Ruben Amaro in Clearwater to Observe Chase Utley

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 4.44.20 PMPic via CSN's Marshall Harris

Today begins the heightened Chase Utley watch, where, in the absence of anything more interesting going on right now, local media outlets send reports to Clearwater to catch a glimpse of Mr. Utley, who will begin an up-to 20-day rehab stint with single-A Clearwater today.

But not just the media is on hand. One Mr. Ruben Amaro – The Big Poker himself (!!!) – is in attendance, watching intently, and wearing a purple shirt, as the Utley takes BP.

That’s it, actually. There’s not more to that story– I just liked Amaro’s polo. Chase is batting third tonight.

I guess this is what summer is like with a last place baseball team. Shiiiit.

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