Video: Mark Cuban Destroys Skip Bayless

Because no one can stand Skip Bayless and ESPN’s First Take, watch as Mark Cuban hammers Skip (and the media in general) for using grandiose generalities.


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  1. “First of all, you have the presumtion that people care what you say”. LOLOLOL

  2. skip tried to get out of a bunch of those questions and Cuban wasn’t having any of it.

  3. Love him or hate him… like 98% of those in sports and news media Bayless is an “entertainer” and should never be taken too seriously. If all of ESPN’s talking heads gave Lebron his rightful props people would complain and be bored out of their skulls.

  4. “You’re under the impression that people care what you think” is easily the most badass thing ever said by someone in a smurfs t-shirt.

  5. God damn he just took all the hatred I’ve ever had for Bayless, Smith, and almost the entire media, and put it into the most eloquent rant I’ve ever heard. Also, fuck Bayless for saying that Lebron lost and giving no credit to the Mavs for winning.

  6. mark cuban is the fucking man… he answers to no one and to calmly annihilate Skips argument was priceless.
    why isnt HDNet part of cable and instead a premium channel? i would watch this guy talk sports any day over watching Bayless and Stephen A. Smith circle jerk with each others tears for an hour.

  7. Mark Cuban: I’ll buy and sell you with the change in my pocket and the logic in my brain.
    Skip Bayless: Kevin Durant didn’t play hard in the most important game of his life.
    Mark Cuban: Go fuck your mother some more.
    And that’s what I just saw.

  8. I wish Mark Cuban owned all Philly sports teams. Also Steven A wet himself.

  9. If you look up the word “hater” in the dictionary, you will find Skip Bayless.

  10. This whole thing is stupid on both sides. Bayless is a smart guy, but he makes crazy generalizations because he’s on ESPN. Stephen A. and Skip are an ACT on that show. It’s obvious. Bayless makes these generalizations but oh wait, he’s on ESPN, the MOTHERSHIP of generalizations. SportsCenter is generalization paradise. It’s an act, this is TV being TV. No big story here.

  11. I fucking HATE Mark Cuban. But he just scored points with me.
    He talks like a true business man, who doesn’t want to hear a bunch of bullshit. Give him some fucking points, back those points up with facts and concrete examples, or get the fuck out of his face.
    He is right, there are to many sports writers out there who don’t know what the fuck they are talking about, and speak in generalities with out substance.
    Not to beat his dick, but if you look at what Murphy puts in the paper, he makes his points, presents the facts, and proves that he can back up what he is talking about.
    Contrast that with fucking dinosaurs (and kid touchers) like Conlin, Brookover, and every loser/hack on the radio in this town, who simply ramble on their opinion with absolutely nothing to back it up but their bullshit reputation.

  12. Two really telling things from this. The first was that Skip tried to follow the old saying of, “answer the question you wish they had asked you.” and Cuban was just having none of that. He called him out on what appears to be a lack of higher understanding of the game that he covers.
    The second thing was that the dudes colleagues FUCKING LET HIM GET ROASTED! It would have been the simplest thing in the world for any of the other guys on that panel to step in and try to defend Skip or even lift a finger to alleviate any of the pressure Cuban was putting on him OR mitigate the situation. Clearly, his coworkers don’t think much of Skip either.

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