The Phillies are Getting the Band Back Together! (?)

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Help is on the way!


Probably not, actually. But there are updates today, and for fuck's sake, we're going to give them to you.

Last night during the Phillies’ broadcast, Gary Matthews said, “Jim Thome isn’t a guy who wants to embarrass himself.” Well, the Phillies second biggest offseason acquisition will have a chance to not embarrass himself tonight, when he returns to the Phillies. Pete Orr and his chess game were optioned to triple-A. 

CHASE UTLEY HIT A HOME RUN TODAY. It was in second in two games, in fact. Both he and Ryan Howard played in an extended spring training game in Clearwater. Since those games essentially don’t have rules, Howard led off six different innings and Utley also batted six times. Utley was 2-5 with a double and home run. He also walked. Howard was 2-4 with two singles and two walks. 

CSN’s Jim Salisbury provides some more color: [CSN Philly

Neither player was available to reporters, but their body language spoke positively. Both players moved well. They smiled easily around the dugout. After blooping a single over shortstop in the third inning, Howard returned to the dugout and said, “I’ll take it.”

 All of the players’ at-bats came against left-handed pitching.



More: It may be time to call up Domonic Brown, Zoo With Roy has video of the bomb he hit in Lehigh Valley yesterday. His dickish bat flip almost incited a fracas. 

MORE: Following a report yesterday in which a second opinion confirmed the initial diagnosis on Roy Halladay’s lat, the pitcher will speak to reporters today at 3:55 p.m. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad yet. We'll have the video here.


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  1. Bring dom up. What is the worst that happens? We fall to last place and our offense sucks? “It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you are free to do anything”. WWTD RAJ?

  2. Dommie seems to have his shit together… I’d not mind seeing him get one more shot. Then again, I’d not mind seeing him traded now while you can get as much as possible for him… It scares me how he’s faltered every time he’s been brought up. I think they ruined him when they stuck him on the bench 2 years ago after Werth came off the DL.

  3. You guys really dont know what you are talking about. “What is the worst that happens?” “It scared me how much hes faltered every time hes been brought up”…. The worst that happens is the idiot manager plays him 3 times a week and everyone kills him for missing a ground ball in the outfield or for striking out with the bases loaded, pinch hitting. Also, go back and check his numbers at 23-24 compared to Chase Utley and Ryan Howards in the majors… He should stay put until July 1 and get another 80 abs and return when Utley or Howard do, so the pressure isnt all on him. Utley, Brown, and Howard July August and September would be good additions.

  4. I’ve said this in a couple of different places over the past day or two… but I think it’s time to trade the overrated, underperforming Shane Victorino to a team that wants to “rent” a player for the remainder of the season. Bring up Domonic Brown, play him in CF where he can cover the gaps and not worry about corners or balls being sliced at him and see what he can do. At this point, we really don’t have much to lose. Maybe he’ll bring a little of the swagger he displayed last night back up to “The Show” with him.

  5. “Well, the Phillies second biggest offseason acquisition…” the fact that is written about 41 year old Jim Thome is just sad

  6. mike- don’t mind trading a guy like shane, but dom brown can not player center field.

  7. The whole pressure argument is getting out of control. He was THE talent in AAA. He has a limited amount of shots with this club. Maybe his first failure made him realize, “I’m not the second coming and gods gift to baseball.” maybe, he even makes the most out an opportunity he’s given. if not, then he doesn’t pan out. Like 90% of prospects.
    The whole waiting around until hes “ready” is stupid, unless you’re hoping he tears up AAA and we can move him for a mid-level roster ready player. He needs to step the fuck up or get. Enough of this coddling bullshit.

  8. Im picturing the field in which they play “Extended Spring Training” to be like 220ft to deep center and 185ft down the lines. With a pitching machine lobbing up 80mph no movement pitches located in the same place every time. Or maybe they hit off the tee…

  9. Thank goodness they were both able to “smile easily.” Maybe Jim can let us know if they can fart easy too.

  10. This team needs some talent. It is becoming obvious that these players are not everyday players.

  11. Too late, Jim embarrassed himself.
    And fuck you Chuck Reese. Some of us have been critical of Amaro for years. The average fan (aka Kyle) was too blind to see how Rube was building a core around OLD players while selling the farm.
    Dont pile on now when they are down. Where were you last year in the playoffs.

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