Nice work by the folks from Onward State, who provide a summary of the jurors chosen yesterday in the Jerry Sandusky case. 

Some highlights, presented without opinion. Well, mostly:

Juror #2 - A 24 year old male student. His father worked for Penn State.

Juror #3 – A middle-aged woman, had Penn State season tickets since the 1970s. Her husband also works in John McQueary’s (Mike’s father) former medical practice.

Juror #5 - A 2003 Penn State graduate and a male science teacher at Bellefonte Area High school.

Juror #7 – A Penn State senior. He was wearing a Penn State archery t-shirt in court today. He works at an athletic facility on campus and had a cousin on the football team.

Juror #8 -  A Caucasian male in his late 60′s or early 70′s. He is a retired Penn State professor. 


A Penn State senior? Seriously? We get that trying to pick a jury without Penn State connections in central PA must be like playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon… but perhaps folks who work for the school or have direct connections to those involved should be automatically disqualified, no? Remember, it just takes one to sway a verdict.