Report: Jagr Will Become a Free Agent

This is not surprising, but is a mild shift from what Jaromir Jagr's agent told CSN Philly earlier this month– that the two sides were working on a deal and looking to get something done before the draft.

Of course, Jagr's agent could just be posturing by saying his client wants to be a free agent…

I'll let reader Joe sum up my feeling on the issue:

We all liked Jagr, but he hit a wall in March.


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  1. per my sources he was never going to be resigned by Homer & Eddie Snider anyway. Snider didn’t like how he was a non factor in the NJ series.

  2. The guy has played for what amounts to 2-3 normal length NHL careers. I wish him the best. He did nothing but make the Flyers better by being a fine example of what hard work can accomplish. Later Jag’s! You are the man.

  3. guys jarmir jagr is a legdedn i lvoe him as a friend and hokey palyer. i wil ltel lhim he is loved here in city of love from bortthgers

  4. Jagr was a great addition this year but clearly lost steam by the second round. If it can be done cheaply, I would love to see him back next year with fewer minutes. Otherwise, let him go.

  5. Sucks, he didn’t lose any more steam in 2nd round than did the rest of the team.
    Plus he’s a beast in NHL 2012.

  6. Reader Joe is right, I love Jags and I know Roo and Hartsy loved having him on the top line but I think Voracek would look dandy on that line.

  7. Ed Snider doesn’t care about winning a cup, just putting green in his pockets

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