Your (Almost) Daily JVR-Rick Nash Rumor

Screen Shot 2012-06-21 at 9.50.43 AMPic via reader Kody, who ran into JVR and his big grey hat at the movies

Never trust a reporter who hasn’t made it out of Columbus, Ohio. But, we’ll take Blue Jackets beat writer Arron Portzline at this word when he says… 

Screen Shot 2012-06-21 at 9.44.30 AM

Why, Riemer? Seriously, why?

JVR doesn’t have a no-movement clause (Canadian for no-trade) in his contract (yet– it kicks in after next season), but, at least for the Blue Jackets, it’s a good sign that, if he wound up in Ohio, he wouldn’t whine and pout and cry and carry on and force a trade to the Kings so he could win the Stanley Cup (zing).

What would be more important is if current Blue Jacket Rick Nash – who does have a no-movement clause – would be willing to accept a trade to the Flyers. One hockey rumor-mongering Twitter account (@HockeyBreak) seems to think so. Last night, they tweeted that the Flyers are on Nash’s list, and would be the team’s haul in a trade that sent some combination of JVR, Matt read, Sergei Bobrovsky and a first-round pick to Columbus. 

One or two of those things sound reasonable, but all four of them would be ridiculous. 

Hockey Break is one of a dozen or so Twitter account that hides behind the walls of the intertubes, using only a pro-looking avatar and a Gmail account for credibility. Their 16,000 followers make them just legitimate enough to perpetuate rumors, but their reliability is unknown. Of course, CSN hockey man John Boruk passed their report along like it was gospel… so, interpret that how you want:

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Let’s rumor monger!


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  1. If they give up all that how do they fix their defense? Or, more importantly, how do they afford to fix their defense? Forward is a position of strength for the flyers right now- blue line is not. Taking a cap hit like that in an area they’re already relatively strong in doesn’t seem likely. Stranger things have happened- and read and JVR would need to be replaced so… Who knows?

  2. I read somewhere that if we traded JVR, Bob, and Read for Nash, the cap hit would only be about +$2.5m of what it is now which isn’t terrible (especially with the speculated cap increase from a new CBA). But really, I do NOT want to get rid of Read, he was my favorite rookie and showed incredible promise (really they all did). JVR, Bob, and a 1st should be enough imo.

  3. i would do the deal in a heartbeat but that said, i think the flyers dont have to give up that much because they have a ton of leverage of CBJ since nash doesnt want to be there. I guess the flyers are competing with other suitors though.
    why do the above posters think it is too much? JVR is likely a bust, Read is unproven, and Bob will never play here

  4. Well, the three players cap hit would be about the same as Nash. Nash would go back to being a 50-goal scorer playing with Giroux. They’d still have cap space to sign a top defenseman. Honeslty, would you rather have two players who won’t equal Nash’s productivity, a goalie who won’t play for the next 8 years, and a draft pick from a very weak draft or would you rather have a proven 50-goal scorer who would be reborn getting out of Columbus? It’s a no-brainer.

  5. That’s an awful trade and I agree with you @Steve that I’d much rather have Bobby Ryan. He’s only 25, he’s a solid 30+ goal/season scorer, he has solid puck possession skills, and he only has a cap hit of $5.1 until 2015 vs. Nash whose deal runs through 2018. On top of all that he’s a hometown kid. Grew up right across the bridge from Philadelphia. Ryan is clearly where the money is best spent.
    Actually to be honest they really need to look at sending an offer sheet for Shea Weber because offense wasn’t the problem last year

  6. people wanting to do this deal make my head hurt.
    rick nash for 7.8 mil a year. geezus. and our offense was awesome last year. why do we need to trade away matt read who gets paid 900k and if he keeps anything remotely close to last season will be basically be playing for free. he’s found money.
    plus you trade JVR and Read away and now you’ve deleted a winger you need to replace and you have 2.6 million less cap space to find a replacement winger. and whoever that is wont be anything close to matt read’s production for 900K.
    we had one of the best offenses in the league last year. we do not need to paying a guy 7.8 million to improve our offense.
    this is not the pre-cap NHL where it’s fun to say we got Rick Nash on our team, HE’S A BIG NAME, LOOKOUT NHL, WE GOT ANOTHER BIG NAME!
    if the flyers want to blow up their cap and make it a mess at least do it for a guy like Weber a guy we actually need.

  7. “JVR doesn’t have a no-movement clause (Canadian for no-trade) in his contract”
    Actually there a difference between and No-Movement Clause and a No-Trad clause buddy.
    No Trade Clause = Cannot be traded to another team
    No Movement Clause = Cannot be traded to another team, nor can you be sent to the minors.

  8. @Mike
    correct about Weber. and yes if the flyers must have a fancy new big name winger, go after Ryan. big tough local guy.
    we’ll have to trade less to get him and the most important difference between him and nash. Ryan’s cap hit is a much more affordable 5.1 mil, Nash’s is 7.8 mil.

  9. Why Nash instead of Ryan? Because it will take a lot more established talent to get Ryan because of age and contract.

  10. @Mike
    i disagree, did you read what Columbus was asking from the Rangers? it was ridiculous.
    “Columbus GM Scott Howson rejected what is believed a Rangers’ final offer of Dubinsky, 21-year-old defenseman Tim Erixon, 2011 first-rounder J.T. Miller, 2010 second-rounder Christian Thomas and a first-round selection in this June’s Entry Draft.
    For a deal to work, the Jackets needed to get at least one of Chris Kreider, Ryan McDonagh, Michael Del Zotto or Derek Stepan.”
    those are blue chip, young, prove defensemen the Blue Jackets wanted on top of what the Rangers offered. thats crazy.
    if we could get Ryan for a reasonable trade, id do it. But Nash, no, their demands are too high and Nash’s cap hit is ridiculous

  11. Bobby Ryan and Rick Nash are the same player. They both underachieve. I think either would benefit from playing with Giroux and Hartnell. I’d hate to lose all four of those pieces.

  12. Even though I’d want Ryan or Nash over Parise. The smart thing would be to sign Parise, that way you still have your chips on the table to trade for Weber.

  13. If you do Read, JVR, Bob, and 1st.. you dont resign Jagr. and you have money to add a def man. You are an idiot if you dont think Nash with G would improve your team with losing JVR and Read. Everything that Read did this year.. Shenn and Wellwood will do better next year.

  14. I agree that a defenseman is needed more.
    You can blame me if Read gets traded (which I am against). – I bought an Upshall jersey years ago thinking he was young, and was going to be around a while. The next one, I wasn’t taking any chances, and got Richards. You know, the guy with the 12-yr contract. I got both a Winter Classic jersey and the special Irish t-shirt. Then this year, I got an O’Read shirt which I thought was a pretty safe bet. Uh-huh…. I think I’m going to stop there.

  15. Two things – Kyle, when did you start the ReCaptcha crap for posting comments?
    And re-reading my comment made me realize – maybe I should get a Bryzgalov jersey! (of course, then the trend would stop!)

  16. Look, I’m no hockey expert, not by a damn sight, buteven a knucklehead like me can see that the Flyers need blue line help. We already had the second or third highest scoring team in the league this past season, and look where that got us in the playoffs, brushed off in the second round by New Jersey like so much dandruff. Meanwhile, Columbus is asking for the moon and stars in return for Nash, in my opinion, it’s too risky a venture when we have more pressing needs on defense.

  17. @Snow Balls at Santa
    yes and how are you paying Rick Nash 7.8 mil/year while fielding a full roster with 2.6 mil less in cap space and another open winger spot to fill?
    how many Adironack Phantoms do you think the Flyers can keep getting away with on their bottom 2 lines just so you can have Giroux and Nash together?
    and what exactly are we getting better at? offense? why do we need to be better there when we were the second best in the league last season?
    Who are you paying at 900K that’s going to give you what Read gave you?
    are we just sticking with our same defense too? no need to improve there i guess huh…
    that Nash trade is a clown move, bro.

  18. I agree, it is a clown move. That’s also why I don’t see Holmgren doing that. It’s obviously who gets fleeced in that trade and that’s the Flyers. Holmgren doesn’t tend to get fleeced in trades, he either does the fleecing, or it’s a fair trade for both sides.

  19. I agree with most that the trade seems to do little to upgrade. That being said when did everyone get such a hard on for Matt Read? Dude had a solid year but hes never going to be more than a third line guy plus he was the worst of all the rookies come playoff time.

  20. ^^ I completely agree, everyone here is WAY too high on Read. He had a great year, but he was a rookie and I think teams know how to play against him now. Those thinking that trade is too much to give up don’t know shit. If we can bring in Nash without giving up Couturier or Schenn, I would do it in a heartbeat. Nashville isn’t going to trade Weber, Suter won’t sign in Philly, and Parise is being pursued by every team in the NHL. Nash with Giroux would be near impossible to stop. 7.8 mil is a lot, but Timonen and probably Hartnell are both coming off the books after next season. While I still think JvR is going to be a beast some day, he and Nash are essentially the same player. Lastly, I would rather have Bobby Ryan, but I think you can bring in Nash for cheaper because a.) He wants to be traded. b.) His cap hit is insane. and c.) He’s older than Bobby Ryan, but still entering the prime of his career. Make it happen Homer.

  21. Seriously why is everyone so high on read. He is I think 25 year old 2nd year player who probably peaked. He is a good player to have around however if you can get nash for that then do it. You bite the bullet for one year with the young guys and hope they mature. Go after people with the cap space next year when kimmo and hartsey come off the books. Putting a winger of that caliber with g is unfair to the rest of the league. In Homer we trust.

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