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Good morning and welcome to a world where Mike Richards and Jeff Carter are two wins away from the Stanley Cup.  

It’s been a slow couple of days on CB. I’ve spent the better part of the last week moving into a new house and, thankfully for you, the reader, my legs and back are as stiff as Chase Utley in an interview. I can’t move away from this computer if I wanted to, which means we’re back to our regularly scheduled snark. 

No time for pleasantries. Let’s hit it.


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The roundup: 

– Chase Utley will head to Clearwater for extended spring training today. [CSN Philly]

In Clearwater, Utley will join sluggers Ryan Howard and Jim Thome, both of whom are recovering from injuries and represent a big portion for the Phils’ offense. Utley had been working out on his own with the Phillies for the past several weeks, but now wants to test it out with some hitting.


– The Big Truck may be unsalvageable. Jose Contreras is likely out for the season. []

This time it was righthander Jose Contreras, who Amaro conceded is likely out for the season after suffering a complete tear of the ulnar collateral ligament and a flexor pronator tear.


– Pablo Sandoval, everyone’s favorite huggable panda, is being investigated for sexual assualt.  [San Francisco Chronicle]

"On Friday, June 1, Pablo Sandoval voluntarily met with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department related to a consensual, personal relationship of a sexual nature that took place on that day," Sandoval's attorney Eric Geffon said in statement. 


– A jorts-wearing Mets fan ran on field after Nohan (via the Mets’ scoreboard) Santana’s no-hitter on Friday night. He was arrested. Interestingly, this game wasn’t played in Philly, although the national media will tell you it was. He missed his son’s first birthday

[NY Times]

For a few wild seconds, Mr. Diaz, 32, could be seen on the periphery of the huddle around Mr. Santana, looking more like an honorary Met than the interloper that he was.

Mr. Diaz, of Massapequa, N.Y., said he could not remember his exact thoughts in the moments before he hurdled the railing that separates fans from the field, explaining that he “got overexcited with emotions.”

“To put it bluntly, I don’t even know how I got there so fast,” he said on Sunday, after he was arraigned in Criminal Court in Queens on charges of interfering with a sports event and criminal trespassing.


– Johan may have been spurned on by a comment on WFAN that morning, calling him “not a max effort guy.” It sounds like a leap, but Bob’s Blitz has some details.

– Ruben Amaro talked with Mike Missanelli about Cole Hamels on Friday.

– Finally, reader (@ekramer93) sums up his feelings about the Phillies offense following yesterday’s game: