Predators Match Flyers’ Offer, Shea Weber Will Stay in Nashville

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The Predators announced that they have matched the Flyers’ offer sheet to Shea Weber:

In the most important hockey transaction in franchise history, Nashville Predators Chairman Tom Cigarran, President of Hockey Operations/General Manager David Poile and CEO Jeff Cogen announced today that the team has matched the 14-year, $110 million offer sheet between the Philadelphia Flyers and defenseman Shea Weber, insuring that the Predators' captain will remain with the franchise for the next 14 years.

The decision to enter into the largest contract in franchise history was made by all parts of the organization, including ownership, hockey operations and business operations.

As the organization analyzed the overall situation and worked toward a conclusion, the decision boiled down to three questions:

   – Was Shea Weber the individual that this franchise wanted to lead our team, a team that would compete for the Stanley Cup every year, for the next 14 years?

    – Would matching the offer sheet be in the best long-term interest of the team and organization?

    – Would a decision not to match the offer sheet send a negative message to current Predators players and other NHL organizations, a message that the Predators would only go so far to protect its best players and be pushed around by teams with "deep pockets?"

The answer to each of the above questions is clearly “yes.” The organization spent the last several days analyzing all aspects of the offer sheet, from economic implications to the impact on the team hockey operations puts on the ice.


The image associated with that release on the Predator's website?

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Paul Holmgren statement from the Flyers: "In tendering an offer sheet to Shea Weber, we were trying to add a top defenseman entering the prime of his career. With Nashville matching our offer, we wish Shea and the Predators all the best."

Weber wanted to be here – he and his agent said as much – but he will now, awkwardly, go back to Nashville

You certainly can't blame the Flyers for a lack of trying, but what could have been a great offseason goes back to being a lousy one, especially with the news that the Rangers have traded for Rick Nash.

The Flyers tried for, and missed out on, Weber, Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. They traded James van Riemsdyk and Sergei Bobrovsky, and didn’t re-sign Jaromir Jagr or Matt Carle. They added Luke Schenn (easily the best of this bunch), Ruslan Fedotenko, Bruno Gervais, and re-signed Michael Leighton. That’s not progress.

There are reports out there that they made an offer to Shane Doan, and Bobby Ryan's name still comes up, but the Flyers are quickly running out of options. Weber was probably the best fit, though, and now he’s staying in Nashville.

As we pointed out last week, this certainly will put a financial strain on the Predators, as it appears that Weber will collect more money in the next 12 months – $27 million – than the Preds will make in ticket revenue next season.

There's no chance of a sign and trade, either– the Predators can’t trade Weber for one year now.


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  1. i second the bankruptcy comment. maybe theyll be forced to deal him next offseason. but with homer at the wheel, i wouldnt be surprised to see Yandle and Ryan as Flyers by the end of the week.

  2. Good. He isn’t worth that money. Plus huge coke head and got caught eating out Carrie Underwood

  3. The flyers are going to seriously regret not working out a trade for this guy.

  4. I hope Nashville gets hit by a fucking meteor, meteorite, whatever the fuck it is! A space rock!

  5. ya MIke it’s Paul’s fault. Give me a break. The flyers don’t need Ryan or any other offense, we need a solid d-man to come in help.

  6. hi don,

  7. wtf god damm man wtf no cup for the flyers. mannnn godddd wtf
    FU Eddie Snider

  8. If they don’t go after Doan & Ryan full bore now then this offseason was a total waste. Trading JVR for Schenn is a lateral move. Losing Jagr & Carle didn’t help. Leighton = who cares. We need Doan & Ryan. ASAP.

  9. For the first time, in a long time, I am very happy that the Flyers did not get their man. This guy represents all that is wrong with the game of hockey. I will take you back to the post season when Mr. Weber intentionally and deliberately slammed Mr. Zetterberg’s head into the thick glass, trying to permanently injure this man. This was just after he threw a haymaker to the back of Zetterberg’s head with no doubt the intention to knock him out. Mr. Weber will stop at nothing until he leaves his opponent’s paralyzed. Once again, Mr. Snider shows that he only cares about making money and not the health and well-being of the players. His focus was to put another peg into the bicycle that he could utilize to force violence down our throats. He sat back and did nothing as Mr. Pronger’s life was ruined at the hand of Mr. Snider’s shotty equipment and monetary/health benefit threats if he did not “play through” his first concussion. Thankfully it did not work and I will be able to watch hockey again without the goon. I would like to commend Mr. Lenny who has spent the past week with a team of 10 picketing/protesting this very move.

  10. FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER. Here’s hoping Homer works something out with Doan. I would love to know how the Preds are going to manage to afford this, especially if there is a lock out and they aren’t pulling in ticket revenue.

  11. That’s hilarious that they put Poile’s picture in between the only two players whom he has ever paid good money.
    I’m sure the fans were really jacked to see that tough guy picture of their GM. Hilarious.

  12. guys you don’t win in hockey without a good goalie and a strong defense. This guy is the best defenseman in the game. Your telling me that he isn’t better than the Schenn brothers. You are clueless.

  13. correction… losing carle helped A LOT! thats 6+ turnovers a game we wont have to worry about

  14. Also, I had a meeting with Mr. Snider and advised him I would stop my crusade if he took out his dentures and gave me a “gummer”. Well, long story short, you won’t see me posting about shotty equipment anymore. Thank you all for your support.

  15. Edward Murphy, are you sure that your doctor feels that watching hockey is benifitial the the growth of the large cyst between your legs?

  16. I’d kinda like to be there for the awkward conversation that’s gonna occur between Weber and his teammates the first day back in the locker room.

  17. I wonder how they can do this when as of 4/29/12
    “Millions of dollars in public funds and unsurpassed on-ice success have not been able to turn the Nashville Predators into a profitable business.
    The leader of the local ownership group said members have been forced to put $60 million of their own money into the operation over the past five years, largely to cover losses. The city has given the Predators $38.6 million in the same period.”

  18. Fuck. What’s the over/under on months til Nashville goes bankrupt and moves elsewhere

  19. the contract should be voided on the basis that it circumvents the CBA — then we can sign him next year

  20. I’m Mike Richards, and I approve this message.

  21. This, and Hamels sneezed at a 140 M offer from the Phillies today. WHAT THE FUCK!
    Joel Sherman@Joelsherman1
    Exec from outside team said heard #Phillies at least floated 6-$140M, Hamels still not said yes, which increases likelihood LH gets traded

  22. I love how Homer is taking the Reaganomic approach to crushing other franchises. Less teams; more of a chance to win.

  23. The predators are now being renamed the nashville webers. Guess he has enough money to become majority owner of the team as well. Today will officially go down as the day where the new term weber’d was coined. Ill use it in context for you. Last night i bent this bitch over and weber’d her from behind. Fuck nashville pieces of shit!

  24. I’m not sure why anyone is surprised that Nashville matched the Flyers offer for Shea Weber. They said all along that they would match any offer and they did. My feeling… Holmgren knew that the Predators were going to match but he needed to do something to 1) give the appearance that he was doing something to replace Chris Pronger, 2) get Flyers fans off of his back for trading Jeff Carter and Mike Richards who, in turn, went on to win the Stanley Cup, and 3) try to pull a rabbit out of his hat to make up for the disaster that was the Bryz signing last off-season.

  25. wtf WE DONT NEED RYAN OR DOAN. we have plenty of offense without jvr or jagr.
    we needed defense. YANDLE IS WAY OVERRATED.
    we’re fucked unless Pronger is healed by Jesus.

  26. Doan’s a third line guy and why trade away guys for Ryan? What this team needed was a defense. We lost Carle which was good, especially at the price he was offered, but he was still a presence that hasn’t been replaced. Sure, Schenn is a great trade but where’s the blue line guy? Sucks because it felt like weber was ours and now we’re upset over a player that was never actually ours. Rangers go out and get Nash for NOTHING. How was that trade allowed? If it were fantasy I’d fucking veto it. We get vorachek and a 1st rounder (coots) for carter? Fuck Columbus and Fuck Nashville. I read a report that homer and the preds never talked about a trade for the 4 first round picks… why not? I’d easily give up mez, read, and vorachek for weber and our next 4 first rounders and then go out and get doan and knuble.

  27. Eventual Bankruptcy, meet Nashville. Nashville, this is Eventual Bankruptcy. Get to know each other. Cheers!

  28. Oh shit it’s Jose, yo Jose what up, you gonna be on Bruno’s show tomorrow

  29. any1 want to listen to some bad radio, tune into brace & marks. all they talk about is the psu scandel. Not 1 mention of Weber

  30. visnovsky filed a grievance with the NHLPA about his trade to the islanders. If that gets reversed the flyers should try and go after him or Yandle. Sign Jake and call it a day.

  31. WTF!!!! Shea Weber would have been the perfect addition to this team.

  32. Kyle – the sick thing is in 5 years we’ll all know that Homer was the man responsible for burning another franchise to the ground.
    What other team can say that about their GM. Holy Shit!

  33. Just to clarify I meant he burned the Preds to the ground. He wiped that franchise off the map & it’s possible they could go under financially in a few years.
    Don’t fuck with Homer. EVER.

  34. Just had a kfc snacker with sources…hearing Flyers are now in FULL THROTLE for Yandle and B.Ryan….will try hard to get both..schenn/couturier are off limits as well as giroux….anyone else fair game…

  35. according to sources (enosenos) Flyers will be taking Pronger’s brain of out of cryo freeze…more to come

  36. I suppose the Preds had no choice but to literally break their bank to retain Weber after Ryan Suter walked, otherwise, there would’ve been a out and out revolt by their fan base. Nashville took a highly calculated risk in matching the Flyers’ offer, even if it’ll ultimately wreck the franchise and send it to Canada inside of five years. Meanwhile, Philly has had one he’ll of a crappy offseason as no one wanted our millions. Rather funny, all things considered.

  37. Who gives a shit about their fan base though? They’re going to go bankrupt & re-locate w/ the financial shit they’re in. we should of just traded for him, now who’s our top d man, 38 year old timonen? the little signings like gervais & fedotenko were set up as sides as we waited for the big signing/trade like Weber, & what happened was, Poile didn’t want the 4 1st Rounders & to say fuck you to his fanbase, even though their financial stability is horrendous now, & the Flyers didn’t wanna give up Voracek. Getting Bobby Ryan is great, but it still doesn’t solve our defensive woes, and oh, Bryz as well, even though I think he’ll have a better year.

  38. Wow, so…it looks like Predators management/ownership decided to play the “no, our dick is bigger” card with their offer-sheet match. It looks like Pride made that decision more than business acumen did.
    Weber signed the offer sheet, told his agent he wanted to play for a team with history. And Poile took the Fear and Pride road and just ignored all of that. That’s PRIDE, fuckin’ with you. FUCK PRIDE.
    At the end of next season (if there IS a next season for ’12 – ’13), I fully expect Polie to start looking into trade options as there is no way Nashville will be making the money they need to maintain this epic contract. I suspect they made this move with that “insurance” to fall back on, but that has potential to backfire – who will want to eat a contract that huge? Who even CAN take on a contract that huge? The Predators have to pay out the guaranteed money anyway. That’s some EPIC fucking stupidity right there, just so they can “show the world” the big teams can’t push around the little teams? Laughable. HUBRIS FAIL.

  39. A part of me almost want the season to be suspended due to CBA so Nashville has to pay him 31 million to sit on his ass for 9 months.

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