We Are! The Jury in the Jerry Sandusky Trial

Nice work by the folks from Onward State, who provide a summary of the jurors chosen yesterday in the Jerry Sandusky case. 

Some highlights, presented without opinion. Well, mostly:

Juror #2 - A 24 year old male student. His father worked for Penn State.

Juror #3 – A middle-aged woman, had Penn State season tickets since the 1970s. Her husband also works in John McQueary’s (Mike’s father) former medical practice.

Juror #5 - A 2003 Penn State graduate and a male science teacher at Bellefonte Area High school.

Juror #7 – A Penn State senior. He was wearing a Penn State archery t-shirt in court today. He works at an athletic facility on campus and had a cousin on the football team.

Juror #8 -  A Caucasian male in his late 60′s or early 70′s. He is a retired Penn State professor. 


A Penn State senior? Seriously? We get that trying to pick a jury without Penn State connections in central PA must be like playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon… but perhaps folks who work for the school or have direct connections to those involved should be automatically disqualified, no? Remember, it just takes one to sway a verdict. 


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  1. I don’t understand why you think this is bad? If anything it’s bad for Sandusky. Many people here at PSU realize he’s the reason all of these bad things happened. PSU people have ZERO loyalty to that scumbag. Paterno yes, Sandusky no.

  2. This has so much potential for being a mistrial…get ready to be hearing about this trial for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong tme

  3. Seriously Kyle…. its not hard to figure out. Penn State is the largest employer in Centre County and the 2nd Largest in the State. Kind of hard when the only thing around Bellfonte is PSU and farms, and maybe some local hick bars…..

  4. I usually agree with your opinions but it’s not the case on this post. I dont believe that you are educated on how the Penn State family feels about this guy. We loved our coach and because of (who that shall not be named) his legacy is tainted. This guy is just like Matt said, a scumbag. Everyone in the area wants this scum behind bars and I believe it’s going to happen. He’s gonna die in prision.

  5. Supporting PSU does not in any way equate to supporting scumbag pedophiles like Sandusky. Why is this so difficult for some to figure out?
    The juries for the trials that come against PSU admins and the University – they’ll have to be moved out of Centre County for good reason. This? Get a grip, people.

  6. This is bad news for Sandusky, not good. The woman who worked with McQueary Sr. will show loyalty to him and Mike, not Sandusky. (Nearly) Everyone connected with PSU is appalled by the allegations and has zero allegiance to Sandusky. He tarnished our school’s image through his actions (whether they’re just alleged right now or not). Benefit of the doubt seems to be out the door for him, not in his favor from people tied to the school.

  7. Shorter Kyle Scott: I have no goddamn clue how jury selection works.
    Good luck finding twelve people in all of Centre County with no connections to Penn State.

  8. A Penn State Senior… HAHAHAHA! That is amazing. Should have moved this trial outside of PA… if that was legally possible. I don’t know the law.
    A mistrial waiting to happen.

  9. As Penn Stater, I would be the first one to convict that jackass… he should fry.. he not only committed unfathomable crimes but also defaced the reputation of my alma mater. The guy should rot in jail for 30 years then become subject to chinese torture before being fried. Im sure many penn staters agree. No one from penn state backs that asshole except for the pieces of shit that hid this. i wouldn’t worry about him being convicted. Its about as imminent as chris wheeler noticing a “no-doubles” defense in the 8th and 9 th inning of every phillies game.

  10. this just in…the legal system is corrupt! who would’ve thunk it.

  11. What people who claim “the jurors will be unbiased” don’t understand here is A guilty verdict for Sandusky will also equal a guilty verdict on Penn State. And don’t think for a second that The scumbag’s scumbag lawyers won’t tell the jurors this. If they don’t tell them outright it will be strongly implied. Not only will the guilty Sandusky verdict incriminate him, but it will also open a can of worms for Penn State and the Paterno estate. Bad press = less tuition. It’s a snowball rolling down the hill picking up momentum as soon as the man is found guilty. And the jurors will know it. I say the jury picks are purposeful with this intention. I say the jurors will be biased, just not directly biased in favor of Sandusky.

  12. Kyle, you sound like a naive retard. As a PSU grad, I can assure you that the amount of penn state people on the jury is nothing but bad for sandusky. We want him to rot. And second, Centre county is nothing but people with ties to psu. I doubt you could even find 12 people in that area with zero ties to the school.

  13. This might actually end up hurting PSU and it’s family more than helping. Everyone knows that any Penn State fan, grad, whatever, wants sandusky locked up. With that in mind how can it be concievably possible that a “fair yet just” trial will be conducted? Imagine if Treyvon Martins closest friends and family were selected as jurors… I’m hoping that the media is tired of this scumbag too and lock him up without much of a fight.

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