And Now, Idiots Defend Joe Paterno

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The subplot of yesterday’s Penn State news was whether former Joe Pa apologists would be able to remove their blinders and see that Paterno, too, covered up the actions of Jerry Sandusky. Judging by comments and Twitter, even the most staunch Paterno defenders were able to find fault in their former hero. Some, though, will never be able to wrap their heads around the notion that the great Joe Paterno, who did much good in his life, was willing and able to protect a child predator.

All day yesterday, I wondered the best way to tackle that issue on the website. How do we give those people a voice? Well, after reading our friends over at Busted Coverage’s 20 Craziest Black Guy Twitter Reactions to Joe Paterno and the Freeh Report (go read it when you’re done here), I decided to roundup (and respond to) the Tweets of steadfast Joe Pa supporters.

Let’s hear from them… after the jump.


Paterno Blue and White

Storified by Kyle Scott · Fri, Jul 13 2012 08:41:49

Fuck off @espn joe pa is innocentTyler Gerke
Don’t shoot!
Well I’m looking at it like this…The Freeh report will give me a better chance to get into PSU main next year and Joe Pa is still innocentChip
Your parents would be so proud.
I told all you mf that Joe Pa was innocent.. Smh at the people that made him resign.Dillon Morgan
smDh at you, motherfucker
I think Joe Pa is innocent. He tried to get help but they didn’t listen to him. Sandusky is just a sick pervert. #myopinionJackie Broderick
Her Twitter profile says “Nick Jonas is my hubby.” Let’s give her a mulligan.
Joe Pa is innocent fuck what that guy saysEdgar Quijas
YEAH! Fuck that former FBI director.
@SportsCenter the board is not innocent in this case. This runs much deeper. Blame paterno? please the man was a football coach.c mcgee
I agreed with the first part of your statement, but then you walked into a whole pile of stupid.
Joe Paterno is Innocent! Get the Fuck over it!Joe P
You weren’t raped as a child, were you?
Paterno didnt rape boys. Paterno did his job by refering the matter up the chain of command #Innocent Blame the #PSU Athletic directorTaha Alam
Good news, Taha– you’ve been randomly selected for further inspection! 
Upon review, Taha is from Canada and frequently retweets (@facthive). Sorry, Taha, we’ll be unable to consider your opinion.
Joe Pa was innocent y’all. Leave the dead alone.SportiVore
“Hey, teacher, leave the KIDS alone.”
Joe Paterno is innocent. Idc idc idc.BRIAN • 9463 
Dont care what you say. Firing Paterno as early they did was wrong. What ever happened to INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty? #ncaa #pennstateJosiah Campbell
I believe the court of public opinion as a different standard. 
And I’m tired of hearing about this stuff with what Paterno knew and didn’t do…he’s dead, Sandusky is in jail…it’s irrelevant!Travieee
No, Travieee. You know what’s irrelevant? Pogs. Whatever happened to those things? One minute you’re slamming a hunk of chrome on thin piece of cardboard… and the next you’re listening to Greenday and buying Airwalks. Sixth grade spun out of control very quickly.
Joe paterno in innocent y’all just haters wish y’all had a coach like him #psuKeeohn Fitzgerald
Presented without comment.
Joe Paterno is innocent god dammit! #PennState #trey #HeartOfALionGiovani Marin
You have some Kool Aid on your shirt.
I realize that Paterno didn’t do the right thing, but gosh. He’s not alive to defend himself, give it a rest.McKenna Robertson
There are, like, 20 other people who weren’t able to defend themselves. They don’t have names, though. Just numbers.
Joe Paterno is innocent..E=mc²
He’s not, really…
I’m tired of turning to ESPN and it only talking about how Joe Paterno is guilty. There’s not enough proof. #InnocentTrent Carter
Yes, there is.
Now I’m pissed wtf yall want paterno to do he reported he didn’t cover up shit y’all and at him like he did itThe Freedom Tweeter
now i’m pissed wtf tft he did cover it up and shit and y’ll just too stupid to see that because y’ll wearing fucking superman shirts in your twitter picture
Joe Paterno didn’t do anything. He was a historic coach. He did all he could. So leave the Paterno statue alone. He earned it. #PennStateSpencer Walton
You’re 100% right– he didn’t do anything. 
It is terrible to see Joe Paterno’s legacy possibly end like this, now it will be what he didn’t do #sad daylincoln neerings
Now we’re getting somewhere!
It’s ashame Joe Paterno is still getting trashed and he’s dead he did alot of good and now he is getting blamed for something he didn’t do.Charlie Yorko
Paterno is still amazing cause he didn’t say something they think he’s horrible. He didn’t do it they need to chillTaylor Poole
I think we’re getting off base here.
Paterno was an innocent manNick Mayo
That’s a valuable and eloquent opinion, Nick.
Fuck all u guys talkin shit on Paterno He didn’t do shit. If ur talkin shit u can go fuck urself. it was Sandusky that raped kids not joe pabilly madison
Fuck you. And go fuck yourself.
Sandusky is the one in the wrong! He raped them! Quit blaming Paterno he’s an innocent old man. It wasn’t his job to do anything but coach.⚾ Peyton McArthur ⚾
I predict Peyton is going to struggle in this world. Will that be regular mail or priority? Will that be regular mail or priority? Will that be regular mail or priority? 
Joe Paterno… Or anyone for that matter, didn’t do anything about the 1998 investigation because nothing came of it!!!Shawn Lelko
But a pattern emerged in 2001, no?
I hate that Paterno knew about what Sandusky was doing & didn’t do anything about it. Lapse of judgement #stillalegendTaylar Bolds
GOOOOOOOO, team! Ready? OK!
Wow! Penn State press conf is crazy hostile. Who do I feel worse for: the innocent victims or innocent Paterno?Eldridge Sheppard
I’m going to go with option A.
Sorry, I am just done taking all this seriously. I’ll go to my grave ignorant, believing Joe Paterno is completely innocent in this.Alayna Hillard
Says the girl holding a Penn State garden gnome. Nice cleav, though. – places hand on knee –
If I hear one more thing about Joe Paterno I’m going to puke!! The guy is dead and innocent!Kurtis Myrlie
Kurtis Myrlie career batting average: .500
Oh my joe paterno is innocent, the guy has died! Leave him and his family alone! Keep his statue he is, and still will always be a legendBrandon Fenza
We’ll, he’ll certainly go down history. 


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  1. he could have been the whistleblower here. the rest of his career says he should have been. but he didnt. the truth is out and it puts a black mark on everything he’s done.
    he could have stopped it and didnt. its that simple. judge him for that because it overshadows all his accomplishments and good deeds done to help thousands of students and student athletes.
    someone who i believed my whole life to be a very honorable person chose incorrectly (rather blatantly) in the most important position he was put in. its sad and disappointing on many levels.

  2. back on topic with the idiots…
    dont know if its nice cleve but christ, whats with the deer in headlights picture taking ability?

  3. Huge psu fan all my life, attended the viewing for joepa/candle vigil and I regret it. Psu people need to accept the facts.

  4. sounds like kyle scott got his asshole stretched when he was a lil boy wit all these psu articles tryin to bury the school.

  5. Awesome!! I agree, keep those blue & white colored glasses on and continue to drink the PSU kool aid!!

  6. these people seem like they hate ESPN yet leave it on in the background all day. make sense? no? exactly.

  7. I’m a Penn State guy, but never got caught up in the JoePa cult. It was pretty obvious last Fall that there was NO way he couldn’t know about the 1998 incident. Now we now he did. He still did a lot of great things, for the university – no doubt – but the capacity for some people not to see what’s blindly obvious is crazy.

  8. ReplyRetweet
    “No, Travieee. You know what’s irrelevant? Pogs. Whatever happened to those things? One minute you’re slamming a hunk of chrome on thin piece of cardboard… and the next you’re listening to Greenday and buying Airwalks. Sixth grade spun out of control very quickly.”
    This made me Lol. Sounds just like my 6th grade year. Well done, Kyle.

  9. I am a PSU alumnus and I cannot decide who disappoints me more. Is it the people that still defend Joe, or the people that generalize that all Penn Staters are cultists who drink blue kool aid and worship the school? These morons who can read this report and still think Joe is a saint are NOT representative of Penn Staters in general. I think that most people thought like me. He did many great things so I gave him the benefit of the doubt until the facts were revealed. They have now been revealed, he is clearly as guilty (or more so) than anyone else involved in this (minus Sandusky himself). I am not here to debate the merits of whether or not this is a football related issue and the NCAA should step in or not, nor do I care about the statue outside of the stadium. What I do care about are the fools on both sides of this argument that seriously just need to zip it. Joe did what he did. The facts are there. Read them. And on the opposite side of the coin, not every person that went to Penn State is blind to the facts and still thinks that Joe did nothing wrong. People need to stop generalizing. I would think that a fan base (Philadelphia) that constantly gets beat on by the national media because of the actions of a few morons could understand how infuriating it can be when you are lumped in with those morons based on some generalized grouping.

  10. The majority of Penn Staters no longer defend JoePa. They’ll defend the school, because far too many idiots are blaming the entire institution for the despicable actions of maybe a dozen people. But they don’t defend JoePa anymore.
    These are, what, 32 disgusting tweets out of the literally millions that were posted over the past 24 hours? Hardly an accurate sample. These people need to be called out, yes, but nothing anyone says (obviously) is going to change their opinion. They are idiots, through and through, and shouldn’t be made to represent Penn State as this post will do, like it or not.
    The idiots on the other side of the board take this and run with it, using it as an example of the Penn State “cult.” Well, guess what? That “cult,” which should now be considered the Paterno cult, NOT Penn State, is now extremely small.

  11. please keep the penn state stories coming, it’s awesome seeing the brain-washed get so pissed every time you post another one.

  12. Chases Greasy Mop is dead on. Well said. PSU as an institution is more than football, JoePa, and the people involved in this disgusting situation.

  13. “You should not be proud of your university. Let’s be honest, all of that pride comes from the football pep rally juggernaut.”
    I wear a Penn State hat because I am proud to have earned my MBA from one of the top programs in the country. I worked hard for it and deserve it.
    I still wear Millerville gear from my days as an undergrad that I order online because I am proud to have earned that degree as well. Again, because I worked hard for it and earned it.
    Nothing to do with pep rallies or sports….

  14. Tho joe is definitely guilty of not blowing the lid off of this issue, i found Freeh’s report to be big on words but thin on proven fact. 2 emails basically are the basis for everyone’s claim that Joe lead a cover up operation. except the “Coach” described in the 98 email could have easily been a reference to Coach Sandusky as the subject of the email was “Jerry” and he would have been very interested in the results of his investigation as he was in the middle of negotiating his retirement which began BEFORE anyone was aware of his 98 actions. i do find it fishy that Sandusky had so much leverage in negotiating his retirement especially in the midst of being investigated which leads me to believe some additional information has yet to surface. The decision to give him emeritus status is where they really failed as it was a special circumstance and also made it near impossible to then keep him away from the University. The janitor testimony is also bogus as the witness has dementia and the second hand testimony was taken as proof that joe was KING and they were AFRAID. These men would have never reported to Joe so that excuse is empty as well as they needed a good reason to excuse themselves from not reporting this incident to police. Although a lot of Freeh’s opinions are correct there is a ton of information to still uncover before i will decide whether Joe LEAD a conspiracy or simply was a player or just ignorant in under realizing the gravity of the situation. If these men were actively committing a cover up then they were by far some of the dumbest criminals I have ever seen. Something doesnt add up. Good or even worse news than yesterday I hope more of the truth is revealed as we approach trials.

  15. To say that Penn State pride comes only from football is a ridiculous generalization that shows you know nothing of the University, its students, faculty and alumni.
    I have- and will continue to- worn Penn State gear in spite of this scandal.
    THON alone is reason enough to be proud and still bleed blue and white.

  16. If it was their child, all of those people would be blaming anyone who knew even a little bit about what was going on in that locker room. People (like JoePa) need to be held accountable for their actions, or lack thereof, and not held to some imagined standard because they were a great football coach. JoePa was wrong, plan and simple. He didn’t want to deal with it so he chose not to. That’s not someone to be proud of, that’s a disgrace.

  17. I’m an alum and thought I had to say that we don’t wear our psu gear because we’re proud of our football team. (we haven’t won shit in a long time) we wear it because it’s still one of the best places in the country to earn a degree and then use that degree to start a career. it’s a fantastic place to meet lifelong friends and get totally shit-faced. WE ARE…..more than just Joe PA

  18. There’s no cults at PSU. Unless of course you count the one that I started where you buy girls in short tight skirts lots & lots of drinks at the Rathskellar, Darkhorse, Cafe 210 then bend them over in the alley on the walk home. Then stop at Canyon Pizza, pick up a freshman and repeat.
    There’s not just dirty old men up there, there’s plenty of hot college girls!
    PSU is more than football, more than Paterno, more than Sandusky. Its the best place on Earth. Where else can you get laid almost every weekend with out even trying hard??!?!??!?

  19. Still Penn State Proud is right on. our school does more for children’s cancer research than any other place in the country. and i’m sure we’ll be doing advocacy for child abuse now as well in the near future. i still bleed blue and white, call me a cult follower if you want, but chances are you call us a cult because the student body and alum has more comroderie and sense of closeness than any other school i know of.

  20. Penn State is bigger than Paterno and the other “leaders” involved in this scandal. Paterno did a lot of great things for the university but there is no way PSU should associate with Paterno going foward. Take down the state, re-name the library. PSU needs to go thru a major facelift in terms of identity and culture.
    Paterno became too big of a figure. Almost God-like at PSU. You can’t have that in a institution. Penn State is about education and values #1. It’s not about Joe Paterno. Let’s stop creating these legendary figures. At the end of the day Paterno is only one person that worked directly with football players. He didn’t shape the mind of the other half of million living alumni in the world. Penn State is bigger than all of that!

  21. Nothing new came out of the report. All this new outrage is based on Freeh’s interpretations of the facts.
    People should try reading the report themselves **Cough**CrossingBroad**Cough**

  22. I read (most of) it, Chris. And the information that Paterno knew about the 1998 was very new information.

  23. I’m not defending the actions of JoePa. He either shouold have gone directly to the authorities or called them when higher ups backed off. But after reading the actual report, I will say this. It changed nothing about the situation. In fact, most of the espertions cast in the report are pure speculation rather than credible evidence.
    So while everyone is busy making this soley about JoePa, ask youselves: was what he did any less awful than the multiple coaches pre 1998 that saw Sandusky showering with little boys? Was this any worse than the 2 janitors that were more worried about their jobs? I say no. The cover-up is being planted mostly on Joe, but clearly 40 to 50 others made the same decision. Thats the shame of it all.

  24. im embarrassed that my drivers licence is from PA, and that my tax dollars are paying for a police officer to protect a statue.

  25. I’m also a PSU alum, though never big into the football scene even though they were relatively decent when I was up there.
    I’m pissed about this, same way I’ve never forgiven the Catholic Church. It’s a culture of corruption and it’s disappointing as hell.
    I honestly believe the thing I’m most pissed about is this has effectively devalued my degree. People can point out that there’s more to PSU than football, but everyone knows the first thing that comes to mind when you say Penn State is Sandusky is a pedophile and Joe Patero was a liar.
    25 years and 15 marketing campaigns later, this will be less prominent. But right now, they can all go fuck themselves – Spanier, Sandusky, Paterno, Curley. The whole lot.

  26. Hey asshole (Kyle), take a page from a real sports blog. The700 level has not devoted their entire last 6 months to chastising a university just because a particular loser bitch/blogger didn’t get in there (shocking I know, especially for a cunt like you). I bet your loser ass went to temple. Here’s a real sports blogger at work:
    “But we do discuss sports here, (KEY WORD SPORTS, not child rape) so while something much larger is at stake, the only part of the story I am truly qualified to speak on is where we go from here. And since we occasionally cover PSU football from time to time…”
    he goes on to make several excellent, neutral, unbiased points, and at no time do you get the very real feeling that said writer got denied acceptance to PSU like yourself
    Notice how he has the sense to stick to sports, ie what he’s “qualified” to actually speak about? he doesnt stoop to taking cheap shots at an entire institution. 4 people fucked up, but feel free to judge everyone that ever went there. No one ever mistook you for intelligent, so that’s no surprise at all that you’ve done so.
    I’m sure you’ve realized by now that being in Philadelphia, at least 1/3 of your readers (or former readers) have affiliations with the school, either a relative, their friend, or went there themselves. So what the fuck is your deal? You trying to lose almost half of your readers? I’m done with your shitty, PSU hating sports blog. GO FUCK YOURSELF

  27. Hey Kyles a bi&%h….. nice mouth. What you have said holds NO relevance or value because of your language. It’s out of line. I find it deplorable that you can’t voice your thoughts and opinions without using such foul language. I am sure no one can respect an opinion peppered with such language. If your college educated,you should be able to communicate in a more eloquent manner. I understand passion in your post and regardless of if I agreed with it or not, you have gained zero credibility.

  28. Shannon, you now have zero credibility for using the wrong your/you’re. Damn it… you were doing well. Then you go and drop that grammar bomb and completely fuck it up.

  29. Im a psu student. and for the longest time i defended joe because up until this came out he was unfairly made a scapegoat. now after this report the truth comes out and 99.9% of my respect for him is completely gone. the library should be renamed in honor of sue paterno who loved psu as much as joe and anyone else and technically is one of the people who donated the money for it. the statue should be ripped down immediately though. its just sad to see paterno, a man who for so long embodied everything his name means is now goging to be remembered as a cover up artist and a liar who put football ahead of childrens welfare. Paterno – from italian; paternal or fatherly. ill definitely be spitting on that statue if it is still there come fall semester. its a blight on our great school and will forever cast a shadow on all of psu students, faculty, campuses, and alumni until it is removed

  30. So tampon-man above is voicing his potty-mouthed opinion that Kyle shouldn’t have an opinion? Or that the opinions on all Philly sports blogs should be identical or match up somehow? Or that Kyle should have waited a staggering 24+ hours to post anything at all regarding the most damning independent report ever issued on any sports issue?
    (head shake) aeyaeyaeyaeyaeyaey
    Christ dude, the whole point of blogging is to a) initiate dialog and encourage outside comment, or b) re-post the best items from other sites – with due credit – so you’re readers are better informed or entertained.
    No offense but it sounds like reading blogs may be a bit above your comprehension level. And commenting definitely is…

  31. Amazing that some people think just because he is dead, the victims and public should let bygones be bygones. What a bunch of crap. Plenty of dead people are still scumbags. Try and think of a couple like one captured in a hole, one recently buried at sea. Just because you are a Coach that is NEVER a persons ONLY job in life. Another job may being a decent human being and protecting children, elderly and animals who are always at the mercy of so called “Great” humans. If that means a damn statue comes down then do it. I would also recommend that you read the whole report, handwritten notes are sickening along with the emails. I took the time to read it.

  32. Kyle, good job getting people coming to your site with all of the PSU Stories. Did you make an extra couple bucks off of the ad views?

  33. Kyle good shit…hope pennsylvania state college loses ncaa eligibility for atleast a year and i kno jo pa is rotting in hell …people who defend him are the same people who say obama has done a great job

  34. The Roman Catholic Church has dealt with sexual abuse scandals for decades. Transferring priests, etc. Now it’s Penn States turn in the spotlight.
    Sandusky’s victims are going to put a big fucking dent in that PSU Endowment fund……
    Why so quiet, Rick Santorum ?
    Kyle is doing what any good reporter would do….getting the word OUT.

  35. Ex FBI Louis Freeh is no stranger to scandals:
    “But Freeh’s road has not been without bumps and bruises. His term as FBI director began in 1993 with the difficult admission that his FBI sharpshooters conducted a “seriously flawed” operation at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in which the wife of a suspect was killed while holding a baby in a doorway.”
    Freeh himself gave the “shoot to kill” order.

  36. It all boils down to this. Jesus Christ of Happy Valley willfully and knowingly covered up child rape, and intentionally participated in actions to attempt to cover it up in order to prevent tarnishing the image of his beloved school and football program. He went to sleep every night for about 15 years knowing what Sandusky had done and was doing to those boys. Anyone who defends that piece of shit is blinded by the blue kool-aid of PSU. JoePa is a fraud, hypocrite, liar, enabler of child rape, and overall terrible human being who put his interests over those of dozens of boys he helped enable Sandusky to continue to sexually assault. May he rot in hell. His image is forever tarnished, and now the whole world gets to see the true person he was.

  37. didn’t Kyle go to Nova? You have had way to much PSU kool-aid if you think state school academics are better than Villanova’s (and I go to a state school, but im not stupid). Or you need to reevaluate the education your getting.

  38. True Story…I know a guy, Penn State fanatic..if you wear a Notre Dame shirt he won’t let you in his house. He sent his daughters to PSU. One of them marries a guy she met there. One day they come home and the FBI is standing in their living room. Kiddie Porn on his hard drive. His excuse ? “Oh those files arent mine; somebody sent them to me to send to somebody else” Fred Shero said ” Don’t judge a man by his success; give him power and see what he does with it”…absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  39. WTF did Joe Pa ever do ? Won some games for a school who heavily recruits, thousands of others could have done the same thing ? Its sad and pathetic that a large percentage of our population feels the need to kiss a$$ of anyone remotely associated with a sport.
    Joe PA Scumbag only helped kids who did not need any help, they loved a sport and some went far, but they could have gone thousands of other places. He was an enabler who turn his back on the only kids who truly needed him – EVER !!
    I would like to see where the millions from Second Mile went…
    Joe did not even tell Sandusky to stay away from the showers – he just looked the other way….
    How may players and good players were ever thrown out of the organization in the 5 decades he ruled ?
    There is also a story of a woman who was hired to look into criminal activities at the school – the story said when she wanted info on a football player Joe had her fired – if true he was not only looking the other way, BUT paving the way for criminals to stay and play.
    Lastly after reading blogs from the inner city they now love Joe for not being a snitch – WOW… I guess in their neighborhoods full of crime, they like it that way and regret their family members going to prison – they blame the govt for their physcotic behavior.

  40. I cannot believe LemurCat said the thing he was most upset about was his degree being undervalued!!! Jesus Christ, no wonder I have no faith in people.

  41. If at any point during the controversy you defended Joe Paterno to your less sympathetic friends, you are officially a naive football fanatic.

  42. How come we never see candlelight vigils for the little kids who were raped because Paterno sat on his hands? I’d like someone to put up a banner that says “We’re Sorry That Our Coach Cared More About Winning A Game Than About A Child’s Innocence.” Melt that statue and turn it into an emblem of Joe Pa’s real legacy: a big, bronze dick.

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