Something Went Awry in the “Vote For Chooch” Campaign

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MLB announced leaders of All-Star voting today, and Carlos Ruiz currently ranks 4th among catchers in the National League. He's batting .368, which would lead the league if he had enough at-bats to qualify. 

Fix this. #VoteForChooch

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14 Responses

  1. People just pick names they recognize. what a joke. I bet Howard and Utley got a decent number of votes even tho they havent played an inning yet!

  2. IMO fans should be stripped of the right to vote for allstars, they constantly get it wrong. Or atleast fan votes should only count as 1/3 of a voting process or something along those lines.
    Chooch’s offensive numbers are identical in HR’s and RBI’s to Molina’s with less at bats. Do the right thing and vote this guy in as a starter.

  3. as a season ticket holder i dont think the stadium is doing a good job at handing out and collecting ballots this year as compared to years past. last few years the ushers would hand you ballots when you would go to your seats then collect them. this year you have to go get them your self and then track someone down to hand it to.

  4. ^ And, judging from the articles the author of that ‘guide’ posted in the past, he’d be the one to know.

  5. Pretty sure that douchiest bar list is ranked in order of how many times the author of that article has been rejected at said bars. I mean, Jesus.
    “I’m so hipster, I’m so cool, I’m gonna call every popular bar in Philly douchey and put it on the interwebz.”

  6. Is anyone really surprised about this? It’s all about popularity, always has been, stats don’t mean a damn thing. Chooch could be batting .500 and he’d STILL be trailing Molina, Posey and McCann. Not worth getting upset over.

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