Your Morning Carts: I Won Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals in Overtime Last Night

He hit the net! He hit the net! Twice!!

I'm not sure what hurts more: my back from moving a house-full of furniture yesterday, or my soul from seeing Jeff Carter score a clutch goal to bring his team within two games of the Stanley Cup.

Think I'll go with my soul. Somewhere, Paul Holmgren hops on his bike– this time, looking for potholes.

CB back in full tomorrow morning.


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  1. And just imagine: if he had scored in game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final, he (and Richards) would likely still be on the Flyers.
    And they still would have lost to Jersey in the 2nd round.

  2. No doubt carts & richie will be doing a big line of coke off Eddie Snider’s name on the cup while partying on Jeff’s Sea Isles beach house deck.

  3. I saw them both out at bars three time during that cup run on off nights in between games getting white girl wasted, like any good athlete in a championship series should, then cried like butthurt skanks when people recognized them, Fuck ’em… They better give Jonathan Quick the pick of the sea isle litter, cause he is the only reason carts and Richie are even relevant right now

  4. Great work Cartsy! Nothing like twisting the knife a bit into brainwashed flyers fans backs. No matter what they say about it not mattering bc of them being secondary pieces or riding Quicks coattails, it still hurts. Its bittersweet for this flyer fan but im the type that doesn’t see the yeam thru orange tinted glasses

  5. Hey 3 Finger Lenny, where’s your proof? Unless you have legit proof, the coke jokes are getting too old!
    Quick is still going to win the Conn Smythe anyway so don’t worry about Carter stealing it away from him!
    By the way, I wish we had Kopitar and Doughty on the Flyers but they worth too much!

  6. This website and the people on here sucks! Never seen so many whiny bitches bashing two people in my entire life!
    For that, I really want the Kings to win!

  7. I love how ppl rip Carter for being a “cokehead” yet he has probably banged 400 more chicks than you have, has much more money than you and is more successful then you. Enjoy watching those two ex-Flyers that were such “trouble” off the ice raise the cup you dumbasses. P.S. Phillies are in last place

  8. Stop stealing my handle pussy.
    BTW Carts loves eating pussy & doing coke

  9. Has to be killing Carts missing 2 shore weekends thus far. He has to be dying to wrap the cup finals up, so he can get back to eating pussy down sic

  10. @Chris.
    exactly. except we wouldnt have lost to Jersey in the 2nd round. because we would have lost to pittsburgh in the first round.

  11. If those 2 drug addicted hockey players win the cup, Paul holmgren will fall off the wagon

  12. They need to rap this thing up so we can get to sea isle and do blasts of fish scale off of rhea hughe’s rear burger. Have you guys seen that thing? It’s dark purple for Christ’s sake.

  13. I wonder if missing high and wide is an issue for him when he’s putting his dick in, or if that’s just an on-ice issue that he has.

  14. i just hope some beach goers take pics of carts with stanley & send them to kyle.

  15. y u guy mean to jeff? He just do good for team and score goal on Marty. Marty was in the middle of eating cheesecake I bring for him as distraction heh))))

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