Real Tough Phils Resort to Fake Tough Tactics

Screen Shot 2012-06-13 at 8.12.35 AMPic via CSN's Jim Salisbury

Some Phillies took the field yesterday wearing specially made t-shirts with the words Fake Tough surrounding the Liberty Bell. 

The shirt, which makes fun of Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo calling Cole Hamels “fake tough” for intentionally hitting Bryce Harper, is meant to be a joke. 

We think. 

Wait, why’d the music stop?

What’s that, Scoob? A last place team wearing fake tough t-shirts isn’t funny because it’s actually kind of sad and a bit true? Crap! Does this mean the Phillies wearing high socks was also a fruitless effort to lighten the mood and reverse their luck? 

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Our fashion editor Dan Fuller certainly thinks so:

Screen Shot 2012-06-13 at 8.22.58 AM 

The socks and the shirt, by themselves, are good looks. I love the high socks– think they should be required in baseball. The t-shirt is pretty funny, too… if the Phillies were playing the Nationals… and if the Nationals weren’t NINE AND A HALF GAMES AHEAD OF THEM!!

I’m yelling now (!!!).

That’s like the 2008 Mets beginning the season with Team to Beat Nike Dry-FIT undershirts. Doesn’t work. Can’t do it. Can’t poke fun at the team running away with the division. Like, how embarrassing can this season get? Just in the last week, Freddy Galvis broke his fucking back, the Phanatic got sued, and now the team’s self-awareness has completely eroded away.

Unless, of course, this is just gallows humor. In which case– carry on, Phillies.


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  1. Its sad that it took JV GM Ruben Amaro jr 3 years to destroy this team. With him and Ed wade running things , the Sillies are back 🙁

  2. They need Chase to come back and make that baseball bat budda again a la 2010- to get them out of their rut.

  3. You all do realize that the high sock thing was in honor of Jim Thome being back in Minnesota right? …it was not a slump busting effort

  4. ..What did Sarge say? I didn’t hear because I have taken to muting the sound on Phil’s broadcasts….

  5. maybe the effing pitchers should have joined in the high sock brigade, 7 runs should be enough to get even KK & Joe Savery a win.. i hate this team

  6. If you WATCH the games, you would KNOW they were doing it for GENTLEMAN JIM, You….MORON, DOPE, NITWIT!!!!

  7. It’s not over ‘til it’s over. It’s June 13. 99 games to play. Cardinals: 9.5 GAMES BACK on SEPTEMBER 6, 2012. They won the 2012 World Series. Everybody relaaaaaaaax. Plenty of time to turn this thing around.

  8. how about rollins actually hitting the ball? that was refreshing. i bet it wont last though

  9. @realistic optimism, Id be on board with you if Utley, Howard, and Doc were all back. Can you really be that mad? Is the Yankees lost Sabathia, Texiera, and Cano… where would they be??

  10. @Matt would you have labeled the Cardinals fans’ optimism with 25 games to play in the same deficit as us right now as unrealistic? Yes, absolutely unlikely, but pretty sure winning a world series is real. Very real. We have 4 times the amount of games left to overcome the deficit they did. Forget about the Phils 7.5 back with 17 to go? Your memory is faded and selective.
    @Snow Balls – no, can’t be mad and shouldn’t feel sorry for them. Need pieces back absolutely, and they will be getting them soon – there’s 99 games left!!

  11. 2006 No Playoffs
    2007 WC Loss
    2008 WS Win
    2009 WS Loss
    2010 NLCS Loss
    2011 NLDS Loss
    2012 WC? looking doubtful
    I’ll be in the nose bleeds drunk looking to fight under the jumbo tron ala the old days at the vet.. i’m ready for another 14 year spell in the basement.. these young kids need to learn what it’s like to have to watch a shitty team so they can go through what a lot of us went through from 93 – 07

  12. The “new generation” Phillies fans have been spoiled over these past 6 years, and do not know how to take losing. They expect to win, which is great, we all should, but when we lose, they abandon ship and rip our team. This goes back to the fact that kids these days are arrogant, feel entitled, and have a sense of pride. What happened to humbleness, humility, and grace? But hey, what do I know, I’m just a 24-year-old wise beyond his years…

  13. @ realistic optimism
    Not sure why you say my memory is selective and faded. My comment had more to do with future expectations based on current performance and overall vibes of this season. #1 stud pitcher hurt and losing his stuff, #2 stud pitcher winless in mid-June, #3 stud pitcher’s future with team unsure, both star offensive players aged and injured, resigned old shortstop hitting .250 with a .300 obp… this isn’t a good season and doesn’t look like it’s in the mix for the kind of late season comeback you’re describing. In my opinion, of course.

  14. @ matt you may think you’re being realistic but you’re just being pessimistic with a dash of possible realism. Wait until Chase, Ryan, and Roy come back before you judge them. Roy was pitching with an injury, not “losing his stuff”. Cliff is winless but still pitching great for the most part – again, long season, his luck will change. Cole is an ace and all we can worry about is this year. Who knows, maybe they ring of 22 of 30 before the Summer Classic and get back to the pack. Can we then trade Dom Brown for a bat? Maybe Carlos Quentin? Without a doubt. All in all, “that’s why they play the game”. Sit back and watch how it plays out, don’t quit and call a comeback unrealistic

  15. they wear high socks every game. they just roll their pants up to show their knee high socks

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