Your Monday Morning Roundup: Ty Wigginton Ruins Your Weekend, Today Enjoys a Peaceful Morning on a Boat Edition!

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I’m offended by Ty Wigginton’s decision to wear a Phillies fleece in public. Also, I imagine Hunter leaning over the boat railing and plunging into the water head-first, excitedly grabbing at the first fish he sees instead of waiting patiently for the larger fish to arrive. But hey, at least he didn’t spike this creature to shortstop after the photo was taken. At least, we don’t think he did.

Let’s hit it.


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The roundup:

– Joe Blanton celebrated mediocrity on Saturday by attending the Baltimore Aquarium with his family:

Screen Shot 2012-06-11 at 8.11.35 AM

Pic via an unknown reader

– In case you haven’t heard, Freddy Galvis likely broke his fucking back. He’ll get a second opinion this week, which, presumably, will confirm that there’s a fracture in his spine. He was 22.

– Jerry Sandusky’s trial begins today. We’ll have any notable updates that come down. A few Twitter follows for those who are interested:

Philly Mag's Kevin Cirilli (@kevcirilli)

The very sexy Courtney Brennan (@WPXI_Courtney)

– The Eagles PR apparatus continues with their push to make Andy Reid seem human. Reid will be doing a chat on at 3 p.m. You won’t want to miss that. I have it at 6:1 that he uses at least one emoticon. He seems like a surprising emoticon user. Don’t know why. I have a feel for these things.

– Indians closer Chris Perez got the save yesterday, then he threw up. On the field.

Tony Romo showed up to play basketball with a bunch of Druish people at a community center in Dallas. Pressure got to him by the time the fourth quarter rolled around, though.

Well hello, friends. Gorgeous day today on the front nine at Pebble Beach, where I’m going to marry my 33-year-old girlfriend and Tom Brady is going to attend. There’s not a conflict of interest at all there. None at all. Now watch as I line up for the kiss. A smooch for the ages. Nantz getting in someone’s pants!

Jim Nantz got married on the seventh hole at Pebble Beach and Tom Brady attended.

– Jorge Solar – or, George Sun – the Cuban sensation, will be signing with a Major League team soon. The Phillies have been somewhat linked to him.

Screen Shot 2012-06-11 at 9.08.55 AM

– Phillies e-cards from Zoo With Roy

Screen Shot 2012-06-11 at 8.25.50 AM

Jillian Mele’s Twitter, a celebration of single, perky-titted local TV personalities, is a gift to humanity and aligns perfectly with NBC 10’s new strategy of putting as many attractive reporters on-air as possible, betting that you won’t notice what they’re saying. It’s working, so far.


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  1. I loathe Ty Wigginton… seriously, there might not be an athlete that has played in Philadelphia that I hate more than Ty Wigginton. Since day one, I have hated Ty Wigginton and his ugly MLB Profile picture. I hate his goofy no-teeth smirk. I hate the fact that the Rockies were willing to eat a chunk of his salary to get rid of his dead weight no-talent arse (which really tells you all you need to know about his “talents”). I hate the fact that, early on, he tricked us into believing that he could contribute (when, in fact, he cannot). I hate his errors… this is the second game in a week that I blame on him (the back-to-back error game with Hamels on the mound… Hamels was crusing before that inning; the errors extended that inning, frustrating Hamels and gave the Dodgers life that they didn’t have). He’s a bench scrub and yet he’s playing every day for us.

  2. LMAO@ChrisPerez – Loved how he had to take a knee with Duncan patting him on the back.

  3. Saw Chad Qualls and his family at Inner Harbor on Saturday night. This is where we have to note the difference between the player and the person. As a player, I detest when Qualls comes into a game. But, as a person, he was a really nice guy who was just trying to go unnoticed and have a little fun with his family.

  4. Who gives a shit if Blanton goes to the aquarium with his family, what’s he supposed to do, sit in the hotel room all weekend?
    I haven’t read your blog in weeks, came back today cause I was bored at lunch, it’s worse than ever, I will not be back.

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