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The subplot of yesterday’s Penn State news was whether former Joe Pa apologists would be able to remove their blinders and see that Paterno, too, covered up the actions of Jerry Sandusky. Judging by comments and Twitter, even the most staunch Paterno defenders were able to find fault in their former hero. Some, though, will never be able to wrap their heads around the notion that the great Joe Paterno, who did much good in his life, was willing and able to protect a child predator.

All day yesterday, I wondered the best way to tackle that issue on the website. How do we give those people a voice? Well, after reading our friends over at Busted Coverage’s 20 Craziest Black Guy Twitter Reactions to Joe Paterno and the Freeh Report (go read it when you’re done here), I decided to roundup (and respond to) the Tweets of steadfast Joe Pa supporters.

Let’s hear from them… after the jump.


Paterno Blue and White

Storified by Kyle Scott · Fri, Jul 13 2012 08:41:49

Fuck off @espn joe pa is innocentTyler Gerke
Don’t shoot!
Well I’m looking at it like this…The Freeh report will give me a better chance to get into PSU main next year and Joe Pa is still innocentChip
Your parents would be so proud.
I told all you mf that Joe Pa was innocent.. Smh at the people that made him resign.Dillon Morgan
smDh at you, motherfucker
I think Joe Pa is innocent. He tried to get help but they didn’t listen to him. Sandusky is just a sick pervert. #myopinionJackie Broderick
Her Twitter profile says “Nick Jonas is my hubby.” Let’s give her a mulligan.
Joe Pa is innocent fuck what that guy saysEdgar Quijas
YEAH! Fuck that former FBI director.
@SportsCenter the board is not innocent in this case. This runs much deeper. Blame paterno? please the man was a football coach.c mcgee
I agreed with the first part of your statement, but then you walked into a whole pile of stupid.
Joe Paterno is Innocent! Get the Fuck over it!Joe P
You weren’t raped as a child, were you?
Paterno didnt rape boys. Paterno did his job by refering the matter up the chain of command #Innocent Blame the #PSU Athletic directorTaha Alam
Good news, Taha– you’ve been randomly selected for further inspection! 
Upon review, Taha is from Canada and frequently retweets (@facthive). Sorry, Taha, we’ll be unable to consider your opinion.
Joe Pa was innocent y’all. Leave the dead alone.SportiVore
“Hey, teacher, leave the KIDS alone.”
Joe Paterno is innocent. Idc idc idc.BRIAN • 9463 
Dont care what you say. Firing Paterno as early they did was wrong. What ever happened to INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty? #ncaa #pennstateJosiah Campbell
I believe the court of public opinion as a different standard. 
And I’m tired of hearing about this stuff with what Paterno knew and didn’t do…he’s dead, Sandusky is in jail…it’s irrelevant!Travieee
No, Travieee. You know what’s irrelevant? Pogs. Whatever happened to those things? One minute you’re slamming a hunk of chrome on thin piece of cardboard… and the next you’re listening to Greenday and buying Airwalks. Sixth grade spun out of control very quickly.
Joe paterno in innocent y’all just haters wish y’all had a coach like him #psuKeeohn Fitzgerald
Presented without comment.
Joe Paterno is innocent god dammit! #PennState #trey #HeartOfALionGiovani Marin
You have some Kool Aid on your shirt.
I realize that Paterno didn’t do the right thing, but gosh. He’s not alive to defend himself, give it a rest.McKenna Robertson
There are, like, 20 other people who weren’t able to defend themselves. They don’t have names, though. Just numbers.
Joe Paterno is innocent..E=mc²
He’s not, really…
I’m tired of turning to ESPN and it only talking about how Joe Paterno is guilty. There’s not enough proof. #InnocentTrent Carter
Yes, there is.
Now I’m pissed wtf yall want paterno to do he reported he didn’t cover up shit y’all and at him like he did itThe Freedom Tweeter
now i’m pissed wtf tft he did cover it up and shit and y’ll just too stupid to see that because y’ll wearing fucking superman shirts in your twitter picture
Joe Paterno didn’t do anything. He was a historic coach. He did all he could. So leave the Paterno statue alone. He earned it. #PennStateSpencer Walton
You’re 100% right– he didn’t do anything. 
It is terrible to see Joe Paterno’s legacy possibly end like this, now it will be what he didn’t do #sad daylincoln neerings
Now we’re getting somewhere!
It’s ashame Joe Paterno is still getting trashed and he’s dead he did alot of good and now he is getting blamed for something he didn’t do.Charlie Yorko
Paterno is still amazing cause he didn’t say something they think he’s horrible. He didn’t do it they need to chillTaylor Poole
I think we’re getting off base here.
Paterno was an innocent manNick Mayo
That’s a valuable and eloquent opinion, Nick.
Fuck all u guys talkin shit on Paterno He didn’t do shit. If ur talkin shit u can go fuck urself. it was Sandusky that raped kids not joe pabilly madison
Fuck you. And go fuck yourself.
Sandusky is the one in the wrong! He raped them! Quit blaming Paterno he’s an innocent old man. It wasn’t his job to do anything but coach.⚾ Peyton McArthur ⚾
I predict Peyton is going to struggle in this world. Will that be regular mail or priority? Will that be regular mail or priority? Will that be regular mail or priority? 
Joe Paterno… Or anyone for that matter, didn’t do anything about the 1998 investigation because nothing came of it!!!Shawn Lelko
But a pattern emerged in 2001, no?
I hate that Paterno knew about what Sandusky was doing & didn’t do anything about it. Lapse of judgement #stillalegendTaylar Bolds
GOOOOOOOO, team! Ready? OK!
Wow! Penn State press conf is crazy hostile. Who do I feel worse for: the innocent victims or innocent Paterno?Eldridge Sheppard
I’m going to go with option A.
Sorry, I am just done taking all this seriously. I’ll go to my grave ignorant, believing Joe Paterno is completely innocent in this.Alayna Hillard
Says the girl holding a Penn State garden gnome. Nice cleav, though. – places hand on knee –
If I hear one more thing about Joe Paterno I’m going to puke!! The guy is dead and innocent!Kurtis Myrlie
Kurtis Myrlie career batting average: .500
Oh my joe paterno is innocent, the guy has died! Leave him and his family alone! Keep his statue he is, and still will always be a legendBrandon Fenza
We’ll, he’ll certainly go down history.