Studios virtually shutting down led the team to go in a different direction. For now, at least. 

Anyway, Lieberthal gets the honor. – presses snooze button –


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  1. wow. whose next Kevin Stocker? what a joke and insulting to dutch and kruker….

  2. This current era of winning makes me realize what a bunch of losers those ’01-’06-ish teams were: lieberthal, abreu, vincente padilla, millwood, scott rolen, etc. Just a bunch of underachievers

  3. I’m trying to sell my tickets on stubhub for this game. I think I need to lower the asking price now that they’re putting this Jabroni in over Schill. Like him or not, Schilling was a much better option than Lieberthal. What a joke. Who is next? Geoff Jenkins? Smh

  4. Ugggghhh are you guys serious? His 1999 season was probably the best Phillies season for a catcher ever. He hit 30 bombs, over .300 and won the Gold Glove. Had a couple of other All Star quality years, and parts of his prime were taken away because of injury. Also, the guy had the most HR’s of any Phillies catcher ever. He’s arguably their best at the position of all time. I don’t think that necessarily but a case can be made. He’s DEFINITELY deserving of the induction.

  5. You people are crazy. Dude was a steady performer. Look at the guy’s numbers before shitting all over him.
    Sure, he was on some bad teams, but guys like Kruk were on exactly ONE playoff team w/ the Phils…

  6. I agree with Lenny P. Von Hayes was the first name that came to my mind when I heard about this.

  7. Ricky Otero Next, or maybe Kim Batise or Travis Lee. What a joke that wall has become over the last few selection.

  8. Lieberthal’s career is exactly parallel to that of Shane Victorino’s, in my eyes. Shane just has (had) batters around him.

  9. Disappointing and anticlimactic – it’s actually the perfect choice for this season. With the line up of choices I suspect it actually went to Schilling, but since he pulled a Dykstra they had to go to Plan B. I have tickets for this game so I’m just glad they didn’t pick Fergosi.

  10. Mike Lieberthal back at CBP? Make sure you hide all milk containers away or else his expression will turn it sour.
    But yeah Lieberthal – 4th best Phillies catcher in the last 35 years. Ho-hum.

  11. Really?
    The guy played 12 seasons for the phillies, was brought up through the phillies organization, was an all star multiple times, first catcher to win a Comeback player award, won at least 1 gold glove award, first philly since Luzinski in 1977 to hit 30 homers and bat .300…etc.
    The guy was a life long Philly and I think that is why he gets this honor.
    Most of you idiots are purely looking at guys that played a few seasons and had awesome stats. The award goes beyond just pure numbers folks.
    When its Ruiz time to get this honor half of the people then will cry because his numbers are not out of this world but its what he does behind the plate that means more than anything for this pitching staff. Or everyone will love the idea of putting Chooch on the wall because of what hes doing right now and what he has done in the playoffs. Not Liberthals fault the team didnt make the playoffs.
    Get a clue please…

  12. I always like him. I remember him going out of his way to sign autographs after Red Baron games. He was good with the fans, played with the club most of his career, and was a steady presence in the Phils lineup during some terrible seasons. He might appreciate it, Schill would not. I’d like to go to this game.

  13. Dutch was a career .245 hitter and he’s in there. Pretty low bar. Lieberthal is almost 30 points higher at .274. Dutch sucked balls for the majority of his mediocre, at best, career. People love Dutch because of ’93. Spare me.

  14. The first homo to be inducted into the wall of fame .. Congrats queer

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