Video: Mitt Romney Loves Touchscreen at “Wawas”

We try to stay out of politics here on CB, but this one hits close to home. And it’s too hilarious to ignore.

During a campaign stop in Pennsylvania yesterday, Mitt Romney expressed his love for those futuristic sandwich ordering machines at… Wawas. With an S.

Somewhere (presumably up in the sky), the Hoagieman is pissed.

Video via The School Philly


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  1. ZOMG! A POLITICIAN MAKING HIMSELF LOOK STUPID. Never seen that before. Beautiful splice job by Obama’s Network, MSNBC!!

  2. If you voted for Obama to prove you weren't RACIST, vote AGAINST him to prove you are not a RETARD says:

    FOX News just said “at least Mitt knows how to use a Touchscreen, and he doesn’t get it all greasy”!

  3. LOVE that Peter Max – John Lennon knock off that Wawa used for Hoagieman.
    Hell, it’s summer… when the shit does Hoagie Fest start?!!

  4. Hmmmm, I’m a little worried about a candidate who thinks WaWa is WaWas. I’m even more worried that he is so impressed and amazed by a touch screen. I would think that someone who wants people to vote for him would want it to take a little more to impress and amaze.

  5. Also, what does ZOMG mean? I never got that one? I’m serious, I don’t know.

  6. Growning up, my mom always referred to Wawa as plural. She still does to this day. I love my mom.

  7. This reminds me of when John Kerry ordered a cheesesteak with Swiss from Pat’s and people in the Philly area lost their fucking shit. Gotta be careful with that kinda stuff on the political trail.

  8. Know what also hits close to home and isn’t quite as hilarious? Philadelphia’s 9.6% unemployment rate.

  9. Cause Philadelphia’s unemployment rate is COMPLETELY my fault.
    Come on Kyle, just stick to sports. I get enough crap from the idiots on Fox News

  10. Shut the fuck up, nobody cares who you support and who you’re going to vote for. There’s bigger issues at hand here, and thats the fact that THIS garbage actually has the same sports-relevance ratio of every other post Kyle has put up in the past…oh I don’t know…ever.

  11. Presidents are figureheads for the People to yell at while Congress does nothing.
    Even without the editing Mitt sounds ridiculous IMHO. Then again, I might just be biased after watching the Republican Solo Mudsling this year. Can’t wait for the next time we have no incumbent so I get to see Dual Mudsling!

  12. Waaaah…Msnbc and the lamestream libtard media are so biaseddd…conservatives are forever silenced by the liberal media… All we have is an entireFox News, domination of talk radio, countless blogs, newspapers and Chuck Norris…Waaaaahhhh.
    Republicans created as many jobs as I did listeners for WIP since 2010….ZERO! All theyve done is bitch about abortion and condoms, when we all know that if we ban abortions, Andy Reid will have to find a new way to get sustenance…I’d like to see RHEA HUGHES and Michele Bachmann chomp on each others hairy, mangled, burnt, bruised, pussies whilst sticking pickles in each others assholes. Then, they can stick a power drill in their cunts and vomit in each others eye sockets. Then, on voting day, they can go into the booths and chop off Rick Santorums 1 inch fully erect penis and jam it in Shitt Romneys expensive plastic cunt. Fuck that shit. Obamas gonna shit in their mouths and pummel their slimy infected cunts with his 44 inch penis. Fuck wawa! Wegmans iz better!

  13. Im in Management at Wawa this is hilarious…also for you guys Hoagiefest starts on Monday the 25th and all Classics are 4.79 for Hoagiefest…also the Hippie theme is gone

  14. If only we could have a touch screen to eliminate Fontenot, Quails and Kendrick and we would be all set.

  15. Can someone please answer OneManWolfpack? I want to know what ZOMG means too.

  16. the use of ZOMG originated by intraweb users meaning to hit the shift key to type OMG and accidentally hitting the z. it happened so frequently that it is now a part of the internet language. also, yummy hoagiefest. Eff politics. Nobody wins in the end.

  17. Thanks timpala11 – Unfortunately it was as stupid as I had figured it would be.
    And thanks to the HoagieMan for the HoagieFest info!!

  18. Obama would consider ordering too much work and then get back to another round of golf.

  19. For the record…he wasn’t “amazed” at the touchscreens at WaWa, if you watch the un-MSNBC-edited version of that part of his speech he’s remarking upon the contrast between the efficiency of those screens and a 33-page government change-of-address form. Good work, MSNBC.

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