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Earlier this year, I described to you all the reasons why, from a relative distance, Union manager Peter Nowak appeared to be an asshole.

We have a new one. Maybe.

In a report in the Edinburgh Evening News, likely written by this guy…. 

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… Nowak’s name was given as one of two men who submitted their resumes for an open managerial position with Hearts of the Scottish Premier League.

An excerpt, from Edinburgh: [I’d advise reading it while leaning back in your chair, swirling an expensive drink, and puffing on a pipe as you marvel at the ornate fixtures on your desk. Or just while staring down at your iPad in the shitter, like I just did.]

HEARTS director Sergejus Fedotovas today revealed the criteria for the club’s new manager as two experienced European coaches put their names forward for the vacancy. Ukrainian Oleg Protasov and Poland’s Piotr Nowak have both submitted CVs to Tynecastle in the hope of succeeding Paulo Sergio, who rejected a new contract offer from Hearts on Thursday evening.

Nowak is currently head coach of Philadelphia Union in the United States. He is 47 and has managed DC United and worked as an assistant coach with the USA national team. He speaks Polish, English, German, Russian and Turkish, and was twice named manager of the year in the United States.


Piotr is stuffy for Peter.

As you can see, Nowak may be quite qualified for the job… the problem is he still manages the Union, the local MLS team that just purged all of its identifiable stars for no apparent reason.

Speaking to local soccer writers, Nowak called the report “absolutely false.” But I’m not sure I believe that. What is he supposed to say, Yep, fuck this MLS shit, going to Scotland. They wear nice coats there? That wouldn’t work.

Perhaps Nowak applying for another job wouldn’t be that big of a deal had the Union not started the season 2-7-2 and just sold off yet another major player. But they did. So now it looks like Nowak (and Co.) helped to build up and tear down a new organization in the span of three years, and now wants to flee.

I’m sure this story will unfold further in the coming days, almost as sure as I am that a few people are going to bitch about a soccer post in the comments.

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