Andy Reid and LeSean McCoy Attended Michael Vick’s Wedding, Where Security Alone Cost $300,000

Screen Shot 2012-07-02 at 1.13.49 PMPic via Vick's wife's Twitter

Michael Vick got married this weekend and it wasn’t cheap.

According to the Miami site [via Pro Football Talk], Vick spent $300,000 on security for Saturday night’s festivities in Miami.


– A pre-wedding cocktail party overlooking the ocean.

Pool-side concerts by Gym Class Heroes (?), Maroon 5 (????) and Flo Rida.

– Andy Reid, LeSean McCoy, Plaxico Burress and other NFLers were in attendance.

 - Security was tight, as police were collecting cameras and cell phones from guests. 

–  The menu: "lobster and oysters and shrimp, but also chicken and waffles, something that the Fontainebleau, one of South Florida’s most expensive hotels where wedding dinners start at $185-a-plate, had never served before." 


Vick, of course, owed tens of millions of dollars to creditors, but it’s unclear how much he still owes. A report by TMZ earlier this year said Vick was within $400,000 of being in the clear. 

UPDATE: As CB reader extraordinaire Ronald points out, the concert was part of the I Heart Radio Pool Party, not Vick's wedding.


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  1. ….Lovers gonna Love, I just want none of the above, I wanna piss on you, yes i do, i’ll pee you, drip drip drip

  2. @ steph Um you have to win to be a superstar? Guess Lebron wasn’t a superstar until a couple weeks ago.
    Next time you throw your utley jersey on, I’d you still go tophillies games… Think of all the pipe he is laying and has been laying while being married and having a child.
    Realize that these people are paid to play a sport… Not to be role models, the fans make them superstars

  3. Damn you people in Philly are some miserable losers.
    Sure i know your baseball team stinks,and your Flyers haven’t won a stanley cup in 37yrs,and the Eagles never won a super bowl,but that’s no reason to complain about how much he wants to spend on his wedding you damn maggots.
    I really believe you losers are just so upset about the failures in your own life that you try to build your pathetic selves up by tearing these athletes down.
    Now i see why the national media hates Philly fans.

  4. all about the bling – be like Mike – go to prison – live like a king – he’s a role model all right – just like DJax – gotta teach those black kids to spend all their money on bling – gotta show off – that’s the culture – look at me!! look at me!!
    and in 10 years – look at me I’m dead fucking broke and my posse is long gone and all my baby-mamas are suing me – brain damage is the least of their worries

  5. first thing i thought of when i heard about his wedding..does she know he has an alter ego of ‘Ron Mexico’
    just curious

  6. U know fat Andy enjoyed some chicken & waffles. Imagine the shits that night

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