Photo and Video Roundup of Shane Victorino’s Fashion Show, and a “Bulging” Cole Hamels in Capri Pants

Screen Shot 2012-06-19 at 8.47.46 AMPhoto: MyPHL17– their gallery wins the evening

Sadly, this is the most exciting thing to happen to the Phillies in the last two weeks. 

Here now, a full roundup and full video of Shane Victorino’s annual fashion show.

– Victorino’s Foundation’s Facebook page has 27 cell phone pics from the runway and backstage. Did they get an embarrassing shot of Cole Hamels? They did. [Facebook

Screen Shot 2012-06-19 at 8.55.15 AM

Very important update here: A CB reader, who spent some time backstage last night, tells us that the "bulge" you see on Hamels is actually a sock, which he stuffed down his pants for comedic effect. More details here.

– has 21 hi-res shots. Did they get an embarrassing one of Cole Hamels? They did. []

Screen Shot 2012-06-19 at 8.45.21 AM 

– MyPHL17 has the best gallery. 46 photos. Did they get an embarrassing shot of Cole Hamels? Oh, they got several. [MyPHL17]

Screen Shot 2012-06-19 at 8.47.13 AM
Screen Shot 2012-06-19 at 8.47.13 AM

– Metro Philly has five photos. But did they get an embarrassing shot of Cole Hamels? They did. [Metro]

Screen Shot 2012-06-19 at 8.59.06 AM

– Dan Gross of has 88 photos. Did he manage to get an embarrassing shot of Cole Hamels? He did. []

Screen Shot 2012-06-19 at 9.01.14 AM

– 6 ABC has 55 screen grabs and NBC 10 has 14. Apparently, 6 and 10 just mailed it in. [6 ABC] [NBC 10]

– Finally, CSN has full video – 27 minutes – of the event, which you can watch after the jump. And yes, they have video of Cole Hamels embarrassing himself.


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  1. I find the presence of Ty Wigginton both on this team and in this fashion show to be infinitely more embarrassing.

  2. I feel like this is weak. I generally liked the content here for a while, but some of this shit is starting to reach way too much. I’m not trying to say that athletes go online and give credence to what any blogs say about them but here is one of the most popular sports blogs in the city and its morning headline is.. Did the, World Series MVP, current and only stud of our staff, only home grown ace/ guy that we’re trying to re-sign… Embarras himself by having a great time and not taking himself too seriously at a charity event? On one hand, we’d like to kill a guy for being way too uptight and not giving the fans anything, but here is a guy just playing to the cameras and having a great time and the headline once again is if he embarassed himself. I know its been slow with all the other sports and the Phils sucks not but cmon. Shits weak.
    At least you mentioned that the Eagles signed their 1st round draft choice… oh wait


  4. ha! I laughed a lot as a kid. Just feel like the richards/carter love fest & cole is gay shit is old at this point.

  5. @Philly Phuck – so Bryce IS gay, thanks for the confirmation, ya moron. Go stick another finger in your ass ya dandelion!
    I kinda (55%) agree with Kurt, but at same point, isnt the post also having fun with the event and in a not-as-harsh-as-it-could-be way? I think its a mixed bag at this point.
    Cole is a guy we should retain, as his age and progression lead to continued success for the next several years, but we can have a chuckle with our local athletes cant we?

  6. Hey rather than harping on how gay you think Cole is why don’t you play the video of Jen Utley dancing with me…

  7. 100% agreed with Kurt. This shit is lame. Cole was doing it for charity, for god’s sake.
    Besides, the fact that the Crossing Broad chose to focus on Cole Hamels wearing capris (gasp!) and not Jen Utley, Nix’s wife, Stephanie Kendrick, Melissa Victorino, etc… maybe that says something about Crossing Broad. Just sayin’.

  8. This blog came up when the Phillies were the hottest thing around and dudes with popped collars were filling the stands, now it’ll revert to Negadelphia tmz media. Either way Kyle gets clicks.

  9. Aaron, I’m in the same boat. Its not that harsh but again, just feel like its on the reaching side. Like teh Phanatic said, I would have much rather seen the lead off of Jen Utley shaking her ass with a note about cole having a “fabulous” time or something to the effect, than showing 5 different photos of the guy “embarrasing” himself. Again, just my opinion. But seriously, where is Jen Utley, no mention at all..?

  10. I like that Wigginton nearly fell off the runway at the end, indicative of his ability to stay on base.

  11. It is all tongue in cheek and having a good time while making fun of yourself. Everyone said this last year about Cole. Cole is gay is WAY old at this point. It’s men poking fun at the runway models and I don’t think you would find these clothes in any of these guys’ closets. I think Cole is hilarious with a great sense of humor. I can’t imagine what passes for fun for most of these people that they can’t appreciate a farce when they see one.

  12. I think what makes this post stand out is that there’s not much else worth reading right now. I’m used to seeing these posts thrown in here and tend not to give them much of a glance because the other articles are more interesting. A fashion show post or Carter/Richards post thrown in here or there is fine, but now it’s the bulk of the content.
    The main reason for this is the lack of things to be excited about right now. Phils are slumping hard, still pretty early to talk about the Eagles, and Flyers/Sixers are done.
    However, I think last year Kyle would have made a better effort to get some good stories on here. Personally I would like to have a comprehensive report on Utley’s rehab. (I know it’s been done earlier but now he’s got a timetable and played his first game at second last night) I would love to see video of him playing 2nd along with an analysis of his mobility.
    Also, I’m hoping there’s chatter on a possible Thome trade. That would make for a good story, I think.

  13. New headline: Kyle sucks and has right out of things to blog about….everyone jump ship to the next new and up coming blog!!!!


  15. Since I never read long responses – to summarize above:
    1. How about a story on Utley’s first game at 2nd last night? (It’s really the only thing we can look forward to right now)
    2. How about a story on Thome trade rumors? (You can talk about trading other guys all day, but Thome is the one that I think HAS to happen)

  16. No, I don’t think Cole embarrassed himself at all. Looks like he is just enoying himself at a charity event and playing to the cameras since this is a fashion show.
    You know what has been embarrassing lately? Your blog. Sorry but it’s true. I stopped listening to sports talk radio in this city because of how negative it is all the time and now I feel like your blog has become the reading equivalent.
    p.s. Hamels is probably the only guy on the team that can wear capri pants and not look homosexual.

  17. I bet Kyle was jizzing his pants all night waiting for pictures from this. This is his wheelhouse…his bread in butter, if you will.

  18. We’re fucking joking around, guys. Relax. And if you want analysis of Chase Utley’s mobility or the Eagles signing a draft pick, go elsewhere. That’s not what we do. Never have. Never will.

  19. If anybody looks like a goofball, it’s Papelbon. That guys scares me. All in all it looks like everyone had a great time and might be what they need to take a short break from this disappointing season.

  20. Oh… Mrs. Utley, you little minx in black leather. You must be lonely right now. If you’re reading this, I drive a mazda and I’d love to take you to Chili’s sometime.

  21. ppl need to chill on all the hate “Philly’s most irreverent sports blog”. Get all your serious shit elsewhere

  22. It’s sad that this is the last gay fashion show with all of them together.

  23. Hey, haters… Whether you like the Phillies or not, or think they are good or not, how can you rip on a charity event?

  24. Easily. Acting like a dope for charity is still acting like a dope. And I love the Phils; which is why they piss me off so badly right now.
    And I’d like to know more about that charity. Most athlete’s charities exist to funnel contract money to family members at low tax rate(which is fine w me). I assume that all of the proceeds from this show actually go to charity.

  25. This BLOG fucking BLOWS!!!!
    Can you believe since that big Dom Brown piece, all you got is this? Are you fucking serious?
    What’s next next, an update full of Tweets from the Jerry Sandusky trial?
    Penn State isn’t even Philly, Douche Bag!!!

  26. Kyle, by reading the majority of haters above, it seems like sarcasm has officially died in Philadelphia…..
    Come on, its a joke, its funny stuff, just let it go…..hell if I was an athlete and did read any of these posts and the ensuing comments, I would laugh all the way to the bank, life has no value if you cant laugh, poke fun, and toss a little shock value into a home grown free blog……
    Kyle just keep doing what you do…..

  27. Çole is a white guy. He got dressed backstage with several mandingos and obviously felt a bit ashamed. Trust me boys, if Mayberry used his cock as a bat he could bunt a grandslam.

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