What The F&#$ are the Union Doing?

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I has no idea!

Look, I don’t pretend to be an expert on the Union (or soccer), but I can tell you that, from afar, it looks like the Union have no idea what they fuck they are doing.

As detailed here, head coach Peter Nowak seems like a real asshole, partly because of the way he (and the team) handled the Sebastien Le Toux trade. 

Now comes word – as first broken by Delco Times beat writer Chris Vito – that the Union have traded the only other recognizable player on the team, Danny Mwanga, to the Portland Timbers for Jorge Perlaza, whose name I read as George Plaza

Judging by the immediate reaction of fans on Twitter, the move seems like a win for the TIMMMMBERRRRS!

Union fans:

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Timbers fans: 

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There are obviously opinions on both sides of the fence… but those seem to be the prevaling sentiments.

The Union’s logic: Trade our best, most recognizable and well-liked players after we establish ourselves in a tough market and become competitive more quickly than anyone could have imagined.

Smart, you guys.

Some speculate that the Union may be freeing up money to sign a big name, aging European star, such as Didier Drogba, who was essentially the Premier League’s version of Jimmy Rollins (both in appearance and career-standing), a former star on the backside of his career with an older team. Of course, Drogba scored the game-tying and winning goals in the Champions League final this year, so he still has something left. By coming to the MLS, he could follow in the footsteps of Thierry Henry, who plays for the New York Red Bulls, but reports have Drogba going to China.

A European star, like Drogba, coming here, however, is a long shot and probably a pipe dream, at best. So the question remains: What the fuck are the Union doing?


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  1. Any publicity is good publicity?
    I love, play, and watch a ton of soccer but rarely my hometown team because of bush-league moves like this. Good thing Euros start this weekend to fill that summer gap, because the MLS just isn’t good enough.

  2. Ok Kyle, This “Union” you speak of is obviously getting in the way of real news, Like Doc telling us “everything will be fine soon, it’ll just hurt for a little bit”. Stuff like that Kyle.

  3. Here are the facts. Mwanga and Perlaza are both under performing strikers. Mwanga makes $600k in base salary and guaranteed compensation compared to Perlazas $215k. That $375k is pretty big for the union. Perlaza is 6 years older but I think this is a good trade for the Union based on the money.

  4. I forgot Mwanga was even on the team, he sucks….. Summer transfer window baby!

  5. I’m a season ticket holder… have been since the beginning. This hurts a little. I know Mwanga wasn’t playing much, and had been hurt at times, but you took him #1 overall for a reason. Play the guy and see what you have. And from a publicity standpoint, this is almost as bad as LeToux. Awful.
    If anyone who follows the Union thinks they are all of the sudden going to sign a player of Drogba’s caliber, when all they do is slash salary, go young, and pull retreads from Central/South America (with a very few exceptions)… I want whatever pills you take. It’s not going to happen. Not a snowballs chance in hell he comes to this city, for whatever money they offer him, to play for this IDIOT ASSHOLE coach.
    Nowak OUT!

  6. holy fuck to all the people who come on here to say “no soccer posts” “waste of time”. then SKIP the FUCK over it, dont come on the few that there are and make dipshit comments! this is a FUCKING SPORTS blog, that covers ALL major Philly sports, which the UNION ARE. get the fuck over yourselves.

  7. i read the first two lines and skipped to the comments because its a soccer post.

  8. Did someone use the word major when describing the activity in which the union does??? It seems it is a waste of prime Chester waterfront property.

  9. The rumor mill is saying that striker Alex Del Piero (the greatest player in Juventus history and arguably one of if not the best player in italian history)is considering coming to the MLS. To give you a taste of how good he is…his nickname is Pinturrichio. the name of a famous italian renaissance painter. his nickname is that because he is an artist with ball and is absolute money on free kicks and PKs. Basically this guy is the tits and if the union were freeing up money this guy would be the cream of the crop despite his age. Hed tear up the MLS and make the david beckham signing look laughable.

  10. I heard Pele was looking to come out of retirement and give the UNION a shot…..that must be why they are selling off their assets….

  11. Heres the answer, Jay Sugarman’s iStar financial is trading at $5.97 per share. In 2008 the day he was awarded the franchise it was at $20.19. This dude is an NY Socialite with a hot trophy wife and a 1000 yard stare, he no longer has fuck you money.

  12. Financial figures with only 6 numbers in them shouldnt even be mentioned in the same sentence as players like Drogba. I’m not a Drogba fan, but seriously, we’re talking millions for a player of that caliber arent we?

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