Paul Holmgren Refutes Pronger Retirement Rumor

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Known liar Paul Holmgren addressed rumors that Chris Pronger was retiring and moving to St. Louis. Speaking to the Inquirer’s Sam Carchidi yesterday, Holmgren said: []

“There’s no truth to him retiring,” Holmgren said.

Because of an illness in his wife’s family, the Prongers are apparently going to spend some time in St. Louis, Holmgren said.


Holmgren added that Pronger was still experiencing headaches.

The rumor of his retirement popped up on Twitter, when some, like this guy…

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… saw moving trucks outside Pronger’s home in New Jersey. Moving for three months (or whatever some time is) doesn’t usually require a moving truck… but most of us aren’t millionaires and can’t afford to hire one to take Little Johnny’s PS3 and longboard on a comfy ride halfway across this vast expanse known as America.

Anyway, Homer says Pronger is not retiring and we’re not going to speculate further, for now. At some point this summer, an update on Pronger's concussion is going to be needed, though.


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  1. Hart Trophy, Stanley Cup, Olympic Gold winner. 37 years old. Husband and father of 3. Still has headaches from his concussion. Can’t think of a better candidate for retirement.

  2. Pronger is cooked. Snider wants him to retire to collect the insurance $$$.
    BTW I would love to 69 mrs.pronger

  3. His contract kicked in after 35. If he retires his salary officially stays against the cap and the Flyers are screwed. He may never play again but he’ll likely stay on LTIR until his contract is up.

  4. gru33 hit it on the head.
    They can’t let him retire. But he’ll never play again.
    LTIR till he’s 42!

  5. All Pronger has to do is come to training camp and say he’s still having PCS…Flyers can LTIR him every year. Hopefully he agrees to that.

  6. Derrian Hatcher and Mike Rathje did it…
    Just sit at home and collect a nice paycheck…
    Can’t blame him, and they can let him retire as far as I know but then would he lose that money? I think he would just LTIR till his contract is up then walk away.
    Also Holmgren needs to make it seem like hes coming back, if not then teams will know he is done for good and will be able to ask for more from the Flyers because they will be desperate to fill that role.

  7. Dammit Kyle… this site needs an edit option. Anyway, I meant to say, he’ll never play again. I agree with everyone else that LTIR is the best option for the Flyers. Hopefully he goes that route.

  8. Chris Pronger is retired in the same way that Ian Lapierre is retired. Unless the new CBA allows for some amnesty in the case of career ending injuries, Pronger will be on LTIR until his contract expires. His retirement papers wont be submitted until then, so technically speaking Chris Pronger isnt retiring which means in this case Paul Holmgen isn’t lying (the Mayans were right 2012 is the end of the world).

  9. Mr. Lenny,
    You once again have nailed this story. I have heard from reliable sources that Mr. Snider has been pressuring Mr. Pronger to retire for months because he will collect a significant insurance check to be used to remodel a portion of his Malibu beach house. This should be investigated by the proper authorities.
    All anyone above is focused on is the hockey team, where is the focus on the man’s livelihood. He has been suffering from a life altering brain injury since October that was caused by the team’s inadequate equipment. He is forced to sit in a dark room within the confines of his house on a daily basis and is watching as his children’s lives slip by him. The thought of what he suffers through on a daily basis really kills a part of me inside. We need to stand up and put a stop to this before there are thousands of players suffering through the same tragedy. As a community our voice must be heard.

  10. Than you! You always put everything into perspective, with your feeling/knowingly of the way Snider operates. Eddie”I’ll never call Mr.” Snider doesn’t care about the well being of his players. He just thinks what can you do for me & my bank roll.

  11. Edward Murphy will lead a revolution against Eddie Snyder and his kind this summer. EDWARD MURPHY 2012!

  12. It’s a shame that we can’t treat these players with the respect and privacy they deserve. Pronger has a great career behind him and his whole life in front of him that may or may not include playing hockey. The CBA has a crazy rules around cap dollars so the team needs to maintain a certain public opinion on the situation for obvious reasons. Holmgren isn’t telling a bald face lie. He’s simply making the best decision for the team. What, do you expect him to come out and give a 30 minute explanation on the situation and call a press conference to announce that Pronger is not retring? The fact is that as is defined by the CBA, Pronger is not retiring. So there. End of story as it relates to the subject of him “retiring”.

  13. Easy Ed Murphy the loser is at it again. Murph, you are so out of touch with this equipment situation. Pronger didn’t get hurt due to equipment issues. He got hit in the face with another player’s stick.
    You clearly don’t know the game.
    And again, who cares if these guys get hurt. Pronger has likely made well over $250 million in his career with endorsements and salary. He is so rich who cares if he gets a headache every so often. I think you overstate these injuries.
    And I’d love to know who your sources are that provide you with all of your bullshit information. I can guarantee its all bullshit, at least that’s what my sources say.
    Please do us all a favor and leave this site. Go to another site.

  14. wow some of you are real idiots. he can’t retire unless there’s a new clause written into the new CBA b/c his 35+ contract will still count on the books every year it has left. dopes.

  15. Mr. Merschen,
    I know we have discussed this multiple times, the name is Edward Murphy not Eddie or Murph. It seems to me that anymore your entire purpose on this website is to berate me. I wish we could find a way to triage your anger into a positive and watch as you become a model citizen.
    Allow me to educate you for a minute on the issue of equipment with respect to Mr. Pronger and concussions if you will.
    During incident 1, Mr. Pronger was struck in the face by a stick as you correctly assessed. However, what you failed to mention is that he was not wearing a cage let alone a visor at the requirement of the team. I will have you know that I have it on good authority that the team specifically demanded that he refrain from using facial protection. Secondly, do you understand the velocity that these players can swing these sticks (weapons)? Clearly, you do not. Third, he was wearing a mouth piece, provided by the team, that is not certified to assist in protecting the jaw, teeth or brain in any way shape or form. They are cheap, rubber. Finally, you fail to mention that the cheap helmet that he was provided with could not help with the jolt that his brain sustained from the whipping effect of the contact made by the stick.
    You also, conveniently, fail to mention incident number two. When Mr. Pronger was violently driven into the boards/glass face first. This is exactly where adequate safeguards could have been made to prevent further damage. The cheap,plastic helmet that he was wearing did nothing to mitigate the hit.
    I am not OVERSTATING ANYTHING. How many more players who commit the heinous act of suicide as a direct result of their brain injuring concussion is it going to take for you to wake up. The list grows and grows every day and has reached epidemic proportions. Concussions lead to dementia which leads to death.
    As far as sources, what I can tell you is that both myeslf and my team have spent countless hours/months researching every topic prior to posting/fighting. We dig until no stone is left unturned. For example, I will have you know that Mr. Lenny came to me 3 months ago with detailed evidence that Mr. Snider was trying to collect the insurance money and that we corroborated his evidence with countless sources. He is someone that you should envy. Additionally, we have insiders within the NHL, Flyers, Medical world, equipment makers and Philadelphia Phillies that we are constantly consulting with.
    You, my friend, are the one that is out of touch.

  16. OK morons, here is the REAL deal. The cap hit, and how long Pronger keeps getting paid are two separate matters that are really not related to one another.
    Cap: No matter what, Pronger stays on the cap. If he retires, goes on LTIR, or just does nothing, the Flyers are going to have to account for the cap hit somewhere, because Pronger was foolishly given an extension, just days AFTER turning 35. Good work on that one Homey.
    Money: Why the FUCK would you retire if you were Pronger? I mean he is “retired”, but in the NHL, if you officially retire, you stop getting paid. He is owed $20 mil over the next few years. Fuck that shit, he is owed that money, its the Flyers fucking fault for giving a player who is almost 40 that kind of contract to begin with.

  17. Mr. Chirp, it is quite simple, just attend our next rally. Welcome aboard! We are happy to add an individual like yourself that clearly has a strong passion and knowledge of the game.

  18. I can tell from previous posts,Chirp doesn’t have the passion to go against the evil Eddie Snider. He’s team Mr. Snider through & through

  19. Edward Murphy, give up this ridiculous schtick! It’s not funny and never was yo. Get out of the basement and try to contribute something substantial to society instead of constantly babbling on about nonsensical issues. If it were up to you and you’re ridiculous “character beliefs” hockey would be played on grass with a foam ball and short club like poles warpped with packing bubbles. Edward Murphy is, and always has been, cooked! Yo

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