Phillies Tickets Now More Than 50% Below Face Value, and You Can Get Them Right Here

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Throughout the winter, our friends from TiqIQ and ScoreBig brought you INSANE deals on extra-inventoried Flyers and Sixers tickets. In some cases, first level seats were available for 50% below face value, allowing many to sit in the most expensive seats in the house for reasonable prices.

Well, our favorite ticket partners are back, and this time they have those very same deals on Phillies tickets.

Thanks to the Fightins dropping 90 of their last 91 games (a guesstimate), demand for tickets has waned. But summer starts this week, and with that comes all the joys of sitting at the ballpark, drinking frosty beverages, and yelling CHOOOOOOCH. And we’ll help you do it for wayyy below face value.

Check this out:

Rockies @ Phillies on 6/19: Save 20% and offer $38 for 3-star seats (list price $47).

Rockies @ Phillies on 6/20: Save 38% and offer $51 for 5-star seats (list price $82).

Rockies @ Phillies on 6/21: Save 36% and offer $24 for 2-star seats (list price $38). 

Some now available for more than 50% below face value. 

Here’s how it works: ScoreBig is sort of like Hotwire for sports tickets. Extra inventory needs to be sold at the last minute, often at prices that are way below face value and too low to be advertised. This means you can select the number of seats you want, where you'd like to sit, and the dollar amount you’d be willing to pay. If your offer is accepted, the tickets are yours.

Sounds good, right? 


ScoreBig is extremely reputable. We’ve worked with them before and have received nothing but outstanding feedback. There are no fees or shipping costs on tickets– just the price you want to pay.

So support our advertisers (and your favorite blog) by checking out the deals at this must-click link. Even if you don’t want to go to the Phillies this week, there are plenty of deals on other local sports and concert events.

Make your offer right here:

Full disclosure: Yes, TiqIQ and ScoreBig are advertising partners. But we've received great feedback on these deals. They are 100% legitimate– no strings, no bullshit. Just great tickets and great prices.

[If you are asked for an invite code, enter: crossingbroad]

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4 Responses

  1. Kyle
    Love the site and think you do a good job
    But why do you gouge with fees on your tickets? You get 10% on every sale! Does not seem right

  2. Chris, no fees on the tickets linked to above. No shipping costs, no fees.
    Others, on more traditional offers, come from StubHub, etc. Trust me, they’re not our fees. You’ll pay them anywhere.
    And we don’t get 10% from every sale…

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