Yinzers Booed When The Flyers Drafted “The Next Mike Richards” Last Night

Fucking Yinzers.

Not that I would have expected anything better from folks in the western part of the state whose lives are mostly defined by bridges and a hockey team that nearly abandoned them a few years back, but this was a bit surprising.

When Paul Holmgren and his PS3 controller took the stage in Pittsburgh to announce the Flyers' first-round draft pick, Scott Laughton – who basically projects to be Mike Richards (more on that in a second) – Yinz booed the Flyers GM. Hard. 

Homer, who seemed more irritated than he was amused, had a quip ready to go: 

“Well, I was gonna thank the city of Pittsburgh for their for welcome…”


Well played, Paul.

While the boos directed at Holmgren – a long-time member of the Flyers organization who, last year, ripped Jaromir Jagr from the hearts of Pittsburghians – were funny, you’d expect that even the most hardened Western PA steel worker would golf-clap an 18-year-old on his big day.

Laughton, who was born in 1994 (1994!), had no such luck. 

He was booed throughout his entire walk to the podium, while on the podium, and when he held up his Flyers jersey. And here the national media would have you believe that these sorts of boos only exist in Philadelphia.

While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about Laughton.

Here’s a quote from an NHL Network analyst right after the Flyers made their pick:

“You know who his favorite player is? Mike Richards. And you know who he plays like? He plays like Mike Richards, as well.”


Well! That’s great. Always wanted a guy like Richards. Glad to see that the Flyers traded for Brayden Schenn – Richie 2.0 – last year and drafted the third iteration of the Stanley Cup champion this year.

We'll just call Schenn and Laughton Maybe. As in, maybe one of them will turn into Mike Richards. Maybe they'll realize their potential. Maybe they'll have that type of success. Laughton would love that:

“I’ve been looking up to Mike Richards for a while now. He’s a guy that I love to watch play. And I really like watching Shane Doan, too. Those two guys are huge for me, and I like to model myself after them. They’re just really good players, who were always there for their team in the playoffs and everything like that. They’re heart and soul type of guys, so I really like to play like those guys.” 


Maybe he’ll eventually become one of those guys. Maybe.

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15 Responses

  1. Maybe we can stop whining about trades that happened a year ago.
    If Richards and/or Carter didn’t get traded, their NTCs kick in pretty soon, and guess what? No Claude Giroux getting a new contract. Shut the fuck up about the trades already.

  2. yeah seriously kyle you seem so butt hurt that we traded richards and carter. get over it. they were awesome trades that were meant to help both teams involved. not every trade is meant to be one sided so jesus christ just stop complaining. we got a star goalie who struggled in his first season in a real market with fans who care. RELAX. its getting annoying seeing how narrow minded and near sighted youve become

  3. Good pick. And if the kid is the starting 2nd line center in a year or two this team will b even better. Richards is gone. And on July 1st the Kings have a 10 year contract to deal with. I liked Richards but this team is in great shape. Let it go Kyle.

  4. Maybe someone should remind the national sports media that boos don’t happen only in Philly. We’ll get our turn in 2014.

  5. I see it going like this:
    He plays some junior and AHL in the next 2 years, then in year 3 he moves up to the 4th line center, then when briere is gone after that year we move cooter up to the 2nd line center and laughton moves into the shutdown role on the 3rd line.

  6. I was surprised, even a little pissed, when the Flyers passed over Maata. But, the Flyers are ridiculously good with their first round draft picks, so I trust this Laughton kid is going to be great for us down the road. I’m thinking Homer has a trade lined up for a defenseman (Yandle, Weber ???), and that Schenn is now expendable in order to make that trade happen. Regardless, I’m excited for the rest of the offseason.

  7. GET OVER THE TRADES YOU BUTTHURT LOSER. As much as you think Richards was crucial to this team, he was the 3RD LINE CENTER when he was here. 5.75 mil cap hit for a good penalty killer and 3rd line center. Get the fuck over it dude. We got Simmonds, who you brush off as an average player (28 goals, 23 years old) and the best prospect outside of the NHL last year who’s only 20 years old. For Carter, we got a great player in Voracek, who you also brushed off as just an average player with above average offensive skills. He’s 22, no room to grow right? And Sean Fucking Couturier who isn’t even 20 yet but managed to shut down the league MVP in this year’s playoffs. You’re right, we definitely lost those trades since Carter and Richards won a Cup on an incredible defensive team with the best goalie in the world right now. Shut the fuck up dude, you don’t know shit. Don’t hop on the bandwagon when this team wins a Cup in the next 3 years. As bad as you think the Flyers did in the trades, they did pretty fucking good this year. And the thing about a young team is, they’re only going to get better. Fucking butthurt retard get over it.

  8. Kyle Scott has hit rock bottom and now is driving his site down…
    There is nothing I hate more than dumbass wanna be journalist that try and talk hockey.
    I know your sad that you bought a richards jersey and he was traded but get the F over it. My god…

  9. I loved the boos…and I fuckin respect it. If you had a problem with it (Kyle Scott), take your tampon out. We’re gonna do the same thing in 2014. Best rivalry in hockey.

  10. Didn’t Eagles fans travel by bus to boo their own draft pick? You’re a fucking hypocrite crybaby Kyle.

  11. No big deal,we would have done the same thing to the Penguins pick,the Rangers pick,and the Bruins pick.

  12. did you expect the fans of one of our rivals to cheer in joy for the flyers? what the hell did you expect?

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