Video: 10-Year-Old Girl Asks Cole Hamels About His Bed Time

On Friday, Cole Hamels and his wife Heidi announced a $300,000 donation, to be made by The Hamels Foundation, to Bayard Taylor Elementary School in North Philadelphia. Like last year, when another local school benefited from The Hamels Foundation’s work, Cole made his rounds in the media before the announcement. And while I couldn't attend this year’s event, thankfully Zoo With Roy sent their field reporter, 10-year-old Emma, to talk shop with Hamels. 

The topics? Cole’s bed time, his favorite ice cream flavor, and reader-submitted Photoshops. Also, and perhaps not surprisingly, we learned that Cole doesn’t fancy himself a boxer.

via Zoo With Roy


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  1. Seems like a good guy. And if it wasn’t for him Philadelphia still would not have a championship since 1983. RAJ, time to pay the man.

  2. Can’t help but think how much more forthcoming everyone in the Phillies organization would be if they were interviewed by children.

  3. EM.. So true. With a reporter, they just answer questions.. This chick was having a full fledged conversation with him

  4. from a few brief encounters, cole is a legitimately nice guy. have to give him that.

  5. did not like that interview w/ mike miss. if RAJ doesn’t resign hamels and have a HUGE move to counter that…things are going to get very ugly here.

  6. all i know is if i see our homegrown world series champion mvp, who if not for bad weather would have become the only starting pitcher to go 5-0 in postseason play, lefty ace pitching in a dodgers or yankees uniform next season, im going to lose it on the phillies organization. luxury tax my ass, they’re getting zillions of dollars in a few years with a new tv deal. money/years should not be an issue no matter what.

  7. Wow, who would have thought someone that sweet with a 10-year-old would intentionally plunk Bryce Harper? Cole is awesome; he does it all.

  8. Dude! That girl was great! Pretty impressive from a 10 year old! Rock on Awesome Emma!

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