Rob Zombie is Reportedly Writing, Directing and Producing a Movie About the Broad Street Bullies

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It’s fitting that a Broad Street Bullies movie would be produced by Rob Zombie. Not Steven Spielberg or Christopher Nolan or Michael Bay or even Mel Gibson. But Rob Zombie. 

Rob Zombie.

Rob Zombie will write, direct and produce Broad Street Bullies, a film about the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team that evolved from a cellar dwelling expansion team into a team that racked up victories and penalty minutes in equal measure during the 70s. Zombie, known for his head-banging music before transitioning to genre films like House of1000 Corpses and Halloween, is making a departure with this film, sort of, because the Flyers brutal style of play is genre-worthy and has the makings for a hockey film on the order of the 1977 sports film classic Slap Shot.


This is real. Not a joke. Not satire. Actually happening, according to the site.

Filming will begin soon, the article says, but there are no details given about who will star in the movie. We do have this, though– Zombie’s vision of Rocky meets Boogie Nights: 

Zombie got the rights to the team’s story, and has the full support of the Flyers organization. He likened the tone of the tale to Rocky meets Boogie Nights on ice. “Each character involved is more outrageous than the next,” Zombie said. “The backdrop of the turbulent year of 1974 is perfect for this ‘stranger than fiction’ sports tale.”


I can just see it now: Don Saleski running through the streets of Philadelphia with his crazy hair and great big cock, punching meat. And perhaps it’s fitting that Zombie would reference Boogie Nights, since it’s a near guarantee that Mark Wahlberg will be in the movie. Movies aren’t made in Philly without the express written consent of the Wahlberg. 

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Finally, we have a quote from Bobby Clarke about the great Rob Zombie:

Former Flyers great and team senior vice president Clarke is appropriately stoked. “The great Rob Zombie making a drama feature film about the Broad Street Bullies is exciting and thrilling for all of us! I look forward to seeing it.”


I’m completely speechless. There’s no way that Clarke, whose daughter is writing a book about the personal lives of past and present Flyers (due out in November), even knew who Rob Zombie was before some hipster film writer called him asking for a quote. No chance, eh.

Anyway, we’re taking votes on casting for the movie in the comments. Look for a post on that soon.

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  1. I can only imagine the $$$ cut Eddie Snider wants from Rob Zombie to make this movie. Eddie will prob take credit for the movie too. Pussy

  2. Well we can bank Zombie’s wife, her bare ass and her minimal acting ability being in the movie.

  3. Could’ve been a movie about the 2012 Flyers if we kept Richards and Carter! #FireAndy #FireAmaro #WeNeedAGoalie #TradeIggy #LeTouxWho?

  4. Let’s get the case of Mighty Ducks to play some of the guys…Goldberg is Bernie because that is what they were going for in the movie, Gordon Bombay can still be the coach or maybe get Jan if he is still alive…Dean Portman is Moose, Fulton Reed is The Hammer, Charlie Conway is Bobby Clarke, Adam Banks will be Reggie Leach and Averman can be Doernhoffer…the only problem is figuring out who the girls and home boys will play.

  5. How about your give Dan Gross credit for reporting this a day before you did? Step up your game man, it’s getting easier to see why people are hating your blog more and more

  6. what twits write for The Flyers were never cellar dwellars – they were always near the top of the standings because only the Blackhawks and all the new teams were in the division/conference.
    They were competitive from Day One!!!

  7. Vince Vauhn as Shultz? He’s got the size and all you need is the fucking sweet stache.
    Maybe Steve Zauhn as Bobby Clarke?
    This movie sounds awesome. I hope its rated R for scenes at Rexy’s and other obvious reasons.

  8. Hockey is for faggots. Who cares about a sport that is barely bigger than soccer.

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