The Phillies said last night that Galvis, who was placed on the 15-day DL on Wednesday after he appeared to have pulled a muscle swinging, may have a pars fracture in his back. He will get a second opinion next week, but Phillies assistant GM Scott Proefock doesn’t seem too positive: [Zo Zone]

“It’s serious,” Phillies assistant general manager Scott Proefrock said. “From what I understand, it’s a minimum of at least six weeks in a brace.” 


A pars fracture, according to the intertubes, is a small crack in the lower portion of the spine. []

This is usually caused from excessive or repeated strain to the area of the spinal column called the pars interarticularis, and it is sometimes referred to as a pars defect when fractured through this portion of the spinal column.

 In athletes, this type of injury can be seen when the back is bent backwards repeatedly, in activities such as gymnastics, karate, and football. Specifically, this is common in offensive and defensive linemen.


Or 22-year-old second basemen.

Calling Chase Utley. Calling Mr. Utley. You’re wanted at the 4-position. Mr. Utley, wanted at the 4-position.