The Funny Thing About Freddy Galvis’ Back, Jules



The Phillies said last night that Galvis, who was placed on the 15-day DL on Wednesday after he appeared to have pulled a muscle swinging, may have a pars fracture in his back. He will get a second opinion next week, but Phillies assistant GM Scott Proefock doesn’t seem too positive: [Zo Zone]

“It’s serious,” Phillies assistant general manager Scott Proefrock said. “From what I understand, it’s a minimum of at least six weeks in a brace.” 


A pars fracture, according to the intertubes, is a small crack in the lower portion of the spine. []

This is usually caused from excessive or repeated strain to the area of the spinal column called the pars interarticularis, and it is sometimes referred to as a pars defect when fractured through this portion of the spinal column.

 In athletes, this type of injury can be seen when the back is bent backwards repeatedly, in activities such as gymnastics, karate, and football. Specifically, this is common in offensive and defensive linemen.


Or 22-year-old second basemen.

Calling Chase Utley. Calling Mr. Utley. You’re wanted at the 4-position. Mr. Utley, wanted at the 4-position.


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  1. Our guys need to drink some more milk or something… these injuries are ridiculous!!

  2. Ruben Amaro Jr classifies this type of injury as “general back soreness.” Also per Amaro: Ryan Howard is suffering from “Achilles soreness.” Chase Utley has “Knee ouchies” etc…

  3. Sounds like Seth and Evan are mad bout somethin! You tell Kyle to grow up yet here you are trolling his sports blog. I believe you sir… Are a hypocrite

  4. The funny thing is…inbetween Seth and Evan giving each other reach arounds they still come to the site to talk smack on what is one of phillys best sports long as you have haters you have an audience..keep up the good work Kyle!

  5. I don’t understand why it’s taboo with you morons to voice your opinion about something, especially if your opinion has changed from a positive to a negative one. The state of this blog has gone downhill. I still check it for some of the nonsensy stuff that he compiles from other media, but overall between the constant kindergarten humor, Cliff Lee dick/piss jokes, and this old repeated Oswalt turned Gavlis back joke, it’s getting redundant and boring. I do come here and occasionally see some things I haven’t yet elsewhere, and even enjoy an article (never the uniforms ones, just ditch those if you haven’t already), and that’s why I continue to, but it’s not happening very much anymore.
    You say he’s wasting his time complaining, and that’s valid. Hell, I just wasted my time. You’re wasting your time fanboying what is slowly becoming the Nickleback of Philly Sports blogs. We’re all wasting time, on a website.

  6. As for the news in this article, this sucks. Galvis has been one of the few bright spots in watching the Phillies this year for me, and hearing he has a back injury this early in his career is disappointing. Hopefully Martinez can step up, while we all await Utley with our unrealistic expectations of him saving this team.

  7. I liked this blog at one time too, but it is very evident that he only reports negative news. This is not trolling this is fact. Where was the morning wood this morning? The Phillies won last night, but the only thing he posts is about the Galvis injury.
    He also doesn’t listen to his readers, where the majority are sick of Mike Richards news, Jeff Carter news, whining about the Nationals, whining about Pittsburgh etc. etc. Yes I know I don’t have to read it or visit the site, but I loved this site in the beginning, and I keep coming on hoping it will return to the funny, relevant blog it once once, but I guess its time to move on.

  8. Most of you think that criticizing Kyle is trolling. Most of us liked this blog at one point. But now it is evident he is in autopilot when he has no right to. He has taken the drug dealing approach to blogging: Start with good material to build up a customer base then water down your posts once you’re established. Lately he has done zero original material other than mentioning he bought a house 70 times. I love how he inflates his stats on the advertise with us page. You choose April which had Phils opening day and sixers and flyers playoffs. How much readership you getting now? Impressions are a useless stat too. If someone buys 1 newspaper, do they count 50 sales if he turns every page?

  9. Meanwhile, regarding more important issues which everyone is ignoring in favor of senseless whining, watching Mike Fontenot botch another ground ball today makes me long for Freddy who had been one of the few bright spots of this up and down (mostly down) season. We can only hope Freddy will be back soon.

  10. Don’t like the blog, don’t read it pussies. What’s so hard about that.
    Fucking fightins

  11. The Phillies don’t have all season to “right the ship” – they have until mid-July. At that point if they’re still 7 games out or more (and they will be without Doc) they’ll have to make a decision to become sellers.

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