Roy Halladay Injury Update

The Phillies organized a press conference for Roy Halladay address his injury. In a departure from the norm, the presser was not outside, behind the stadium, ‘neath palm trees. Or in a parking garage with a guy called “Deep Count.” It was inside, in the media room. And here’s what was said.

– A second opinion confirmed the original diagnosis of a lat strain.

– Halladay only had pain while throwing. He will not test the injury to see if there’s pain for another three weeks, at which point he’ll begin throwing again. The original 6-8 week timeframe remains.

– Trainer Scott Sheridan said that MRIs reveal almost no change in Halladay’s rotator cuff between the time he signed here and now. 

– Halladay admitted that his velocity, at times, had been down a bit this year.

– He said that taking time to heal his injury now could prevent a longer process later (somewhere, young Chase Utley should take notes).

– His goal is to finish his career with the Phillies.

Status quo.

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  1. Another ball busting loss last night. This team needs some heart. NO come from behind wins this year? That used to be our fortay (sp). You can leave in the 7th inning if they are losing until they prove otherwise.

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